Review of 10 Best Ironing Table Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – To get a neat and wrinkle-free result, it is not only the quality of the iron that is an aspect of concern, the ironing mat also plays its own role. Today, a pedestal or ironing board has several forms. In addition, ironing boards are also available with or without additional legs. If you want comfortable ironing, choose one that has legs and is removable.

There are so many choices on the market, it might make you confused to decide. Therefore, through this article, we will review how to choose the right ironing board. Not to forget, we also refer to ironing boards from various brands, from the very popular IKEA brand to other manufacturers whose names are not very well known, but the quality is fairly good.

Best Ironing Table
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How to choose a good ironing board

Ironing tables have many variations, from the shape of the base to the accessories that are included to provide convenience for the user. We recommend that you read this section carefully in order to find an ironing board that fits your needs.

1. Choose by table type, sitting type or standing type

In general, ironing boards are divided into two types based on their use, namely the standing type and the sitting type. The type of table with legs can make the table stand. This kind of table is considered more comfortable because it is done in a standing position. If you choose a table with legs, make sure the height can be adjusted and the legs can be folded easily.

However, if you want to change ironing positions, you can choose a sitting type ironing board. Actually, this kind of table is only in the form of a board with the addition of short legs. This type offers you flexibility. If it is used for ironing while sitting, it is possible that the body aches more quickly. Meanwhile, to be placed on the table, you of course need to prepare a special table to put this type of ironing mat.

2. Choose based on the shape of the main base

Although it doesn’t seem like much of a problem with shape, in fact some forms of ironing board provide easier access to reach certain areas of clothing, such as the collar on a shirt. That is why, now there are many variations of table shapes. However, in general there are two forms, namely the shape of the ship (boat) and the silhouette of the human torso (human body).

In Indonesia, the most sold tables that resemble the shape of a ship. While the table, which is shaped like a silhouette of a human body without arms and legs, is a bit difficult to find in Indonesia. However, for the human body type, it has a protruding part that is useful for helping you iron the collar of the shirt.

3. Consider the overall size

The size of the ironing board may vary from one manufacturer to another. In this case there is actually no reference or standard that you need to follow. However, it’s a good idea to consider the size of the table based on the space where you’re ironing.

Usually, a table with a large size can provide more space for you to iron many types of clothes without needing to adjust the position of the clothes on it. However, a large table size for some people is also less comfortable because it will be difficult to reach the front side, especially if the table is a sitting type. Therefore, choose a table whose size is neither too wide nor too small.

4. Choose the one equipped with horse finishing

Finishing horse is an additional part of an ironing board that serves to help you iron the curved parts of clothes. For example, for the sleeves and the shoulders, these two parts can be ironed more easily using horse finishing.

In addition, we also recommend that you choose an ironing board with a cover. The ironing board cover can be made of cloth or aluminum. If you choose a cloth cover, you wash it to keep it clean, but cloth is not a good conductor of heat.

While on the other hand, the aluminum-coated cover is able to transmit heat better, but to clean it cannot be washed, but only by wiping it. Although each has advantages and disadvantages, it is still recommended to use a base cover to keep the main base durable and not easily dirty.

10 Best Ironing Table Recommendations

After knowing the type, shape, and complementary components on the ironing board, the next Ainun will show the 10 best ironing boards that you can buy at online stores or come to the official outlets of the manufacturer. Let’s find an ironing table that is comfortable for you to use!

1. Kris Ironing Table

Best Ironing Table - Kris Ironing Table
Kris Ironing Table

Kris Ironing Table provides convenience and comfort when you iron clothes. 
At 33 x 96 cm, this table is compact enough in terms of size so you can iron in any room in your house. In addition, this table is also light in weight so it is not a hassle when you want to take it or store it.

To provide comfort, Kris includes a layer of soft and even textured foam on this table. The legs attached to this table can also be adjusted in height. Even when you want to fold it, its minimalist size doesn’t take up much space.

2. IKEA JALL Ironing Table Sitting

Best Ironing Table - IKEA JALL Ironing Table Sitting
IKEA JALL Ironing Table Sitting

IKEA presents an ironing board at an economical price. 
This is a sitting type table equipped with a section for attaching to hooks. So, when you’re not ironing, this table can be hung on the hooks you’ve prepared behind your door or wardrobe.

In addition to providing comfort when ironing while sitting, you can also move it to the table to iron while standing. Flexible! Those are simple words that can describe this product. Then, you also don’t need a lot of space either for ironing or storing this table because of its minimalist size.

3. OEM Desktop Ironing Board

Best Ironing Board - OEM Desktop Ironing Board
OEM Desktop Ironing Board

From the looks of it, it can be seen that OEMs really care about physical appearance. 
The pink foam on this table is made thick so that it is more heat resistant and makes ironing more comfortable. OEM Desktop Ironing Board is a sitting type ironing board with a fairly large size.

The wide shape of the table with a medium length makes it easy for you to iron large clothes. Because of its large size, you need to prepare an appropriate storage area to fit it.

4. Lareia Informa Ironing Table

Best Ironing Table Lareia Informa Ironing Table
Lareia Informa Ironing Table

If you prefer to iron while sitting, this product may be your favorite. 
The legs on this table are made high enough so that you can put your feet (sit down) under them so that ironing is more comfortable.

Lareia Informa Ironing Table is equipped with a thick foam base that is not flammable. All hard components, such as the foot frame and the main base which are covered with foam are made of iron, making them strong. At the end of the table, there is a place to put the iron, you can take a break from ironing activities.

5. Creova Folding Ironing Table

Creova's Best Ironing Table Folding Ironing Table
Creova Folding Ironing Table

This ironing table is free from the bulky impression even though it is equipped with a small wardrobe. 
This cupboard is useful for putting the clothes that have been ironed neatly. In addition to the wardrobe, Creova also designed this table with a pole to hang shirts using a hanger.

In addition to interesting features that complement, this table can also be folded so you don’t have to worry about having a table that will cut some of the space in your room. This table is suitable for those of you who like practicality when ironing.

6. The Olive House Vintage Ironing Table

The Olive House's Best Ironing Tables Vintage Ironing Tables
The Olive House Vintage Ironing Table

For this one table, it might be a bit inconvenient if you want to move it from one place to another. 
However, this ironing board will make all your ironing activities easier. The reason is, The Olive House Vintage Ironing Table is equipped with four cupboards containing a large basket to put clothes.

At the bottom, there are 2 compartments in the form of a small cupboard that can also be used to put an iron or spray for clothes lubricant. You can place this table against the wall so it doesn’t block the room. Having a vintage design, this table also decorates your home.

7. Expo Ironing Table MS9104

Best Ironing Table Expo MS9104 Ironing Table
Expo Ironing Table MS9104

When ironing, of course the hands and body can get sore due to the position of the body and constant hand movements for a long time. 
At that time, of course you need to take a break. That’s why, the Expo MS9104 Ironing Table is perfect for you to choose as your mainstay ironing board.

At the end of the table there is a place to put the iron if you want to take a break. This table is made of metal framed particle board. To provide comfort, a layer of foam is added which is thick enough so that ironing as many clothes as possible is still comfortable.

8. IKEA Danka Ironing Table

Best Ironing Tables IKEA Danka Ironing Tables
IKEA Danka Ironing Table
IKEA Danka is an ironing board with a minimalist design. The combination of black and white that covers the board makes the table look elegant as a whole. The legs of this table are made of steel which looks shiny.

In addition, at the four ends of the legs there are also rubbers that make this standing type table not easy to shift. If you are looking for an elegant and sturdy table, of course you can’t miss this one product. Not to mention the table material that allows steam to flow, the formation of water vapor will be avoided.

9. Natural Flower Motif Ironing Table

Best Natural Ironing Table Flower Motif Ironing Table
Natural Flower Motif Ironing Table

This ironing table presents a rustic impression thanks to the selection of ramin wood as the main frame. 
The characteristics of ramin wood which are known to be strong and lightweight make your ironing activities calmer than the thought of the table breaking due to pressure when you push the iron. There are 3 color variants of this table, namely red, blue, and green.

If you want to feel a different sensation when ironing, there’s nothing wrong with buying this Natural Flower Motif Ironing Table. The floral motif also adds a cheerful and uplifting impression. However, the height of this table cannot be adjusted so you need to make sure that your posture is suitable for this table.

10. IKEA RUTER Ironing Table

Best Ironing Table IKEA RUTER Ironing Table
IKEA RUTER Ironing Table

This ironing table made by IKEA is designed in a monochrome color. 
Apart from acting as a base to help you iron your clothes, its minimalist and fashionable look will beautify your room. Dimensions of 33 x 108 cm, this table is long enough to iron clothes such as koko, negligee, or robe.

The height of the legs of this table can be adjusted to a maximum of 89 cm. Although not accompanied by rubber, IKEA guarantees that this product can stand strong and stable. You also don’t need to be afraid of the table collapsing when overused or when it is set at its maximum height. This table is also anti-rust because the steel frame is coated with phosphate.


It turns out that there are quite a lot of ironing table options that you can buy on the market? Some manufacturers design tables not only to prioritize function and convenience, but also try to make the presence of the table match the room. Like products from IKEA, the ironing board is designed to be minimalist so that it looks attractive when used or stored.

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