10 Best Gas Stove Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Talking about gas stoves, of course we agree that everyone has different preferences. The criteria for choosing the best gas stove are of course influenced by how it is used. Basically, everyone wants a gas stove that is easy to use and also safe in terms of use.

When you plan to buy a gas stove , you should consider the size, grill model, ignition system, sophistication of functions, and safety features implemented. Various manufacturers are competing to create the best gas stoves with a variety of interesting features. Let’s find your best gas stove in this article!

Best Gas Stove
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How to choose a good gas stove

We will clearly explain how to choose the right gas stove. It would be disappointing if the money that has been spent on buying a gas stove, but the product purchased is not able to fulfill your wishes or even bother you, right? Therefore, in this section, we first present a guide to choosing a gas stove. Please read carefully!

1. Check the width and height of the hob to suit the installation site

The most important thing to consider when determining the best gas stove is to check the height and width of the product. Indeed, between one manufacturer with other manufacturers apply different standards. But in general, gas stoves have an average height of 18 cm. Even if there is a difference, maybe only a little.

Similarly, about the width, a Japanese gas stove, for example, has an average width of 56 – 59 cm. In Indonesia, the width and height of each stove may be different. What we want to emphasize is, you need to first check the place of installation in the kitchen. Make sure it is able to cover the entire gas stove,

2. Choose the type of grill based on its use

Some of the best gas stoves are equipped with a grill feature. If you plan to buy this type of stove, pay attention to the type of grill used. Broadly speaking, the grill on the stove consists of two kinds, namely a waterless grill or a waterless drill and a double-sided grill. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

A waterless grill, for example, this type won’t make you bother cleaning up leftover grill water, it’s also safer because it prevents your hands from coming into direct contact with the grill. One more thing is the double-sided grill type, this type makes it easier for you to grill fish and meat without having to flip through. Double-sided grilling can also speed up the baking process.

3. Prioritize choosing a stove top plate that is easy to clean

The top plate and the parts around the burner should be cleaned regularly so that the stove lasts longer and you enjoy cooking. Generally, stove top plates are made of two materials, namely glass and enamel or fluorine coat. The best gas stove with a glass top plate is easy to clean and looks beautiful. However, a glass top plate makes gas stoves more expensive.

On the other hand, a top plate made of enamel or fluorine coat is also easy to clean from oil spots and spilled gravy from cooking. Even though it’s not that shiny, the top plate of an enamel gas stove can be used as an option if you don’t have a big budget to buy a gas stove.

One more thing, the area around the burner also needs to be kept clean. If possible, choose a gas stove with a removable burner grille. This will certainly make it easier for you when you want to clean the gas stove top plate and the area around the stove.

4. Check the embedded security features

One of the most important points that should not be missed when choosing the best gas stove is to check the safety function of each product. Safety features such as overheating prevention will work to extinguish the fire when the heat generated is too high.

Other security functions such as a child safety lock can also be an option for those of you who have small children at home. Even though your gas stove is a knob type which is generally difficult for children to play with, with this feature, the stove will not turn on when the feature is activated. You can also choose products that are equipped with pot detection technology above the stove to maximize safety.

10 Best Gas Stove Recommendations

A few tips on choosing a good gas stove have been reviewed by Ainun in the previous section. In this section, we will introduce the ten best gas stove product brands from leading brands, both local and overseas.

1. Winn Gas Executive Stove W-999

Best Gas Stove Winn Gas Executive Stove W-999
Winn Gas Executive Stove W-999

Winn Gas W-999 has a top plate made of stainless steel with a layer of tempered glass. A beautiful lustrous appearance covers the outer body of the stove, giving you an exciting sensation every time you cook, as well as making it easier for you to clean the top plate.

Interestingly, this gas stove provides 2 large burner stoves and 1 small burner stove which is equipped with a modern design touch. The size of this cooktop is about 79 x 46 x 16.5. It is equipped with an automatic lighter, you only need to press the button once to turn it on. Practical!

2. Blue Gaz Korina Xentro Glassio

Best Gas Stove Blue Gaz Korina Xentro Glassio
Blue Gaz Korina Xentro Glassio

This gas stove from Blue Gaz is a classic model, perfect if you prefer stoves instead of the planting type. 
Although designed to be easy to operate, this product still has a modern and attractive touch. In other words, the best gas stoves that have two stoves serve as decorations in your kitchen space.

Blue Gaz Korina Xentro Glassio is equipped with Gas Flow Safety Device technology which stops the flow of gas if the fire is not lit. This security system can also help reduce the risk of gas leaks as well as trigger the stove to explode when turned on.

3. Winn Gas Free Standing Gas Stove + Oven W5060A

Best Gas Stove Winn Gas Free Standing Gas Stove + Oven W5060A
Winn Gas Free Standing Gas Stove + Oven W5060A

Who of you is looking for a freestanding gas stove at an affordable price? 
Winn Gass W5060A is here as an option for you! There are gas stove and oven functions in this one product. This product provides 4 ignition burners at the top that can be used simultaneously. Want to cook a lot in a short time, who’s afraid?

Turning to the downside, this freestanding gas stove features a large oven that can be adjusted easily with just 5 embedded rotary knobs. Even though the selling price is economical, Winn Gas still guarantees that this product is not easily damaged because it is composed of durable glass-coated material.

4. Rinnai RB-3SS-C(GB)

Best Gas Stove Rinnai RB-3SS-C(GB)
Rinnai RB-3SS-C(GB)

Rinnai RB-3SS-C(GB) is a gas stove with 3 burners with a unique position. 
If some manufacturers place their stoves with a symmetrical appearance, Rinnai actually innovates by making one side occupied by two adjacent burners, while the other large burner is separated on the other side.

This kind of design allows you to use 1 separate large burner for cooking with large equipment, such as a frying pan. While the other two burners can be used for boiling with pots or other small cooking utensils.

5. Modena Prima – FC 7943 W

The Best Modena Prima Gas Stove – FC 7943 W
Modena Prima – FC 7943 W

This one stove is widely used in restaurants because it offers the advantage of a centralized fire system that can shorten cooking time. 
Made of stainless steel, Modena Prima – FC 7943 W should be an option for those of you who need a stove with very good durability.

The impression of elegance and luxury is created throughout this stove. Another convenience, the slippery top plate of this stove is very easy to clean, as are the other sides which are made of smooth stainless steel. At the bottom, Modena pinned an oven with a capacity of 52 liters, complete with lights!

6. Domo DG 9406

Best Gas Stove Domo DG 9406
Domo DG 9406

Domo DG 9406 is a freestanding cooker with dimensions of 90 x 55 x 85 cm. 
This product is not only a luxurious decoration in the kitchen space, but also makes your cooking activities lighter. How not, this stove is equipped with 4 ignition burners and an oven on the bottom side.

Even though the overall structure is so mainstream, the oven part of this product is equipped with a timer and thermostat so you don’t have to worry about the grill burning due to excess temperature and unmonitored processing time. One more thing, Domo DG 9406 is also sturdy and durable, the top plate which is made of crystal makes this stove look attractive.

7. Modena CT 7640 G

The Best Gas Stove Modena CT 7640 G
Modena CT 7640 G

Whether you need a gas stove that is compatible with LPG or NG, Modena’s product is worth considering. 
This stove can help your cooking activities run smoothly without worrying when one of the types of gas used is not available or is experiencing a shortage.

Modena CT 7640 G offers 4 reliable stoves to cook more menus. In addition to saving time, of course, this product makes the energy spent even less. Interestingly, the 4 embedded rotary stoves are easy for adults to use, and safe for children to play with.

8. Electrolux Portable Stove – EGG9637EK

Best Gas Stove Electrolux Portable Stove – EGG9637EK
Electrolux Portable Stove – EGG9637EK

Electrolux releases the kitchen necessities that many people have chosen. 
The reason is none other than the elegant design of the stove and its very reliable optimal performance. For this series, Electrolux added Aerated Dual Jet technology so that the heat of the fire that comes out is more leverage.

Because it is able to make the cooking process more efficient, of course this gas stove makes gas usage more efficient. Not only that, the best blue fiery gas stove that this stove has can also prevent your cooking utensils from being damaged or burnt.

9. Modena Crista BH 1725

Best Gas Stove Modena Crista BH 1725
Modena Crista BH 1725

Back to the product made by Modena, for this one inbuilt gas stove, Modena has embedded the Cast Iron Grid feature. 
This feature works to distribute heat evenly throughout the cooking pot. With its Eco Gas System technology, this stove is also capable of creating blue flames which will make your cooking perfectly cooked.

Modena Crista BH 1725 has been tested for the quality of the ingredients. The anti-scratch coating on the surface of the hob gives this product added value. Don’t worry, even though both stoves are turned on, Modena ensures that the flow of oxygen in each stove remains smooth.

10. Sanken SG-533FS

Sanken SG-533FS Best Gas Stove
Sanken SG-533FS

In the last lineup, we recommend Sanken SG-533FS. 
This product was chosen not only because the market price is economical, but also slim. Of course, Sanken designed the size to be only 72 x 42 x 12.7 cm. Of course, not only is it easy to install, but it’s also not a problem to move it.

Even though the price is friendly, this stove has been equipped with Blue Lotus technology which will produce a hot flame quickly so that the cooking process is shorter and gas usage is also more efficient. It consists of three burners, each of which is in the shape of a pentavet so you can place small cookware without fear of spills.


Wow, there are so many choices of the best gas stoves that you can buy in Indonesia? As additional information, gas stoves circulating in electronic shopping centers or online shops usually use gas stoves with natural gas or propane gas. You should choose a gas stove according to the gas you are using so that the stove will work well.

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