Top 10 Best Ceramic Pan Recommendation (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Surely all of you are familiar with ceramic pans, right? One of your kitchens is currently popular. This ceramic skillet was first popular in Korea and became popular because the material is safer and does not interfere with body health.

Moreover, by using a ceramic pan, frying and sautéing become more evenly cooked and easy to clean. Therefore, you need to consider this one kitchen tool to accompany your cooking at home.

Wajan Keramik Terbaikskillets

You should use a spatula made of wood or food grade rubber so that it doesn’t melt easily and doesn’t damage the ceramic coating.

Well, if you are looking for ceramic pans, you will find several brands on the market, namely maxim, locknlock, bolde and many more. However, before buying, you should know in advance how to choose a good ceramic skillet. Come on, see the following explanation.

How to Choose a Good Ceramic Pan

There are several brands of ceramic skillets that you can find on the market that are of the highest quality. However, you should know a few things before buying the right ceramic pan for your needs. Here’s how to choose the right ceramic skillet. What are they?

1. Pay attention to the size of the ceramic pan

In general, each pan has a different size, ranging from a diameter of 16 cm to 30 cm. Well, for those of you who live alone, choose a ceramic pan with a diameter of 16 cm to 24 cm. However, for those of you who are married and often use a frying pan in everyday life, use a frying pan with a diameter of 26 cm to 30 cm.

The bigger the ceramic pan, the heavier it will be, and it will need a place to store it. So, you need to adjust the size of the pan to your needs, yes. If you often cook with standard portions, a 26-28 cm skillet will suffice. Unlike in this case, if you often cook in large portions, a diameter of 30 cm is certainly the right choice.

2. Consider the Weight of the Frying Pan

In addition to size, you also need to consider the weight of the ceramic pan you buy. Why? Because ceramic is a basic material similar to stone, So, it is natural that ceramic pans have a heavier weight than other types. On the other hand, the ideal weight of a frying pan is 1 kg, meaning it can be swung using one or two hands.

However, surely it will be quite difficult to find a pure ceramic skillet that is lightweight. Therefore, we recommend that you choose a ceramic pan with a weight of less than 1.5 kg. The weight of the ceramic skillet or below will feel lighter when lifted, making it easier for you to cook.

3. Pay attention to the basic material.

There are two types of ceramic pans, namely pure ceramic pans and ceramic coated pans. A pure ceramic skillet is a skillet that has a pure ceramic base. This type is different from ceramic-coated pans, which are usually ceramic only in the outer layer.

For that, in choosing this ceramic skillet, you need to consider it in terms of food safety and health. Therefore, you should choose a pure ceramic skillet. Why? Because ceramic coated pans have some risks if used in the long term. The ceramic layer will erode over time and let in your cooking.

4. Choose a skillet that has a safe and comfortable

handle. Because ceramic pans are heavier than other types, you need to choose a handle made of bakelite. Why? Because this material has anti-heat properties, you feel comfortable when cooking in the kitchen. Not only that, you also need to consider the shape of the handle, which is ergonomic and sturdy so that it is not slippery and comfortable when lifted.

10 Best Ceramic Pans Recommendations


After you know the methods above, then will review some of the best ceramic skillet recommendations. Take a look and find the product that suits your needs.

1. Maspion Maxim Frypan Neostone Ceramics

Best Ceramic Pans Maspion maxim frypan neostone ceramic
Maspion Maxim Frypan Neostone Ceramics

Having a frying pan that can be used for a long time will certainly be more efficient, right? Therefore, choose a ceramic pan from Maspion maxim frypan neostone ceramic. This ceramic skillet is not easily damaged and the ceramic base material is made of capsil technology. This makes the coating more durable than others.

Then you don’t have to worry anymore that your ceramic pan at home will be damaged quickly. In addition, the size of this frying pan is 20 cm-28 cm in diameter, so it is suitable for use when making medium-sized dishes. You know, weighing 1 kg will not make you sore during cooking in the kitchen, you know.

2. Hanacobi Locknlock E-Cook Coating Ceramic Deco Fry Pan

Best Ceramic Pans Hanacobi Locknlock E-Cook Coating Ceramic Deco Fry Pan
Hanacobi Locknlock E-Cook Coating Ceramic Deco Fry Pan

It is very important for you to choose a ceramic pan that has a non-stick coating. Not only is it easy to wash, but this pan also keeps leftovers from sticking together. Therefore, the ceramic pan from Hanacobi locknlock E-Cook coating ceramic deco fry pan can be the right choice.

By using this ceramic pan, you will get healthier cooking results. And the non-stick coating already has an anti-PFOA certificate. PFOA is a chemical compound that arises from the ingredients of the pan due to the cooking process. Thanks to the certificate, you will feel calmer and safer when cooking.

3. Bolde Super Pan Fry-Pan Granite Beige-Series

Best Ceramic Pans Bolde Super Pan Fry Pan Granite Beige Series
Bolde Super Pan Fry-Pan Granite Beige-Series

The Bolde super pan fry pan granite beige series is a ceramic pan that is environmentally friendly and safe for health. This ceramic skillet is made from high quality granite base material and eco green technology. It is free from chemicals in the manufacturing process.

So it’s no wonder that this frying pan is environmentally friendly and hygienic for cooking. Well, for those of you who care about the environment, this ceramic skillet could be your consideration, you know.

4. Fincook Ceramic Frypan

Best Ceramic Pans Fincook Ceramic Frypan
Fincook Ceramic Frypan

Having a ceramic skillet with a modern and elegant design will beautify your kitchen, right? Therefore, the Fincook ceramic frypan could be your choice. This ceramic skillet is coated with food grade ceramic ceratinum with the latest innovations that are free from PTFE and PFOA.

That way, it can produce even heating and can reduce smoke when cooking, so that the nutrients in your food are maintained. Not only that, this material can also protect the ceramic pan from scratches and make it easier for you to clean it.

Equipped with a rack as an addition, that will make it easier for you when frying. as well as a heat-resistant bakelite handle, making you feel safe and comfortable when cooking using this pan.

5. Cookville Ceramic Frying Pan

Best Ceramic Pans Cookville Ceramix Frying Pan
Cookville Ceramic Frying Pan

Cookville Ceramic Frying Pan is a ceramic frying pan made from thick and environmentally friendly so it is free from PFOA which can harm your health. In addition, this ceramic pan is also anti-bacterial and anti-odor, because it is easy to clean quickly.

The material used in this ceramic skillet is 5 times stronger than other pans, making it durable for long-term use. The case is different because of the texture of the fire wall or the ceramic layer below, which can absorb heat well, so that it produces heat evenly.

6. Yoshikawa Fry Pan Marble Ceramic

Best Ceramic Pans Recommendation
Frying Pan Yoshikawa fry pan marble ceramic

For those of you who have a stainless spatula, of course you’re worried, aren’t you, if you use it with a ceramic skillet? Well, now you don’t have to worry anymore because this ceramic skillet from Japan, the Yoshikawa marble ceramic fry pan, could be the solution for you.

This ceramic skillet is made of scratch-resistant ceramic, so it’s no wonder that even a metal spatula will not damage the pan’s coating. In addition, this pan can also spread heat 4 times faster than other pans. That way, you can cook safely using any equipment.

7. Moegen Germany Marble Wok Pan

Best Ceramic Pans Recommendation
Frying Pan Moegen Germany Marble Wok Pan

It will be more economical if you buy a ceramic pan with a glass lid, right? Therefore, Moegen Germany’s marble wok pan can give you your wish. This ceramic skillet is equipped with a transparent glass lid made of scratch-resistant titanium. Thanks to this lid, you can check the food without having to open it. You know. As a result, your food will cook quickly because the heat of your cooking steam is maintained.

8. Kangaroo Allu Ceramic Pan

Best Ceramic Pans Recommendation
Wok Kangaroo Allu Ceramic Pan

By buying a ceramic skillet from this kangaroo allu ceramic pan, you will get a spatula so that you save more on your expenses. Moreover, a spatula is needed when cooking in a frying pan.

Therefore, this work can be your choice. It’s made of food grade standard ceramic, so you don’t have to worry anymore when cooking using this ceramic skillet. Having a beautiful design with bright colors will certainly make you feel even more excited when you are cooking.

9. Zhejiang Carote Industry and Trade Carote Essential Woody Non-Stick Deep Fry

Best Ceramic Pans Recommendation
Zhejiang Carote Industry and Trade Carote Essential Woody Non-Stick Deep Fry

Panwhich is interesting. So don’t be surprised, this pan is perfect to complete your kitchen. This ceramic skillet is made of Maifan stone, made in Switzerland, with a thickness of 4.5 mm so that the heat of the fire is spread evenly and more quickly. Uniquely, the handle of this skillet has a wooden motif that can give an elegant impression. The shape of the handle is also ergonomic so that it is comfortable and not slippery when held.

10. Maxim Granite Frypan Ceramic Frying

Best Ceramic Pans Recommendation
Pan Maxim Granite Frypan

This brand is the mainstay of all types of non-stick cookware. One of the newest products from this brand is the Maxi granite frypan. This product is a ceramic skillet that has a scratch-resistant and anti-rust coating, making it easier for you to clean it and it does not leave oil stains after use.

However, unfortunately, this ceramic skillet can only be used on gas stoves and electric stoves, and cannot be used on induction stoves. In addition, this ceramic skillet has a handle made of bakelite with heat resistance, so you will feel more free and comfortable when cooking. As a result, your cooking will be healthier because of the even heat and less smoke.

That’s the explanation and review of the 10 best ceramic skillet recommendations that can be considered for you. Well, have you found a ceramic pan that you can use at home? may be useful.

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