10 Best Silicone Spatula Sets Recommended (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – The best silicone spatulas that are sold in sets or packages are now being targeted by many housewives as one of the must-have cooking utensils in the kitchen. Of course, this is because a silicone spatula has several advantages, such as heat resistance, non-stickiness, does not scratch the frying pan, is anti-melting, has a wider variety of color choices, and other advantages.

Best Silicone Spatula
Silicone Spatula Illustration Image / Pandaoma Brand

Like any other tool, a silicone spatula has several parts, so it’s only natural that there are brands that provide silicone spatulas with wooden handles. The goal is to make it safer for frying and other cooking activities without overheating your hands.

How to choose a good silicone spatula set

Then how to choose the best silicone spatula? Here are some things that need to be considered in order to get a good quality and precise product so that it can be used as much as possible.

1. Know the temperature resistance

Basically the best silicone spatula does have good heat and cold resistance so that it can make cooking activities safe and enjoyable. On average, the silicone material chosen by each brand will withstand temperatures of 230℃ and -40℃, but some are resistant up to 300℃.

But before choosing, make sure that the product is food grade by looking at the information printed on the packaging or the product description on the website or marketplace.

2. Adjust the set provided as needed

Buying the best silicone spatula in sets or packages is certainly more profitable than having to buy them individually. The costs incurred can be minimized and there is no need to bother looking for other equipment with matching colors.

Unfortunately, the set of silicone silk provided by a brand will be different from other brands, so you really need to adjust it to your needs. Of course the amount of equipment, materials used, and brand image will affect the selling price of the silicone spatula set.

3. Pay attention to the size of each piece of equipment

Every brand of the best silicone spatula certainly has different rules regarding the size of the product. Therefore, also pay attention to the size of the product written so that before using it you already have an idea.

Usually a product will be made with a total length measuring around 30 cm, it can be more or less. But for claws, egg beaters, oil or butter brushes, graters, and peelers the majority are made with shorter sizes.

10 Best Silicone Spatula Set Recommendations

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After knowing the general description of silicone spatula sets and how to choose one, now is the time to move on to find out about product discussions from several brands. Here are ten of the best silicone spatula recommendations , according to Ainun, which can be found in various places, especially several trusted marketplaces.

1. Wars Spatula Kitchen Set Silicone 12 in 1

Spatula Silikon Terbaik Wars Spatula Set Silicone 12 in 1
Wars Spatula Set Silicone 12 in 1

If you think the more the better, then buying this silicone spatula set from Wars can be a good and right choice. 
There are 12 kinds of products with futuristic designs that can be obtained at a more affordable price. Well, these products include silk, spoons for vegetables or spoons, tongs, egg beaters, oil or margarine brushes, spaghetti spoons, and many more. In one set of cooking utensils, a container will also be included that can be used as a storage area.

That way, you don’t need an extra shelf to hang this set of silicone spatulas. In addition to its cool and modern design, the Wars Spatula Set Silicone 12 in 1 is also available in attractive colors such as Tosca green and pink. No need to worry, the best silicone spatula set is easy to clean so you don’t spend too much time and effort.

2. Debellin Spatula Silikon Set of 3 with Wooden Handle

Spatula Silikon Terbaik Debellin Spatula Silikon Set of 3 with Wooden Handle
Debellin Spatula Silikon Set of 3 with Wooden Handle

If the majority of the best silicone spatula brands can withstand temperatures up to 230 ℃, Debellin’s products are different, which can withstand temperatures up to 300 ℃. 
In addition, the thing that makes this product superior is the type of wood used in the handle or handle. This brand chooses high-quality wood with good durability, namely Ash wood similar to Oak wood. The head of this silicone spatula set is not pure silicone, but high quality stainless steel coated with food grade silicone that is FDA approved.

Of course, food cooked using the Debellin Silicone Spatula Set will not be contaminated with toxic materials or substances. So, when you buy a set of products, you will get three pieces of equipment in the form of a slotted spatula, a solid turner, and a soup spoon with different functions. Each of these products has a total length of about 30 cm with an average weight of 100 grams.

3.Vicenza Silicon V80K

Spatula Silicone Terbaik Vicenza Silicon V80K
Vicenza Silicon V80K

One well-known brand that also provides various kinds of equipment for household needs is Vicenza. 
The price of the product is indeed quite expensive compared to some other brands, but that is also in accordance with the quality provided. So, the next best recommendation for a set of silicone spatulas comes from the Vicenza brand type V80K with a choice of pink and tosca colors. Different from some other products, the wooden handle in this tool set is equipped with a serrated rubber to make it more rough or not slippery.

Apart from that, what also sets this best wooden handle silicone spatula set apart from other brands is the presence of a grater and peeler. Other equipment that will be obtained are turners, slotted turners, large spoons, soup spoons, pasta spoons, and storage containers. The average total length of each piece of equipment is around 30 cm, which means it can be less or more.

4. JIB Spatula Silikon Set 13 Pcs

Best Silicone Spatula JIB Silicone Spatula Set of 13 Pcs
 JIB Spatula Silikon Set 13 Pcs

The next recommendation for a set of the best silicone spatulas is a JIB brand product with 13 pieces of equipment. 
What you will get is a cooking brush, tongs, spatula, slotted spatula, soup ladle, soup spoon, slotted spoon, cooking spoon, scraper, whisk, spaghetti spoon, dish scrubber, and a storage area. In addition to a variety of equipment, the color of the product is also very attractive and varied. Colors to choose from include gray, pink, tosca, lilac, laurel green, misty blue, and soil brown.

The materials used to make a set of the best silicone spatulas are not only silicone, but wood for the majority of the handles and polyester for the dish scrubber which functions to clean dirty cookware. Having a hole in the handle will also make it easier for you to hang the equipment on a kitchen shelf.

5. GM Bear Sutil Spatula Set 1345

Best Silicone Spatula GM Bear Silky Spatula Set 1345
GM Bear Sutil Spatula Set 1345

GM Bear is one of the brands that provides various kinds of household appliances including a set of the best silicone spatulas in several trusted marketplaces. 
There are 11 pink products with the majority of wooden handles ready to complement cooking utensils in the kitchen. Some of the tools that you will get when buying this product include 4 types of spatulas, 3 types of soup ladle, 1 type of pasta spoon, 1 brush, 1 food tongs, 1 egg beater or dough mixer, and 1 storage container.

By using a set of GM Bear’s finest silicone spatulas, there is no need to worry about scratched frying pans. This product is suitable for pans or teflon made of stainless steel or ceramic coated. Not only is it FDA approved, the material used to make GM Bear Sutil Spatula Set 1345 is also LFGB Europe approved so it is guaranteed to be free of toxic chemicals.

6. Welcook Sutil Silicone Set

Best Silicone Spatula Welcook Sutil Silicone Set
Welcook Sutil Silicone Set

One of the recommended gifts for newlyweds is the best set of 12 silicone spatulas from Welcook. 
The contents of the products obtained are also not much different from several other brands. There are three attractive color choices provided, including green, pink, and black. Well, on average, Welcook’s products are made with a wooden grip between 32–33 cm long and 4–7 cm wide.

With the silicone sutil set from Welcook, the newlyweds can decorate their kitchen area to be more aesthetic and at the same time carry out various activities without having to bother looking for other cooking utensils. Just like several other brand products, a set of the best Welcook silicone spatulas also uses food grade silicone so it doesn’t contaminate food with harmful substances.

7. Miso 12 in 1 Silicone Spatula Set

Best Silicone Spatula Miisoo 12 in 1 Silicone Spatula Set
Miso 12 in 1 Silicone Spatula Set

The kitchen is one of the rooms that must exist in a house because it functions as a place to cook. 
Not only the living room or bedroom that needs to be decorated to make it more beautiful, the kitchen also needs to get the same treatment. Well, one of the decorations that you can choose to make your kitchen more pleasing to the eye is choosing the best silicone spatula set from Miiso.

Its attractive color makes this set of silicone spatulas not only useful as a cooking utensil, but also as a kitchen decoration. There are pink, Tosca and gray colors to choose from and are available at quite affordable prices. Interestingly, the material used to make this cookware is a type of biodegradable material so it becomes an environmentally friendly product.

8. Dejavu Spatula Silicone Set 13 HCU401

Best Silicone Spatula Dejavu Silicone Spatula Set 13 HCU401
Dejavu Spatula Silicone Set 13 HCU401

There are various kinds of cooking activities that are usually done, such as frying, pinching, beating eggs or stirring cake batter, applying oil or margarine, and many more. 
Of course these activities require different equipment. By buying a set of the best wooden handle silicone spatulas sold by Dejavu, you can do these activities without having to look for cooking utensils one by one.

The color is also the same, a combination of the beautiful color of the silicone material and the typical brown wood. You can choose blue, pink, red, gray, dark green, light green, or black. Not only for personal use, this set of the best silicone spatulas can also be given to neighbors, relatives or friends who have just moved house or want to renovate their kitchen.

9. Ravelle Spatula Silicon Set

Best Silicone Spatula RAvelle Spatula Silicon Set
RAvelle Spatula Silicon Set

The more color choices provided, of course, will make you feel more free to choose. 
So, that’s what you can find when buying a set of the best silicone spatulas from the Revelle brand. Not only color, the number of equipment in one set provided also varies so that you can choose according to your needs.

You can choose cotton with 2 products, then mint, pumpkin, jade, cream, and dalgona with 3 products, and mint or dalgona with 4 products. The equipment to be obtained includes a silicone spoon strainer, a silicon solid turner, and a silicone slotted turner made of silicon along with a beech wood handle. While the size of each product is made the same, namely 8.5cm x 32cm.

10. Pandaoma Spatula Silicone Set Isi 11

Spatula Silikon Terbaik Pandaoma Spatula Silicone Set Isi 11
Pandaoma Spatula Silicone Set Isi 11

Wood is one of the best materials that does not conduct heat, so it is only natural that many brands provide cooking utensils made of wood. 
Usually wood is chosen as a handle to keep hands safe when cooking over a fire. Well, that’s what Pandaoma has implemented in this set of the best silicone spatulas containing 11 products.

There are cooking brushes, tongs, spatula, slotted spatula, soup ladle, soup spoon, slotted spoon, cooking spoon, scraper, whisk, spaghetti spoon, and of course a storage container shaped like a bucket. Meanwhile, the color choices are black, pink, and purple. There is no need to worry because this product which is heat resistant up to 230°C is also made using food grade silicone.

Things to note about the silicone spatula set

Each material has different properties, and so does a set of silicone spatulas with a wooden handle. So, here are things to pay attention to before, during, or after using it.

1. Make sure the product is clean before or after use

Before using the best silicone spatula, the first thing you need to do is wash it first with warm water to remove dirt and odors that are generally found on new equipment. After use, of course you need to wash all the equipment before storing it in the prepared place. However, make sure not to wash it using a machine or dishwasher so it doesn’t spoil quickly.

2. Do not soak the silicone spatula set for a long time continuously

This one point needs attention because the handle of a set of the best silicone spatulas above uses wood. The majority of wood properties can absorb or release water content so it would be better not to soak it while washing it for a long time continuously. That way, the wooden handle can be more durable.

3. Do not frequently use the silicone spatula set at low or too high temperatures

Usually cooking oil can get very hot when it is too long on the fire so that the temperature will also increase. Even though silicone has a good level of tolerance for low and high temperatures, it is best not to use the best silicone spatula often at these temperatures in order to maintain its durability.


A set of the best silicone spatulas is the right choice for gifts, kitchen decorations or cooking utensils for everyday use. Some of the advantages of silicone material itself are one of its attractions, including heat resistance, non-stickiness, non-scratching of frying pans, anti-melting, more diverse color choices, and a number of other advantages.

Because each brand has different regulations, it’s no wonder that the color choices, sizes, and number of cookware included in one set also vary. However, you still have to pay attention to a number of things about the silicone spatula set before, during use, or after using it so you don’t use the wrong spatula you have.

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