10 Best Slow Juicer Brand Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – To get a healthy body, of course we also have to eat healthy food. One way is to eat vegetables and fruits. Consuming these types of food can be done in several ways. The most delicious and easy way is processed into juice. So, we can consume it directly like consuming water.

Best Slow Juicers
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Apart from fruit, vegetables can also be processed into juice or you can also process them simultaneously. This technique is highly recommended for mothers when their children do not want or are lazy to eat vegetables or fruit. By processing it into juice, fruits and vegetables can be consumed easily without having to chew one piece at a time.

Well, to make this juice, of course you need a tool commonly called a blender or slow juicer. Both have the same function, which is to soften both vegetables and fruit into liquids that can be drunk directly. Even though they look the same, the two tools have differences between the two. Curious? Check out the following reviews.

Recognize What is a Slow Juicer?

Of course you already know what a blender is, right? This product has become a kitchen necessity that can be used to soften cooking ingredients. Therefore, now is the time for you to know what a slow juicer is.

A slow juicer is a device whose function is to extract fruit and vegetable juices and immediately separate them from the pulp without reducing their nutritional content.

So with this slow juicer, you can produce healthy juice without the hassle of separating it from the dregs. The extract from this slow juicer can be consumed immediately.

The difference between slow juicers and blenders

Both can be used to make juice, did you know that these two tools actually have differences. What are the differences? Check out the following reviews.

1. The blender has a blade that can soften fruit and vegetables at high speed so that it can produce juice in a short time. Meanwhile, a slow juicer requires a longer time.

2. The second differentiator is the final result of the juice. For a blender, the resulting juice will be thicker than a slow juicer. This is because the blender does not separate the dregs from the juice. While the slow juicer has separated the dregs and juice and can be consumed directly.

3. The third is the nutritional content contained in the juice. For juices made using a blender, it is claimed to have a reduced nutritional content due to the oxidation process when the fruit or vegetable is softened. While juice using a slow juicer has a maintained nutritional content.

4. The fourth differentiator is the sound produced. Blender has a louder sound than a slow juicer. Blenders can produce sound up to 10,000 – 000 rpm while slow juicers are only 80 rpm.

5 Ways to Choose a Good Slow Juicer

Already knowing what a slow juicer is in depth, now is the time for you to learn how to choose the right product. Why is that? The reason is, now there are so many slow juicer products on the market. So to get the best product, you can use the tips below.

1. Choose a Slow Juicer that Has a Big Slot

Designed with different slots, you should choose the best slow juicer that has a large slot so that it can be used for large fruit sizes. With a large slot you don’t need to cut fruit or vegetables to be processed into juice.

You can process it directly by inserting it into the juicer slot. In addition, a juicer that has a large slot will also be easier to clean than a small slot.

2. Choose Products That Require Easy Maintenance

When you want to buy a juicer, you should choose a product that requires easy maintenance. One of them is to choose a product that has a slot that is easy to clean.

To ensure safety, be sure to note that the product is dishwasher compatible so you can clean it easily. In addition, for easier cleaning. Separate separable components first. Start cleaning them one by one.

3. For High Security, Choose a Knife Made of Plastic

Still have small children at home, you must be very concerned about security at home. One of them is choosing the type of knife for the slow juicer. For higher security, you should choose a juicer knife that is made of plastic only. With plastic material you don’t need to worry when cleaning it.

Another thing, plastic material will not rust so it is more hygienic. For plastic materials, always make sure the product uses plastic that has pocketed a food grade certificate so it is safe to use for food processing.

4. Adjust to the Place of Use

Having different designs, slow juicers come in 2 variants, namely vertical and horizontal shapes. So, you can adjust it according to the place or shape of your kitchen so you can use it freely.

For vertical shapes, it is usually very suitable for compact kitchens such as office pantries, studios and other places because it has a slim body so it doesn’t take up much space.

As for the horizontal shape, it is suitable for a large kitchen. In addition to its large body, the amount of fruit or vegetables that can be accommodated is no less. So it is very suitable for your kitchen that has family members at home.

5. Note the Additional Features

Finally, pay attention to the additional features offered by the slow juicer product. The more features, usually the price of the product will be more expensive. So don’t let yourself pay a fortune for features you won’t use.

Instead, just choose a product that has features according to your needs. One of the features that many people are looking for is the smoothie feature and also products that don’t make noise.

10 List of Best Slow Juicer Brand Recommendations

Here we go

Already know what a slow juicer is, the difference from a blender and how to choose the right product, now is the time for you to be presented with the 10 best slow juicer recommendations selected by Ainun, what brands are the products from? Here’s the review.

1. Panasonic Slow Juicer MJL500

Best Slow Juicer Panasonic Slow Juicer MJL500
Merk Panasonic Slow Juicer MJL500

First, there is the best slow juicer from the Panasonic Slow Juicer MJL500. 
Who doesn’t know this brand? Almost all kitchen equipment is equipped with this brand, so everyone must be familiar with the brand. One of them is a juicer product. This juicer from Panasonic is recognized to be able to soften soft to hard food ingredients. One tool that is quite useful, of course, huh?

Not only that, this slow juicer can also be used to soften frozen food. This is supported by products that are equipped with frozen attachments. With a speed of 45rmp you can extract all kinds of fruit, vegetables to nuts. The required electric power can reach up to 150W. How, are you interested in this one product?

2. Sharp Slow Juicer EJC20YRD

Slow Juicer Terbaik Sharp Slow Juicer EJ-C20-YRD
Mark Sharp Slow Juicer EJ-C20-YRD

The second is the best slow juicer from Sharp Slow Juicer EJ-C20-YRD. 
Do you often feel sorry for throwing away the dregs from the slow juicer because you feel that you can still filter it? Now you don’t have to worry anymore with this one slow juicer. This sharp slow juicer is able to extract fruit or vegetables to the maximum until the pulp from the fruit or vegetable is dry.

So the dregs are not wasted for nothing. For speed, this product is capable of moving up to 60 rpm with an electric power of up to 150 w. For its design, this product has a very capable body. For those of you who need a slow juicer that can extract very well, you can use this product as a reference.

3. Philips Viva Collection Juicer Grinder HR 1889/70

Best Slow Juicers Philips Viva Collection Grinder Juicers HR 1889-70
Brand Philips Viva Collection Juicer Grinder HR 1889-70

Furthermore, there is a slow juicer from the Philips Viva Collection Juicer Grinder HR 1889/70. 
Having a horizontal type body, this best slow juicer is equipped with a quick clean so that this product can only be cleaned in 90 seconds. In addition, you can also remove other components to be included in the dishwater.

Please note, after purchasing this tool you can also freely access all the recipes in the Philips Healthy Drink application. So you can immediately try it at home. All of these recipes are accessed free of charge. The power required for this product can reach up to 150 W.

4. Oxone Master Slow Juicer OX-875N

Best Slow Juicer Oxone Master Slow Juicer OX-875N
Brand Oxone Master Slow Juicer OX-875N

The next best slow juicer product is the Oxone Master Slow Juicer OX-875N. 
Having a speed of up to 60 pm with 240 watts of electric power, this slow juicer can also be used to make fresh smoothies.

When using it, you don’t need to worry about scattered food ingredients contaminating your kitchen, this is because this product is equipped with a drip-proof lid. So you can be free to be creative to make juice or smoothies. Very cool right? What are you waiting for, let’s order and have it right now.

5. Maspion Slow Juicer MSJ-01

Best Slow Juicer Maspion Slow Juicer MSJ-01
Brand Maspion Slow Juicer MSJ-01

Next, there is the best slow juicer from Maspion Slow Juicer MSJ-01. 
Having a speed of 35 rpm with a maximum power requirement of up to 250 watts, this slow juicer can smooth hard food ingredients. If during use suddenly there is fruit that is stuck, just press the REV switch button.

The purpose of the button is to release the fruit to be processed again. How? Does it suit your needs? So, don’t miss ordering now at your favorite store. That way you can make your favorite juice at home, without having to buy from outside.

6. JR Slow Juicer Generation 2

Slow Juicer Terbaik JR Slow Juicer Generation 2
Merk JR Slow Juicer Generation 2

The next list of recommendations for the best slow juicer is JR Slow Juicer Generation 2. It has a slightly complicated shape, not a few people are comfortable using this product but are lazy to clean it. 
So, if you are one of those people in that category, you should choose a slow juicer from the JR brand.

You can pour water from the feeding tube so that the slow juicer can be clean in no time. Other advantages are the fruit extraction process is 50% faster, it doesn’t make a lot of noise and the final juice is 6 times fresher. With a rotational speed of 65 rpm and a power of 150 w, you can easily make juice with this tool. What are you waiting for, let’s order and have it right now.

7. Cosmos Slow Juicer 800 ml CJ-3910

Best Slow Juicer Cosmos Slow Juicer 800 ml CJ-3910
Brand Cosmos Slow Juicer 800ml CJ-3910

Next is the slow juicer from Cosmos Slow Juicer 800 ml CJ-3910. 
Even though it’s very tasty to enjoy and healthy too, did you know that not a few people don’t like to drink juice. The reason is quite simple, namely feeling uncomfortable with the dregs of the juice. Well, that was then. Now you don’t need to worry anymore.

The best cosmos slow juicer has been present which has a feature to separate the fruit extract from the dregs. So you don’t have to bother anymore to filter the results of the fruit extract. And one more thing to know about this product, this product is not equipped with a knife so that vegetables and fruit that will be processed to make juice do not undergo an oxidation process. The results of fruit extracts will be much fresher and also not stale quickly.

8. Juseu Slow Juicer PC150B Silver-Hitam

Best Slow Juicer Juseu Slow Juicer PC150B Silver-Black
Brand Juseu Slow Juicer PC150B Silver-Hitam

Still on the topic of slow juicers, next is the Juseu Slow Juicer PC150B Silver-Black. 
Being one of the best slow juicer products, this product is recognized to be able to extract 30% vitamin C and 75% antioxidants. That way those of you who use this tool to process fruit or vegetables can get perfect nutrition.

Not only that, purchasing the best slow juicer product is equipped with a recipe. And for this type of juice, there are 50 recipes that you can try at home. One way is to mix and match the types of fruit or vegetables in the refrigerator.

As for speed, this slow juicer has a speed of 75 to 95 rpm with an electric power of 150 W. So cool, right? Of course, you can’t wait to make juice with this slow juicer, right? Come on, order now and let’s try the recipes that have been provided.

9. Mayaka Premium TF Slow Juicer SJ-1800

Best Slow Juicer Mayaka Premium TF Slow Juicer SJ-1800
Merck Mayaka Premium TF Slow Juicer SJ-1

The next slow juicer product is Mayaka Premium TF Slow Juicer SJ-1800. 
Just as explained in the tips for choosing a slow juice, choose one that has a large slot so you don’t have to work hard to cut the fruit. You can find this in this one slow juicer.

The best slow juicer from mayaka is here to streamline your time in making juice. That way you can use the time you cut to do other useful things. The speed of this Mayaka slow juicer can be up to 80 rpm with a power requirement of up to 180 W.

10. BLA 609 MASIDE

Slow Juicer Backup BLA 609 MASIDA
Brand BLA 609 MASIDA

Finally, there is a slow juicer product from BLA 609 MASIDA. 
This slow juicer has a speed below 50 rpm which is capable of producing healthy juices that are full of nutrition. The movement of processing fruits and vegetables on this tool can be likened to a human chewing.

Being one of the imported juicers, this best slow juicer product comes from South Korea which can also be used to make ice cream. It is claimed that the use of this product does not cause oxidation so that the nutrients from processed fruits and vegetables are properly maintained.


So, those are 10 lists of recommendations for the best slow juicer brands and their reviews that you can use as a reference when you want to buy this product. How? Have you found the right product for you? If so, hurry up, order now at your favorite shop and get the benefits of managing fruits and vegetables into fresh, healthy juices.

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