10 Best Steamer Pot Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – If you want to serve healthy food for your family, you can process the food by steaming. One of the important cooking tools for steaming is a steamer pan. These pots consist of various shapes, usually there are layers of steaming boilers ranging from one to four steamers.

The steamer pot can be selected based on your cooking needs. Prioritize choosing the right product, such as the size and how much food you want to steam. Therefore, it’s a good idea to know in advance the guide to choosing it. We will also present ten of the best steaming pot products that you can buy. Happy reading!

Tips and How to Choose a Good Steamer Pot

Nice Steamer Pot
Illustration of a Steamer Pot

Steamed dishes are richer in nutrients because they do not experience degradation due to the cooking process with excessive heat. Although both require a long time, the steaming process has the advantage of maintaining the nutritional value of each ingredient, especially fish , meat , vegetables and fruits .

If you want to get your family into the habit of eating healthy, then buy a steaming pot. Give snacks or steamed main dishes as a distraction. Before coming to the store to buy pots, you can listen to the reviews regarding tips on choosing a steamer pot in this section. Let’s understand right away!

1. For steaming in small quantities, choose the plate type

The steam pot can be selected based on the capacity of the material to be processed. If you are cooking in small quantities, you can use a plate type steamer. Plate type has the same shape as the pan in general. The difference is that the pan is provided with a flat partition to be installed and used as a steamer.

This flat plate resembling a plate as the base for the steamer is only able to accommodate a small amount of food. For this reason, plate-type steamers are only ideal for steaming small amounts of dim sum, dumplings or vegetables. This type of pan is also easy to store. It doesn’t require a lot of space because the steamer can be used. stored in the main pot.

2. For more steaming, choose a steam pot type

Even though they are both steam pans, you can narrow down the specifications for the products needed. When you come to the store, ask for a large steaming pot. You can use it to cook more food in it.

Generally, this type of steamer is able to cook more food at the same time. Another advantage of this steamer pot is that you don’t have to refill the water too often when the food isn’t cooked. So, the cooking process can be faster because more hot steam is retained in the pan during the steaming process.

3. High flexibility, consider buying a multi-functional steaming pot

As previously written, you can choose a steaming pot based on the amount of food you want to put in it. However, if you are not sure what kind of food you steam more often and in what quantity, then you can choose a multi-functional steaming pot.

In general, this pot is similar in shape to a steam type pot. It’s just that, the multifunctional steaming pot is designed for more than two steamers and even up to four steamers. The bottom layer is used to hold boiling water. While the layers on top can be used to hold food.

If you use a multi-function steamer, you can adjust its use according to the amount of food you want to process. For example, you don’t cook too much, just use a single layer of steam pot. And vice versa, you add a steaming mat on top again when you want to cook more in terms of the amount or type of food.

4. Prioritize choosing a steaming pan made of stainless steel

The steamer itself is usually made of several materials, ranging from bamboo, heat-resistant plastic, to thin stainless steel. If you buy a large or multifunctional steaming pot, then look for one made of stainless steel. Steam pots with stainless steel material are able to distribute heat so that food is not only cooked quickly, but the maturity level is even.

While the plate-type steam pans are usually used for steaming siomay, dimsum, and other light snacks, a steamer made of bamboo or heat-resistant plastic is used. Again, the advantage of this plate pan is its ease of storage, but it is unable to distribute heat evenly due to the poor heat conductivity of bamboo or plastic.

10 Best Steamer Pot Recommendations

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Below, Ainun has collected 10 of the best steamer or steamer pot products for you to buy. If you don’t want to come to the market to hunt yourself, you can read the specifications of each product and then buy them online. However, if you prefer to see the physical form firsthand, you can also come to the market and look for a pot shop to inquire about the product you want to buy. So, we wish you a happy choice!

1. Steamer Pan Bestware

Best Steamer Pot Bestware Steamer Pot
Steamer Pan Bestware

This premium steaming pot from Bestware has been trusted by many people. 
Its ability to produce evenly cooked steamed results is because manufacturers rely on stainless steel as their main material. The nature of the material is also anti-rust, you can use it longer.

In addition, this pan is equipped with a handle or handle embedded with Bakelite technology. This technology keeps the handle cool even when the pan is hot. This pot can be used as a steamer or steamer. You can use it to boil water, cook vegetables or other ingredients.

2. BIMA Prima Pot & Steamer

Nice Steaming Pot BIMA Prima Pot & Steamer
BIMA Prima Pot & Steamer

Made of stainless steel which is not only anti-rust, but also sturdy because it is quite thick. 
Even though it is a bit heavy, this pot is very reliable as a steaming and boiling utensil. You don’t need to doubt the level of maturity evenly in every food that is processed by it.

This pot provides two compartments, one for steaming and one for boiling. You can use it based on your needs. In addition, this pot is also produced by domestic manufacturers who prioritize quality and durability. Distributed throughout Indonesia with a size of 20-26 cm, you are free to choose it.

3. Best Seller Panci Steamer

Best Steamer Pot Best Seller Steamer Pot
Best Seller Panci Steamer

Want to steam more dishes? 
You can provide this one steaming pot in your kitchen. Elegantly designed, the room looks beautiful thanks to its presence. This pot is designed with three layers or three separate layers. You can use it for various purposes of steaming or boiling.

The three steamers can be used together to cook large quantities. Best Seller Panci Steamer is equipped with a glass lid which is not only effective in locking hot steam, but gives you access to see the cooking status of processed food.

4. Signora Pot Steamer Steamer

Best Steam Pot Signora Steam Pot Steamer
Signora Pot Steamer Steamer

This product is ideal for cooking in small quantities. 
If you want to make sauces, gravy, or boil water, this pan is worth considering. A type of sauce pan, Signora Panci Kukus Steamer can be relied upon if you want to have a small party at home.

Its small size means that this pot does not require a large storage space. The surface of the pot is made of stainless steel, this product ensures even steaming results. With a glass lid, you can watch the cooking process and monitor the level of maturity.

5. Maspion Orozeta 3 layers

Maspion Orozeta Best Steam Pot 3 Stacks
Maspion Orozeta 3 Stacks

Maspion is not only famous for its electronic products. 
In the range of kitchen utensils, Maspion offers a 3-layer steamer pot. Designed with a luxurious shape, you will be happy every time you use it. This pot can be a constant companion when you have to cook large quantities.

The three layers of the steamer ensure that it distributes heat evenly. So, even if used together, from the bottom to the top layer, you will get the perfect level of maturity! Not only that, this pot which is ideal for steaming dim sum, siomay, or buns is guaranteed to be stainless because it is made of high quality stainless steel.

6. HAN Pot & Steamer

Good Steam Pot Brand HAN Pot & Steamer
HAN Pot & Steamer

This steamer is designed to be tall so you can put more food on each layer. 
Speaking of layers, the HAN Pot & Steamer is a 2-layer steam pot. Made of thick stainless steel, this product guarantees a longer service life.

The economical price is an added value that you will certainly like. As a kitchen utensil, you can really rely on this tool for various cooking purposes, from steaming, boiling to heating dishes too. Still not sure? See for yourself the quality!

7. Home Line Folding Steamer

Best Steaming Pot Home Line Folding Steamer
Home Line Folding Steamer

For those who live in a boarding house, apartment, or private house alone, you don’t need a large steaming pot, except for important events. 
It is enough for you to have a Home Line Folding Steamer as a pot for producing healthy food every day.

This 24 cm and 26 meter diameter pot allows you to steam small dishes. This simple product can be cleaned easily. There are no hard-to-reach corners, the guarantee of a clean pot every time you use it is an added value that you can get.

8. Steamed Pan Supra 2 Stacks

The Best Steamed Pot Supra Steamed Pot 2 Layers
Steam Pot Supra 2 Layers

The luxurious shine of this steam pot will blow your eyes every time you use it. 
Who would have thought, to be able to have this item, you don’t have to spend up to 300 thousand. With a relatively friendly price, you can bring home this 2-layer steam pot offered by Supra.

This pot has a diameter of 32 cm which can be used to steam dumplings, dim sum, dumplings, cakes, vegetables and fruits. If you want to use a single pan, you can remove the top layer. Flexible, right? Weighing less than 3 kg is certainly not a burden for you, either when removing it from the kitchen cupboard or storing it again.

9. Asia Living Luminarc Steamer

Asia's Best Steaming Pot Living Luminarc Steamer
Asia Living Luminarc Steamer

You can start a healthy life by consuming boiled or steamed food because of its nutritional value which is not degraded in large quantities. 
To find these foods, you can process them with Asia Living Luminarc. This is a plate type steamer which is made entirely of glass.

The glass material in this pot is non-porous, sturdy, and easy to clean. The characteristics of the material also make the pan easy to clean, thus ensuring the surface of the pan is free of bacteria and germs. If you are interested in this product, you can support this steamer in a 2 or 3 liter pot which is also issued by Luminarc.

10. Steamed Pot Maspion

The Best Steam Pot Maspion Brand
Steamed Pot Maspion

The process of steaming with the Maspion pan can be seen thanks to the pot lid which is designed to be transparent. 
This product can be used to cook side dishes in the form of vegetables, boil water, or cook rice. Maspion distinguishes the main material of the pot which is made of anodized aluminum and the handle is coated with heat-resistant material.

There are several size options that can be adjusted to cooking needs. The affordable price allows you to buy more than one pan with different sizes to support different cooking needs.


Are you still confused about which one to choose? First of all, first determine whether you steam more often in small or large quantities. Then, adjust the size of the steaming pot you want to buy with the amount of food you want to cook earlier. After that, then you can focus on the advantages of each product, whether there are heat-resistant handles, stainless materials, and so on.

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