Review of 10 Best Clothes Dye Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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TOSLEAD – Clothing dye, or commonly known as watex, is a product that has been widely used by the public. Clothes dye can make your old clothes look like new again. However, not only for old clothes, new clothes can also use watex to produce the desired new colors. Not only can the textile industry use clothing dyes, you can also use this clothing dye at home.

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Nowadays, you can easily find clothes coloring products anywhere, including at Indomaret. There are several brands that are highly targeted, such as Crescent Moon, Dylon, Watex, and other brands. This article will provide you with some information ranging from tips on choosing the color of clothes, recommendations for good clothing dye products, and the right way to keep the color of clothes good and durable.

Tips for Choosing Good Clothes Dye

In order for the color results to be better, then you need to choose a good clothes dye too. There are several things to consider when choosing a clothing dye. Here are some tips on choosing clothes dye.

1. Texture of Clothes Dye

The first thing to know when choosing a clothing dye is its texture. By knowing the texture, then you can also know how to apply it.

Powdered clothing dyes are usually very concentrated, so a liquid is needed to mix them. For liquid fabric dyes, the resulting color is not too concentrated, so it can be used directly without additional liquid.

2. Types of Fabrics

Usually, fabric dyes for each type of fabric have different needs. For cotton fabrics, it is best to use dyes that are reactive to the fiber.

For silk and wool fabrics, you can use acid dyes because they have a low pH and do not have caustic properties. It is suitable to use dyes that are not easily soluble in water for this type of nylon fabric.

3. The dye does not

fade. Clothes that fade easily will be very dangerous with other fabrics if they are put together while being washed. It’s best to choose a color that doesn’t fade easily. In addition, you can also choose clothing dyes that do not fade easily so that they can be used longer.

4. Coloring Techniques Coloring

Techniques are also one of the factors that need to be considered before buying clothes dye. The dye technique is usually used for basic coloring. There is also the jumputan technique, where this technique makes certain patterns on clothes.

The fabric will be tied and then dyed with clothing dye. The spray technique requires a special bottle, so you can spray the specific part of the clothes you want to dye. For the batik technique, the coloring is done by painting and stamping the clothes and then dipping them in a dye.

5. Materials Used

There are two types of materials used as clothing dyes, namely natural and synthetic. Natural dyes are produced from plants such as bark, roots, flowers, leaves, and fruit. The liquid is obtained from the extraction of plants, and the waste is safe for the environment.

Synthetic dyes are produced from a combination of chemicals, so that they are usually more stable. Several synthetic dyes such as sulfur dyes, remasol, nepthol, direct, and indigosol are available. However, synthetic dyes are less safe for the environment and living things.

10 Recommendations for Good Clothes Dyes


Next will discuss several selected products that you can use as alternatives. Here are recommendations for good clothing dyes.

1. Wantex Scissors Sumbo Paddy Clothes Dye

Best Clothes Dye Wantex
Wantex Scissors Sumbo Paddy Clothes Dye

When it comes to clothing dyes, it doesn’t feel right if you don’t mention the Scissor Sumbo Paddy Fabric brand. This wantex dye will help bring back the color of your faded clothes. If you want to use it, make sure that the fabric to be dyed is thick enough to avoid damaging the fabric when dyed.

During the first wash, it usually fades. This fading usually occurs due to the rinse process not being clean. The use of this good clothing dye is very easy. Just prepare 2 liters of water and add 2 teaspoons of table salt, then add the wantex powder and cook until it boils, then add the cloth until all the ingredients are well mixed, then remove and rinse. The color of the cloth will change accordingly. with the desired color.

2. Rit’s Clothing Dye

Best Clothes Dye Rit
Rit’s Clothing Dye

If you’re looking for clothing dyes in e-commerce, then Rit will never miss it. The Rit brand is a versatile dye that can color clothes, wood, plastic, nylon, and even paper. Rit’s clothing dyes have a wide variety of colors, such as Sapphire Blue, Chocolate Brown, Apricot Orange, Kentucky Sky, and others.

By using a good dye from Rit, you can get some bright colors and blacks. This brand is a product made in the USA that is very easy to use. Simply pour enough hot water, then soak the fabric to be dyed for 10-30 minutes, then the clothes will change and will not fade when used. The price offered is quite high, but will be comparable to the quality that will be received.

3. Dylon Clothing

Best Clothes Dye Pewarna Pakaian Dylon
Dylon Clothing

Dyes Dylon clothing dyes are a substitute brand for Dypro. These two brands are the same product because they are produced by the same company. Dylon/Dypro Multi Purpose Textile Dyes are one type of dye that can be used for textiles. This clothing dye is highly recommended to be applied to clothes made of wool, cotton, silk, linen, and others.

Dylon clothing dyes have premium English quality with many color choices available ranging from Coffee, Arabian Night, Scarlet, Rose of Paris, Tangerine, Kingfisher and others. No need to worry about the price, because this brand offers a very affordable price per piece of color. Simply by dissolving a good Dylon dye in boiling water, then heating the fabric with the dye until it boils for 20 minutes, the color of the clothes will be evenly distributed.

4. Super USA Fabric

Best Clothes Dye Pewarna Kain Super USA
Super USA Fabric

Dye The next clothing dye comes from local products that are not inferior in quality. Super USA clothing dyes, which have better quality at the prices given, are also cheaper, so it is not wrong to make Super USA the best choice for your textile dyes. This clothing dye can be used for clothing made from velvet, jeans, cashmere, and others. This clothing dye can also be used for personal or industrial needs.

Use a good clothes dye like Super USA for perfect results and do not fade after use. This clothing dye is also very easy to find anywhere, such as at Indomaret, Shopee, Tokopedia, and others. Get the color of clothes to be brighter like new again with the help of clothes dyes from Super USA.

5. Wantex Nylon Cap Textile Dyes

Best Clothes Dye Wantex Pewarna Tekstil Cap Nilon
Wantex Nylon Cap Textile Dyes

You will get excellent quality for affordable prices if you use clothes dyes from Nylon Cap Textile Colors. For the cost of 1 pack of clothes dye, you can dye 30 grams of fabric. Very   isn’t it? Each pack of Nylon Textile Cap Color is also offered at a very affordable price.

Make sure that the fabric to be dyed is made of thick and heat-resistant material so that the fabric is not damaged. During the first washing, the color will fade because the rinsing process is not clean. You just need to prepare 2 liters of water that has been mixed with 2 teaspoons of salt and then add good clothes coloring powder like Cap Nylon. Heat the water until it boils while stirring. After 1   remove the cloth and rinse thoroughly.

6. Crescent

Best Clothes Dye Pewarna Pakaian Bulan Sabit

Clothing Dye The next clothing dye product comes from local products, namely the Crescent Moon brand. This dye is used to recolor your worn out clothes. This clothing dye is available in 28 color choices of Moss Green, Podang Yellow, Salted Egg, Marine Blue, Rubine Red, Dongker Blue, Pink, Coffee, Chocolate, Cream, and others.

Good Crescent Clothing Dyes are sold in sachets. On the back of the sachet you will find information on how to use this dye. Enough to boil water as much as 2 bottles of beer, then enter the coloring matter stir until blended. Then dip the cloth in boiling water while stirring for 60-90 minutes. Remove the cloth, then rinse and dry in the sun. The color of the clothes will return to dark and bright.

7. Tie Dye Dye

Best Clothes Dye Pewarna Tie Dye
Tie Dye Dye

If you are looking for a garment dye for all types of materials, then Tie Dye is highly recommended for use. This dye can be used on all types of fabrics except polyester. This clothing dye is produced using natural ingredients, so it is safe for use by children and adults.

This clothing dye already contains a color lock, so there is no need for other additives. The liquid is thick and the resulting color is sharper and brighter. After rinsing, colors that have stuck to clothes will not fade and usually last longer. This great clothing dye absorbs perfectly into cotton fabrics. It is very practical, you just need to apply it to your clothes according to your taste.

8. Yon’s Fabric Dye

Best Clothes Dye Yon's Fabric Dye
Yon’s Fabric Dye

Yons fabric dye is a garment dye with various color variants. Yons fabric dye can only be applied to cotton and non-polyester/non-nylon fabrics. You can apply this dye to shirts, jeans, cotton, and t-shirts. For maximum results, it is highly recommended to use 2 sachets of Yons fabric dye in one immersion.

It’s very easy to use Yons fabric dye. You only need to prepare water and table salt, then boil it in 2.5 liters of water for 1 sachet of this good clothes dye, then soak the fabric you want to dye for 15-30 minutes, and finally rinse and rinse. They dried in a shady room. Then after that, the clothes will change color to become darker and brighter.

9. Wentol Mbagun – Trisno Stamp Turkey

Best Clothes Dye Wentol Mbagun-Trisno Cap Kalkul
Wentol Mbagun – Trisno Stamp Turkey

If you have a favorite outfit but it’s still suitable to be used outside the house because the color is outdated, then you don’t have to worry anymore. With clothing dyes from Wentol Mbagun-Trisno Cap Turkey, everything will be resolved. This product provides various color variants such as yellow, black, green, red, and others that can be adjusted to the color of your fabric. The packaging is very practical, as each product pack already has a color enhancer.

This clothing dye is highly recommended for use on cotton fabrics so that it is easily absorbed and the results are maximized. However, it is possible that this good clothing dye is used for jackets, jeans, canvas shoes, t-shirts, and others as well. It’s very easy to use this product. Just boil it in 1-2 liters of water with a mixture of 1-2 spoons of salt for 20 minutes. The color will be more perfect and even.

10. Iretsu Multipurpose Dyes

Best Clothes Dye retsu Multipurpose Dyes
Iretsu Multipurpose Dyes

Iretsu Multi Purpose Dyes are produced to make it easier for you to dye clothing materials such as linen, nylon, silk, rayon, nylon ribbons, wool, and satin ribbons with the latest and most brilliant colors. Each can, this great clothes dye can be used for fabrics up to 2 meters long, or the equivalent of 250–500 grams of fabric. Iretsu clothing dye packaging uses a round can containing 5 grams.

Perfect for recoloring your worn-out clothes, this product is equipped with various color choices such as purple, red, brown, peach, jungle green, and others. It is very easy to use. Just stir the fabric you want to dye into boiling water that has been mixed with dye and salt for 15 minutes, then rinse and dry upside down in the shade so the clothes will have an even color.

How to Take Care of Clothing Colors to Stay Durable & Good

So that the color of your clothes doesn’t fade quickly, here are some ways you can do to keep the color of your clothes like new.

1. Separate Colored Clothes

Who often combines dark clothes with bright colored clothes when washing ? From now on, don’t do that again. This allows the color of dark clothes to fade into bright clothes. Besides that, the colors of bright clothes can become darker, so they will look dull.

2. Turning Clothes Before Washing

Turning clothes inside out is also very effective so that the color of the clothes persists. If the clothes are not turned over, the possibility of the fabric rubbing together is greater, and the colors will quickly fade and become dull.

This can also be done to avoid direct sunlight on clothes so that the texture and color will last longer. In addition, the clothes deodorizer you use will absorb into the fibers of the clothes faster so that the fragrance lasts longer.

3. Proper Ironing Temperature

Please note that a steam iron or steam iron produces clothes faster than an electric iron. In addition, the temperature of the steam iron is also more stable than the electric iron. But also, you only have an electric iron, so use the right temperature. High temperatures will only make the color of the clothes fade quickly.

4. Use Cold

Water The color of clothes is also very affected by water when washing clothes. We recommend that you use cold water when you want so wash clothes so that the fibers of the clothes don’t get damaged quickly. Using warm water will only make the color of the clothes fade quickly and the fabric fibers stretch quickly.


Clothes dye can make clothes look more beautiful and attractive. Choose a clothing dye according to your needs. Hopefully, the explanations contained in this article can help you. If you want to find out more about recommendations, you can visit other pages.

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