10 Best Ortuseight Futsal Shoes Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – In the world of futsal, shoes are an attribute that plays a very active role when playing futsal on the field. Ortuseight is one of the local manufacturers that produces various kinds of sports equipment and one of them is futsal shoes.

The Best Ortuseight Futsal Shoes
Illustration of Ortuseight Futsal Shoes

Ortuseight is also one of the popular and well-known sports brands in Indonesia which produces quality products. Ortuseight futsal shoes are highly recommended because they have a unique design and of course high quality. The relatively cheap price does not make the quality that is owned can be underestimated.

How to Choose Good Ortuseight Futsal Shoes

If you are interested in using Ortuseight futsal shoes, you must know how to choose the best Ortuseight futsal shoes to use when playing futsal on the field. And of course choosing Ortuseight futsal shoes must also match the intended use. Here’s how to choose the best Ortuseight futsal shoes.

1. Pay attention to the upper material of the shoe

In the upper part of futsal shoes there are several types of materials used, namely synthetic leather, leather, suede and knit .

  • knit 

Knit upper shoes have a fibrous texture and are of course very light. Fibrous materials or knitted materials will keep the shoes attached to the feet so that the shape of the feet will follow and form.

  • Leather and Synthetic Leather

The leather-based upper is made from cowhide which is of course very soft and also stretchy. This leather or synthetic leather upper will also follow the shape of the wearer’s feet. The upper material made from cowhide is guaranteed to last and of course it can be used for a very long time.

  • Suede

The upper of the shoe which is made of suede functions as an additional material that is usually used to strengthen shoes when kicking the ball.

The Best Ortuseight Futsal Shoes
Illustration of Ortuseight Catalyst Futsal Shoes

2. Choose futsal shoes according to their intended use

The following are the names of the series that have their respective uses:

  • Jogosala

The Jogosala series is a special futsal series that has a thick upper and excellent toe protector . The upper is thick and the toe protector is very good so that the safety of the feet will be very well maintained when kicking hard enough. Shoes with the Jogosala series were chosen to be used by futsal players to shoot the ball accurately towards the opponent’s goal.

  • Forte

The second series is the Forte series which has a strong shape and is equipped with a soft and strong sole. These shoes are used to provide optimal control of the ball and very accurate kicks. An Anchor in futsal games is highly recommended to use the Forte series shoes because they are very strong and of course soft so they are very suitable in helping players to stay stable and survive.

  • Catalyst

The Catalyst series is a highly recommended series for those of you who rely on speed when playing futsal. It has a light weight so it is highly recommended for those of you who are in the flank position .

  • Non Silos

The Non silo series is a series that does not have certain criteria or characteristics or is specific in its use. The non-silo series of Ortuseight futsal shoes is highly recommended for those of you who want to choose futsal shoes at an affordable price but also the best quality.

This non-silo series also utilizes synthetic leather in the upper part of the shoe which will make the shoe have very good resistance. Besides that, Ortuseight futsal shoes that you can use for training and also for beginner futsal players.

3. Also pay attention to the outsole material used

Ortuseight futsal shoes have rubber outsole . This rubber material is very suitable for use in fields with wooden or parquette and vinyl floors . This rubber material serves to grip very firmly when playing and so it doesn’t slip.

4. Also make sure your futsal shoes are in accordance with the playing position

The position of the players in playing futsal is also one of the considerations when choosing the best Ortuseigt futsal shoes. There is a change in position due to fast rotation so that the shoes needed must also be really the best.

The goalkeeper must choose shoes that have  a thick and elastic upper because the goalkeeper must move quickly to block the ball. Then the position of the anchor must use shoes that have strong soles because they have the task of flowing or building defensive fort attacks when the opponent attacks.

Furthermore, the flank position must use shoes that function to maximize speed because a flank has the task of issuing tricks and outwitting opponents.

And finally, there is a pivot position where you have to use shoes that are equipped with a toe protector because a  pivot has the duty to provide feedback to his colleagues or to take a direct kick at the opponent’s goal.

Ortuseight Futsal Shoe Recommendations
Illustration of Ortuseight Futsal Shoes

5. Choose your favorite design and color

Choosing color and design is also an important part when you want to choose and find the best Ortuseight futsal shoes. Good design and color will support your own appearance on the field when playing futsal. Currently, there are many futsal shoes that have cool designs and colors and of course there are many kinds of them.

If you want to be different and want to look your best, you can choose futsal shoes that have colorful designs and colors . Furthermore, if you want to look calm, simple when playing on the field, then the color and design you choose is futsal shoes with black or white color variants that dominate the shoes. By choosing the right color and design, you will look confident playing on the futsal field.

10 Best Ortuseight Futsal Shoe Recommendations

Here we go

Confused looking for recommendations for the best and high-quality Ortuseight futsal shoes? Haven’t found the right futsal shoes that meet your expectations? Don’t worry, please refer to the following Ainun, article which will present 10 recommendations for the best Ortuseight futsal shoes for you.

1. Ortuseight Jogosala Nutmeg

Best Ortuseight Futsal Shoes Ortuseight Jogosala Nutmeg
Ortuseight Jogosala Nutmeg Futsal Shoes

Jogo sala is a series of futsal shoes that has high quality and is of course very popular among Ortuseight. 
One type of Jogosala is Nutmeg. Jogosala Nutmeg is equipped with Prt-Curve technology which has a function to make it easier for shoe users to rub opponents.

In addition, Jogosal also has Quick-Fit technology which can adjust the foot shape of the shoe wearer. Jogosala Nutmeg comes in black and blue color variants. These futsal shoes come in sizes 37-44 cm.

2. Ortuseight Forte Luminare IN

Best Ortuseight Futsal Shoes Ortuseight Forte Luminare IN
Ortuseight Forte Luminare IN Futsal Shoes

Furthermore, Ortuseight Forte Luminare IN is highly recommended for those of you who get a position as an Anchor. 
Why? Because these futsal shoes have very sturdy soles so you will feel stability when blocking your opponent’s movements.

The upper part of the Ortuseight Forte Luminare IN is made of thick leather and synthetic leather and has a rubber outsole so that it can help you control the ball and maximize accuracy when passing. Comes with navy, neon green, black, white, orange, red, silver color variants that will make your appearance and playing style even cooler. These futsal shoes come in sizes 37-44 cm.

3. Ortuseight Jogosala Revolt

Best Ortuseight Futsal Shoes Ortuseight Jogosala Revolt
Ortuseight Jogosala Revolt Futsal Shoes

Ortuseight Jogosala Revolt is made of leather and synthetic leather on the 
upper . In addition, leather material is also found on the back, middle and front of the shoe. There is a hole that functions to allow airflow to enter the shoe which is on the synthetic leather.

With the air flowing into the shoes, the feet will stay cool even though they are moving. Ortuseight Jogosala Revolt is highly recommended for those of you who want to find or choose futsal shoes that have very good air circulation. Comes with Camo, Ivory, Emerald color variants with a size of 37-46 cm.

4. Ortuseight Jogosala Roulette

Best Ortuseight Futsal Shoes Ortuseight Jogosala Roulette
Ortuseight Jogosala Roulette Futsal Shoes

Next is still from the Jogosala series, namely Roulette. 
Ortuseight Jogosala Roulette is equipped with various technologies, namely 
Ort-Curve, Quick-Fit, Ort-shox, the same as other types of Jogosala. Ortuseight Jogosala Roulette is available in dark blue and white-blue color variants.

Made from CumulusFoam material which is very effective in reducing the impact of the feet on the ground surface so that it greatly reduces the risk of injury to the knee. This is one of the advantages of the Ortuseight Jogosala Roulette futsal shoes.

5. Ortuseight Mirage IN

Best Ortuseight Futsal Shoes Ortuseight Mirage IN
Ortuseight Mirage IN Futsal Shoes

Ortuseight Mirage IN is equipped with 
Quick-Fit technology which can be attached to the leg and will certainly provide comfort for the wearer. The price is affordable and economical and has a fairly high quality, so it is highly recommended for those of you who are looking for the best Ortuseight at an economical price.

There are stitches on the front of the shoe that will make the shoe much stronger when kicking and of course more durable. The stitching accents around the shoes make the design of these shoes even more attractive. The upper material  is made of synthetic leather and a rubber outsole . Ortuseight Mirage IN comes in dark green, black, gold and black-gold color variants These futsal shoes come in sizes 37-46 cm

6. Ortuseight Catalyst Mystique SE IN

Best Ortuseight Futsal Shoes Ortuseight Catalyst Mystique SE IN
Ortuseight Catalyst Mystique SE IN Futsal Shoes

The Ortuseight Catalyst Mystique SE IN has a quite unique design because when compared to some of the other Ortuseights, the Ortuseight Catalayst Mystique has a shoe height that exceeds the ankle. 
So that these shoes will not be easily separated from the user’s feet when playing on the field.

The color variant is available in a combination of blue and white. So that it is enough to attract people’s attention when playing on the field. In terms of price, you are quite pocket-friendly and you will get Ortuseight Catalyst Mystique SE IN shoes which are of very good quality.

7. Ortuseight Catalyst Liberte IN

Best Ortuseight Futsal Shoes Ortuseight Catalyst Liberte IN
Ortuseight Catalyst Liberte IN Futsal Shoes

Furthermore, still from the Catalyst series, namely Ortuseight Catalyst Liberte IN. 
This futsal shoe is designed with a knitted material which has a very high level of flexibility. Due to the high level of flexibility of these shoes, they are able to make the user feel much more secure and comfortable, especially when dribbling the ball.

This shoe is designed so that it can grip and grip the ankle so that the user can perform accurate and hard kicks. For color variants, Ortuseight comes in black, white and also gray.

8. Ortuseight Extend IN

Best Ortuseight Futsal Shoes Ortuseight Extend IN
Ortuseight Extend IN futsal shoes

You have wide feet but are confused about choosing Ortuseight futsal shoes? 
Well, the Ortuseight Extend IN futsal shoe is designed for those of you who have wide feet. 
The upper part of the shoe is made of synthetic leather which is very comfortable to use when the user controls the ball and the rubber outsole .

If the player can control the ball well then the ball will not miss. The available color variants consist of white/black/grey, silver/carbon, black/carbon and the sizes available are 37-44 cm. So for those of you who have wide feet and want to choose shoes that are comfortable and can control the ball well, the Ortiseight Extend IN is highly recommended for you.

9. Ortuseight Jogosala Storm Breaker

Best Ortuseight Futsal Shoes Ortuseight Jogosala Storm Breaker
Ortuseight Jogosala Storm Breaker Futsal Shoes

The Jogosala series is still the best Ortuseight futsal shoe. 
This time there is a 
Storm Breaker which is equipped with Ort-Curve and Quick-Fit technology. The Ortuseight Jogosala Storm Breaker is equipped with an outsole which is of course made of rubber which with this outsole will be very suitable for use on the court and also on carpet surfaces made of wood or rubber.

This Ortuseight is also one of the Ortuseight futsal shoes which has black and white color variants. Equipped with the Ort-Shox feature which is able to prevent the soles of the feet from being injured due to the contours that follow the soles of the feet.

10. Ortuseight Horizon IN

Best Ortuseight Futsal Shoes Ortuseight Horizon IN
Ortuseight Horizon IN Futsal Shoes

The last recommendation for Ortuseight futsal shoes is Ortuseight Horizon IN. 
This Ortuseight Horizon IN futsal shoe is highly recommended for those of you who are just starting to play futsal. Why is it suitable as an option? Because these shoes are very suitable for use on cement courts or vinyl courts.

You don’t need to change your futsal shoes when playing in a different place or field. An upper made of synthetic leather and an outsole made of rubber . For its size, it is 37-46 cm with cool color variants such as silver, black, white cyan, pale cyan, aqua lime, white and red.

Advantages of Ortuseight Futsal Shoes

If you use Ortuseight futsal shoes, you will definitely feel the various kinds of technology used in these futsal shoes. Here are some of the advantages of Ortuseight futsal shoes when compared to other futsal shoes. Among them is using Ort-Tube technology in the form of a knit so that it can follow the shape of the user’s foot. Ort-Strap which functions to increase the stability of the user when running.

Ort-Curve that the user can do to process the ball. Cumulus Foam which serves to dampen the feet from various impacts. Ort-Flow which functions to allow air to enter the shoe so that the feet will feel cooler. And Ort-Shox which can provide comfort on the soles of the user’s feet.

With various kinds of technology in this Ortuseight product, this product can also compete with local and foreign products.


In choosing Ortuseight futsal shoes, you must be careful in choosing the series or model of the shoe. Due to the many kinds of series and shoe models which have their respective advantages. In addition, choose Ortuseight futsal shoes that match your characteristics, criteria and playing position. And also pay attention to the materials used whether the material is comfortable or not when used when playing futsal.

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