10 Best Air Cooler Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Air cooler is an electronic device that is used as a room cooler that can be placed anywhere. Air coolers can be an alternative that is more environmentally friendly than air conditioners (AC). More affordable market prices and high portability also make it ideal for use by every household, especially for cooling rooms.

Several brands that produce air coolers include Midea, Sanken, and Sharp. Each manufacturer has various features and advantages of each. In this article, we will discuss the 10 best air cooler recommendations that you can choose from. Before this explanation, here are tips for choosing the best air cooler . Happy reading!

Best Air Cooler
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How to choose a good air cooler

Anyone choosing a product that is not based on clear information may result in disappointment if it does not meet expectations. Therefore, see how to choose the following air cooler in order to get the product that suits your needs.

1. Choose according to usage

There are air coolers that are made for home or business purposes. For home use, choose a compact and easy-to-use air cooler . The electrical power required for this product is normally compatible with that of your home.

Meanwhile, for business purposes, choose a larger size. Large electric power is suitable to be placed in large places, such as offices. So that the electric power is not too burdensome and as needed.

2. Pay attention to the size and shape

One of the advantages of an air cooler is that it is easy to move around. Therefore, before buying, you must pay attention to the weight and convenience when moving. Some products are equipped with wheels to make it easy to move. However, there are also air cooler products that are not equipped with wheels. Also, check the size of the air cooler . Choose the one that makes it easier when determining the installation location.

3. Pay attention to the strength of the air flow

If the air conditioner has a PK for cooling power, the air cooler has air flow . This section is very important because it determines the volume of air that is expelled. The greater the strength of the air flow , the faster the room cools down, but also damp. So you have to pay attention to the existence of room ventilation so that the humidity remains stable.

4. Check the water tank capacity section

The way the air cooler works is different from the air conditioner or fan. How the water cooler works by spraying water particles from the evaporation process in the tank. Every air cooler has a tank inside. Each tank is designed with a different capacity. The large capacity will lighten the work because there is no need to refill it frequently.

Do not let the air cooler run with an empty tank as this may cause damage. Also, it’s a good idea to clean the inside of the tank every month to keep it fresh and maintained.

5. Check other features

Timer feature. When the temperature feels cold enough and you want to turn off the air cooler and you are too lazy to get up from your chair or bed, you can use this timer feature . Or other reasons such as not wanting too large electricity bills, so you can adjust the active time of the air cooler . There are several manufacturers that provide a timer feature so that consumers can adjust according to their needs and the air cooler will turn off at the specified time.

Humidifiers and dehumidifiers. Both of these features function to regulate air humidity. Humidifier to increase air humidity when the room is too dry or hot. On the other hand, the dehumidifier feature functions to reduce humidity so that it returns to normal. Air that is too humid can cause nasal congestion, allergies or asthma. In addition, furniture becomes easily moldy and easily weathered.

10 Best Air Cooler Recommendations

Here we go

Each manufacturer embeds air coolers with their respective advantages and disadvantages. Each feature or advantage affects the performance of the air cooler . Therefore it is necessary to know the features and advantages of each product so that when buying an air conditioner product according to the desired performance. Check out the description of Ainun below!

1. Sharp PJ-A26MY-B Air Cooler

Sharp PJ-A26MY-B Best Air Cooler
Sharp PJ-A26MY-B Air Cooler

Sharp released its best 
air cooler with two color choices, namely white and black. Consumers can adjust the color of the product with the design of the room. Sharp PJ-A26MY-B Air Cooler is designed so that no complicated installation is required. It is enough to connect it to a power source and the user can turn it on.

The Sharp PJ-A26MY-B Air Cooler can blow fresher and cooler air due to the 4 bags of ice and a 6 liter capacity water tank provided by this product so that it can spread air throughout the room. In addition, this product is supported by Auto Swing Lovers technology so that the air that is released circulates properly. every part of the room is exposed to the wind from this air cooler .

Power consumption: 65 watts

Water tank capacity: 6 liters

Features: ice bag, Indonesian language control panel, and auto swing lovers

2. Midea AC100-A Air Cooler

Midea AC100-A Best Air Cooler
Midea AC100-A Air Cooler

The strong air released from Midea’s 
air cooler can make the room cool. The humidity that is created will not make the skin dry or the throat itchy. Midea AC100-A is equipped with a fan inside with an adjustable rotating speed to produce strong winds.

Refresh system is included to make it better to cool the air. The evaporative wind section spreads 70o to cover more sides of the room. Midea’s innovation is presented in the front of the air cooler which can be closed when not in use to prevent dust.

Power consumption : 55 watts

Water tank capacity: 6 liters

Features : 3 operating modes, 3 fan speed levels, up to 7 hours setting time, LED display, built in ionizer, wide angle oscillation, and closed front grilling.

3. Kangaroo KG-50F09 Air Cooler

Kangaroo KG-50F09 Best Water Cooler
Kangaroo KG-50F09 Air Cooler

Kangaroo KG-50F09 is an 
air cooler that creates a room that is not only cool, but also has clean air. With the ionizer  , dirty particles scattered in the air are converted into fresher and cleaner air.

A humidifying pump will keep the air moist so it is free from dry or flaky conditions. The powerful fan motor also makes the Kangaroo KG-50F09 more resilient in providing cool air supply in the room.

Power consumption: 65 watts

Water tank capacity: 8 liters

Features : humidifying pump and ionizer

4. Misty Cool

Misty Cool Best Air Cooler
Misty Cool

if the room is large enough it sometimes makes you confused about the right position to put 
the air cooler . This is because some air coolers are only equipped with an up-down swing . And as a result the wind does not spread evenly. However, this product is different, besides the up-down swing , Misty Cool is also equipped with a left-right swing . So that users can choose the direction of the wind according to their needs and the cool breeze will be felt by all corners of the room.

Power consumption: 200 watts

Water tank capacity: 20 liters

Features : ionizer, timer, humidifier

5. Changhong CMA-B16 Air Cooler

The Best Changhong CMA-B16 Water Cooler
Changhong CMA-B16 Air Cooler

This water cooler
 product has a larger water holding capacity. So users do not have to refill too often. Changhong CMA-B16 not only offers cool air output capability in a short time. This product is also equipped with a large fan motor that is quiet when used. Changhong is environmentally friendly because its water-absorbing components use plant fibers.

Power consumption: 130 watts

Water tank capacity: 16 liters

Fitur : ionizer, timer.

6. Denpoo AR1103XF Air Cooler

Best Denpoo AR1103XF Air Cooler
Denpoo AR1103XF Air Cooler

In order for 
the air cooler to work properly, the tank must always be filled. Without the hassle of having to check and fill the tank back and forth, this product is equipped with a water level sensor that allows the user to know the water supply in the tank.

Power consumption: 200 watts

Water tank capacity: 20 liters

Fitur : water level sensor

7. Symphony Ice Cube i AC Portable

Symphony Ice Cube i AC Portable Air Cooler Terbaik
Symphony Ice Cube i AC Portable

Air full of dirty particles can damage comfort and interfere with health. 
If left too long it can infect the respiratory organs and so on. To keep the air flowing clean, Symphony released its flagship 
air cooler product , the Symphony Ice Cube i AC Portable, which is equipped with i-Pure technology which can filter dirty air so that the air quality in the room improves.

Power consumption: 105 watts

Water tank capacity: 17 liters

Features : i-Pure technology, high durability pump and multi-directional swing mode

8. Sanken SAC-38 Air Cooler

Best Sanken SAC-38 Air Cooler
Sanken SAC-38 Air Cooler

Air conditioning products from Sanken have features adopted from 
air conditioners , namely air purifiers. The ionizer technology makes this product capable of sucking up dirty air and turning it cleaner, cooler and making the room more comfortable to live in.

Power consumption: 69 watts

Water tank capacity: 6 liters

Fitur : water diagnose, wide swing angle, dan ionizer

9. Sanyo REF-B130 Air Cooler

Best Sanyo REF-B130 Water Cooler
Sanyo REF-B130 Air Cooler

Sanyo is a leading electronic device manufacturer in Indonesia. 
Not wanting to be left behind, Sanyo launched an 
air cooler product under the name Sanyo REF-B130. This product is a best seller for Sanyo electronic products.

This air cooler product is designed in an elongated shape making it ideal to be placed anywhere. Sanyo also equips this product with an ionizer which allows the air cooler to filter dirty air particles. This means that users only breathe healthy air while the air cooler is operating. Another excellent feature of this Sanyo product is the sleep mode feature which can guarantee your sleep hours are not disturbed.

Power consumption: 70 watts

Water tank capacity: 0.5 liter

Features: sleep mode, swing mode, 1 unit ice bag

10. Honeywell TC10PM Air Cooler

Best Honeywell TC10PM Air Cooler
Honeywell TC10PM Air Cooler

You don’t need millions of rupiah to feel cool and healthy air in the room. 
Honeywell is reliable. You will feel comfortable doing activities when you turn on the tool. 
This one air cooler can be placed in a smaller room.

The fan in this product can spin fast without making any noise. Thanks to reliable performance and no hearing loss. This air cooler can be a loyal friend at night.

Power consumption: 40 watts

Water tank capacity: 10 liters

Features : movable louvre , ice cube compartment, natural water level.


Among the products above, the most favorite is the Sanyo REF-B130 because it has a sleep mode that can adjust the air cooler so it doesn’t disturb sleeping hours at night. Those are the 10 best air cooler product recommendations . May be useful.

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