10 Best Fabric Mask Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – In the current pandemic conditions, masks are a must-have self-defense tool when outside or in crowds to prevent virus transmission. As you know right now the whole world is being hit by the dangerous virus covid-19. The mask in question in this case is not a face mask that might usually be associated with skincare.

The mask in question here is a mask that is used to cover the nose and mouth. This has become a new necessity that we must use when we have to go out of the house. It has become a primary need, masks are now produced by many companies and individuals. There are many types of this mask. For that we need to pay attention and check the mask before buying. Right?

Early when the covid-19 outbreak in Indonesia the stock of masks ran out and it was difficult to find. It was at that time that masks with cloth material or commonly called non-medical cloth masks began to appear which can be made easily and can be used many times. Besides being easy to make and obtain, the use of this mask also provides the benefit of reducing waste.

However, after research, not all cloth masks can provide protection from the transmission of this virus. You need to pay attention to the material and layers of this mask in order to provide maximum protection when used.

How to Choose a Good Cloth Mask

There are many types of cloth masks today that are easy for you to find. Do most of you also prefer cloth masks? Well, maybe you are confused which one to use. For that, you need to know how to choose a cloth mask so that you can stay awake when you go out of the house.

Best Health Cloth Mask
Health Cloth Mask Illustration Image

The first is to choose a mask based on the material used in the mask. Choose a cloth mask made of materials that have been suggested. Why is that? This is very emphasized because basically not all cloth masks can protect you from the spread of the virus that is endemic at this time.

Then, select the type of mask you need. For the type, it may be very different for those of you who use the hijab. Next is to choose a mask according to the size of your face. This will greatly affect when you are breathing. How do you understand now?

Types of Fabric Mask Materials

After knowing how to choose a cloth mask, then to find out whether the cloth mask is suitable for use, you can look at the types of materials used for the mask. Curious right? Here are some types of cloth mask materials that are recommended in making cloth masks.

1. Thick Cotton Fabric

The most famous material for making cloth masks is cotton. According to a pulmonologist who is also the President of the Intensive Care Expert Health Network, Dr. Gustavo Ferrer, cotton cloth is one of the best materials that can be used to prevent the transmission of covid-19. This is because cotton fabrics have small fibers that can hold virus particles so they cannot penetrate the fabric and are safe for users.

2. Nylon Fabric

Capable of resisting 77% of large particles and 12% of small particles, 70D nylon fabric is quite effective as a cloth mask. In addition, the use of masks with this cloth makes it easier for users to breathe.

3. Combination of Cotton and Chiffon, Silk or Flannel

Cotton cloth is the most effective material for making cloth masks. However, the combination of other materials such as silk and flannel is believed to provide maximum results. This is because this non-cotton fabric material is electrostatic which can generate a charge to trap viruses.

4. Towel Tissue

Fabric masks are recommended to insert coffee filter paper between layers of fabric. However, it can make it difficult for the user to breathe. Alternatively, you can use paper towels which are more comfortable and increase the particle filtering level.

Types of Cloth Masks

Currently, there are many types of cloth masks that are made to meet the diverse needs of the community. For those of you who are curious, let’s look at the reviews regarding the types of cloth masks on the market.

1. Pleated Type

This type of mask is a cloth mask that resembles the usual form of a disposable mask. The use of this mask can provide ease of speech and the mouth can be easily moved by the wearer. Some of these masks are also usually added with wire so that when bent, the mask follows the shape of the face. When not in use, you can straighten the wire so it doesn’t take up too much space when storing it.

2. Duckbill Type

This duckbill type mask is a mask that has a wide shape in the mouth area which makes it easier for the wearer to breathe. The shape of this mask will adjust the shape of the nose so it will be very comfortable for women who use lipstick or the like. Some of these masks are also equipped with wires that function to adjust the facial structure of the wearer.

3. Earloop Type

This type of mask is a mask that has a strap attached to the ear. Usually the type of rubber hook used is a thick and soft hook strap that will not hurt the user’s ears.

4. Headloop Type

For those of you who wear a hijab, this type of headloop mask is the type of mask that is highly recommended. Has a hook that is tied to the back of the head. The hooks are usually made of rubber, string, ribbon or even buttons.

After knowing the types. How about this, what type of mask do you usually use? It doesn’t matter what type of mask you have. The important thing is to always wear a mask when you leave the house.

Cloth Masks for Kids

Not only parents, children also need to wear masks. For the needs of children’s masks, mothers need to be more careful. This is because children have very sensitive skin and are not good at controlling their breathing. Let’s look at some recommendations for child makers that you should know, including: Glitex, Little Azta, Rider, Elior, Ukakids, Velvet Junior, Muncon X Valencia.

Top 10 Recommendations for Non-Medical Cloth Masks

After knowing how to choose a cloth mask, Ainun will provide 10 recommendations for cloth masks that you should know. What are those?

A. Medical Mask

Medical Mask
Medical Mask

The first is a medical mask. 
This type of mask is a disposable mask that has 3 layers, namely the outer, middle, and inner layers. This type of mask may be very familiar to you because it is easy to find when the medical personnel are on duty.

If you are sick, this mask is highly recommended for you because it can optimally prevent the spread of infectious diseases such as the flu, especially in the current condition, namely the corona virus.

B. N95 mask

N95 Mask
N95 Mask

This type of N95 mask is the most preferred mask used by medical personnel who have the potential for direct contact with COVID-19 sufferers. 
This mask is designed with a tight fit on the face that covers the nose and mouth for adults. This type of mask is not recommended for children because it will not fit or fit on the child’s face.

Although it has excellent protection, the use of this mask for every day is not recommended. This is because the tight design makes the user hot and difficult to breathe.

C. Sensi Convex Mask

Sensi Convex Mask 4ply Earloop
Sensi Convex Mask 4ply Earloop

Sensi convex masks are masks that have a three-dimensional shape. 
This mask model forms the face and covers the nose and mouth well so as to prevent various micro-particles from entering such as liquid, smoke, dust and bacteria. In addition, of course, this model mask will be comfortable when used because of its three-dimensional shape resembling a bowl.

In one box, this mask consists of 20 pcs with 4 soft protective layers so it is comfortable and not hot. It has a strong and flexible hook strap besides that because it consists of 4 protective layers, this mask has a high level of filtration. However, this mask is only used once (disposable). It is suitable to be chosen as a mask that is used daily because in addition to being light and simple, this mask provides enough protection with 4 layers of filtering.

1. MYNT by Mayonette Cloth Mask

Mayonette Cloth Mask

In addition to having a good design, this mask is also of very high quality. 
This mask is intended for hijab users. Made of soft premium cotton, repeated use of this mask will not cause hair loss.

2. Eiger Mask Multi Scarf

Eiger's Best Cloth Masks
Eiger Mask

Eiger Mask Multi Scarf is a mask designed as a multi-functional cloth mask which is also known as a biff. 
In addition to being a mask, this product can also be used as a headband (bandana), wristband, to cover, and even as a scarf. This one mask is made of 100% elastic polyester material so it is light, flexible, and soft and dries quickly when used.

3. Lucky ClaWater Repellent Cover Mask

Best Cloth Mask Lucky ClaWater Repellent Cover Mask
Lucky ClaWater Repellent Cover Mask

Made of water repellent cotton, it can minimize the possibility of splashes from coughing or sneezing people around you. 
Our masks are claimed to be antibacterial masks that are easy to wash and dry quickly. Having a cheerful motif design and bright colors make this mask very comfortable to use.

4. Art Mask

Best Cloth Mask Artch Mask
Art Mask

Artch Mask is a cloth mask that is very suitable for easy people who like to appear in a contemporary fashionable outfit. 
This mask has a flexible strap that can be adjusted at will. The material used to make this mask is fine Japanese cotton so as to provide more comfort for its users.

5. Arjuna Veda Batik Cloth Mask

Arjuna Veda Batik Cloth Mask
Arjuna Veda Batik Cloth Mask

Having a batik motif, Arjuna Weda Batik Cloth Mask is a recommended mask for those of you who have formal events. 
This mask has 3 layers made of cotton, triline polyester and combed cotton. Having 3 layers, this mask can protect you from dust, germs, and even viruses that can land on your mouth and nose.

6. Sorex Mask

Sorex Best Cloth Mask
Sorex Mask

For those of you who like minimalist style. 
This mask is one recommendation for you. This mask is designed for men and women which consists of 2 layers with soft cotton material. Besides being able to be worn in earloop, this mask also has a hook that can be used in a headloop.

7. Luludi Economic Hijab Mask

Luludi Economic Hijab Mask the Best Cloth Mask
Luludi Economic Hijab Mask

Although it is recommended for hijab, Luludi Economic Hijab Mask is not only for hijabers, you know. 
For those of you who are not hijabers, this mask is also highly recommended. This mask is made of cotton which consists of 
3 ply layers that can protect you from virus attacks from the outside and provide comfort for the user.

8. Okainku Fabric Mask

Best Fabric Mask Okainku Fabric Mask
Okainku Fabric Mask

This mask is one of the unique masks that are familiar to you. 
This mask has a classic striated motif that can be used back and forth. This mask consists of 2 layers which are comfortable to use. This okinku mask is a mask that is made using leftover materials so that it is more environmentally friendly.

9. Mooi Cotton Mask

Mooi Cotton Mask Best Cloth Mask
Mooi Cotton Mask

Masks that have motifs and prints that sometimes have a pungent odor. 
Who would have thought that this mask is very safe and environmentally friendly because it is made using international ECO PASSPORT certified ink from OEKO-TEX®. This cloth mask has a slit in the middle that you can tuck in a tissue or other filter according to your individual needs.

10. Seruni Living Cloth Mask

Seruni Living Best Cloth Mask
Seruni Living Cloth Mask

Having a girly fashion style, this Seruni Living Fabric Mask is the best recommendation for you. 
This mask has a floral motif with bright and soft colors. This mask consists of 2 layers made of soft chiffon and spunbound which is used as personal protective equipment. In addition, in the middle of this mask there is a pocket that can be tucked into a tissue as an additional filter according to the needs of the user.

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