10 Best Aesthetic Room Decoration Items Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Making an aesthetic room is certainly a dream for many people. Especially now that many activities are carried out in the room, such as school from home to work from home. By giving the room a touch that looks aesthetic, it will make you more comfortable in the room and you won’t feel bored quickly. Work is even happier and more enthusiastic.

Aesthetic Room Decoration
Aesthetic Room Decoration Items Illustration Image / Pinterest.com

There are many ways you can do to realize your dream aesthetic room decoration. You can start by completing some decorative items to make the room more aesthetic. No need to worry about costs, because those of you who have a minimal budget can also complete the following aesthetic room decoration items.

Tips for Making Aesthetic Rooms & Look Neat

Before knowing what items must be equipped for a more aesthetic room decoration, it’s a good idea to know in advance how to make an aesthetic room. Here are some tips to pay attention to.

1. Make sure the room remains minimalist

The key to getting an aesthetic room is to keep it looking minimalist. Make sure you use items that are as simple as possible so that the room still looks aesthetic. Choose items that don’t have too many busy motifs, but instead choose items with plain motifs so that the room remains simple and aesthetic.

2. Warm Lighting

Make sure that the lighting you use in the bedroom is warm. Warm lighting can make sleep sound and comfortable. Apart from that, creating great lighting in the bedroom will also support the aesthetics of your bedroom too. Aesthetic rooms usually have less bright and glare lighting. You can choose to use yellow lights compared to white lights so that you can still get an aesthetic feel in the room.

Aesthetic Room Decoration Items
Illustration of Aesthetic Room Decoration Items / roommagic.net

3. Organized Goods

It is no longer necessary to ask and be surprised that organized items are one of the keys to getting an aesthetic room. Make sure that the things you have in your room are neatly and orderly so that you can still get an aesthetic impression of the room. In addition to neatly arranged items, you also need to pay attention to the cleanliness of the room. Make sure if you are diligent in cleaning the room so that the items that are neatly arranged are not dusty. With neat, orderly and clean rooms, of course your rest will also be more enjoyable. Not only aesthetic, but you will stay healthy in the room.

4. Determine Room Color Options

The choice of colors in the room is something that needs to be considered too if you want to get an aesthetic room decoration. Make sure if you only use color patterns with a maximum of 3 main colors. Like white, brown and black. This color selection will make each item easy to arrange and also pleasing to the eye because there is no need to focus on many colors. Make sure that the colors used also remain neutral. This will give you the opportunity to add soft touches of color throughout the bedroom.

10 Best Aesthetic Room Decoration Item Recommendations

Here we go

After knowing some tips for making an aesthetic room, in the following, I will Ainun to provide some recommendations for items that can be equipped in the room to make it look more aesthetic. The following are recommendations for aesthetic room decoration items.

1. Painting

Painting Aesthetic Room Decoration Items
Painting Aesthetic Room Decoration Items

Aesthetic room decorations can be had if you complete the abstract wall decoration paintings in the room. 
By having an abstract painting like this, your room will look neat and beautiful. This painting will make you more comfortable in your room besides that the walls will not look empty and clean. You can choose another painting according to your wishes. In addition, each painting has a different meaning that you can adjust to the life you are living.

Usually these paintings are made using MDF boards with various sizes starting from 6 mm. Besides that, you don’t need to worry if the aesthetic room decorations will get moldy if it’s been too long, because paintings like this are anti-fungal. It is also water and UV resistant which will reduce the color resolution of the painting. It has been provided with iron hangers that can make it easier for you to installl.

2. Macrame Photo Hanger

Room Decoration Items Aesthetic Macrame Photo Hanger
Room Decoration Items Aesthetic Macrame Photo Hanger

To make the room look more aesthetically pleasing, you can complete your empty wall with macrame. 
This aesthetic room decoration is very multifunctional. By just hanging the macrame, your room will already look aesthetic, especially if you hang a few photos with wooden clamps, it will look more aesthetic and crowded.

There are several macrame models that you can adjust to your individual tastes. Macrame photo hangers are also widely available in the market with various price offers. There is macrame that is equipped with glass, but there is also macrame that is only embedded with wood. Macrame rope is also available in various colors so you can adjust the color that will make your room decoration aesthetic.

3. Reed Diffusers

Aesthetic Reed Diffuser Room Decoration Items
Aesthetic Reed Diffuser Room Decoration Items

You can also complete the reed diffuser as your ideal aesthetic room decoration. 
This reed diffuser is useful for providing humidity and freshness in the room. The air in the room remains fresh, you can also have aesthetic room decorations. You can choose a unique reed diffuser model to support the aesthetics of your room. There are various types of electric and non-electric reed diffusers.

This reed diffuser is also available in a variety of different liquid scents. You can choose the aroma of this liquid according to the fragrance you want. Choosing a subtle scent will make you feel comfortable in your room and won’t cause you to get dizzy from overpowering scents. You can put a reed diffuser on the table which can also function as a decoration for aesthetic room decorations.

4. Fur Carpet

Room Decoration Items Aesthetic Fur Carpet
Room Decoration Items Aesthetic Fur Carpet

Complete your aesthetic room decoration with a fur rug. 
So that the room floor is not empty and can be occupied just like that, you can just provide a fur rug on the floor. Besides being able to be used as a seat mat, this fur rug can also make room decoration more aesthetic. This fur rug is also available in various types of motifs and colors. You can choose motifs that match other room decorations to make it look more comfortable.

Feather rugs are also available in various sizes that can be adjusted to your needs. If you have a large boarding room, you can choose a wider size. However, if the size of the room is small, it is advisable to choose a small rug so that it doesn’t take up too much space. Well, besides getting a comfortable sitting mat, but is the room decoration aesthetic as well, isn’t it?

5. Decorative Lights

Decorative Lights Aesthetic Room Decoration Items
Decorative Lights Aesthetic Room Decoration Items

Providing space for decorative lights is the right idea for aesthetic room decorations. 
This decorative lamp can provide lighting that is not too bright in the room at night so you can also use this lamp as a night light. During the day these lights can be used as decorations that support more aesthetic room decorations.

For those of you who want aesthetic room decorations but are on a low budget, you don’t need to worry because the decorative lights offered on the market are very varied in price so that they can be adjusted according to a predetermined budget. Whether for a boy’s room or a girl’s room decorative lights can still be used, OK? So what are you waiting for? Besides being able to illuminate, decorative lights can certainly decorate, right?

6. Hanging Shelf

Hanging Shelf Aesthetic Room Decoration Items
Hanging Shelf Aesthetic Room Decoration Items

Choosing a storage area such as a hanging rack is highly recommended. 
Apart from not taking up too much space on your bedroom floor, hanging shelves are also highly recommended for those of you who have a narrow bedroom. Hanging shelves can minimize storage space that piles up on the floor and gives the impression of an aesthetic room decoration. Besides that, hanging shelves can also be used as decoration in rooms to place photos, small plants, air freshener and others

Choose hanging shelves made of wood so that your room still looks aesthetic. In addition, choose wood that has been varnished, it will look more glossy and will not absorb when water is spilled, so that the wood remains durable and does not rot. This hanging shelf itself is also available in various sizes and colors so you can look for it according to the aesthetic room decorations that have been predetermined.

7. Ornamental Plants

Decorative Plants Aesthetic Room Decoration Items
Decorative Plants Aesthetic Room Decoration Items

To make the room look more beautiful and cool, you can also add decorative plants to your desk, window or even your small shelf. 
Ornamental plants also support the aesthetic room decoration that you build. This ornamental plant has various kinds, types and sizes. If your bedroom is narrow, it is highly recommended to use only minimalist sized ornamental plants. If your bedroom is fairly large, you can use large ornamental plants.

The ornamental plants you choose can be Cactus, Mother-in-law’s Tongue, Japanese Bamboo and others. Put these ornamental plants in mini pots in a row arrangement so that they really support the aesthetic room decorations that have been made. This ornamental plant has also been widely circulated in the market so it is very easy to get it at this time.

8. Minimalist Sheets

Minimalist Bed Sheets Aesthetic Room Decoration Items
Minimalist Bed Sheets Aesthetic Room Decoration Items

Minimalist sheets cannot be missed if you want to get an aesthetic room decoration. 
Minimalist sheets are very suitable for men’s or women’s rooms. It will look simple because it doesn’t have a tacky and too flashy motif for the desired aesthetic room design. You can choose minimalist sheets that are plain, checkered or even stripes to get an aesthetic impression.

In terms of color, you can choose gray, white, brown or black sheets so that they are very suitable for aesthetic room decorations. It’s best to avoid choosing minimalist sheets that are too bright in color such as pink, bright yellow, red chili, etc. so that they will be very conspicuous and not related to the aesthetic room decoration. You can also use a set at a time between the sheets and blankets so the colors are more compatible.

9. Mesh Boards

Aesthetic Mesh Board Room Decoration Items
Aesthetic Mesh Board Room Decoration Items

Don’t forget to use a mesh board to support aesthetic room decorations. 
This mesh board is very multifunctional, you can hang activity schedules, photos, motivational words and more on the mesh board so that the room looks aesthetic. Mesh boards are usually available in only 2 color choices between white and black. Yes, the colors they have are very neutral, so they are suitable for use in a variety of decorative options.

Not only can it be used in women’s rooms, mesh boards can also be used in men’s rooms, yes. Mesh boards are also available in various sizes that can be adjusted to the size of your bedroom. No need to worry for those of you who want aesthetic room decorations but are on a low budget, this mesh board is offered at a very affordable price.

10. Window Curtains

Room Decoration Items Aesthetic Window Curtains
Room Decoration Items Aesthetic Window Curtains

Like the Korean style, room curtains are also very supportive to get aesthetic room decorations. 
Designed to be very thin, window curtains like this will greatly affect the lighting that enters the room during the day, you know. Thus your room will feel warmer and the incoming sunlight will make the room very aesthetic.

Choose sheer white or plain beige window curtains without a pattern so that the bedroom doesn’t feel dark and the room decor isn’t too overwhelming. Nowadays you can easily get these sheer window blinds on the market with various qualities and prices offered. You will get aesthetic room decorations and clean rooms with a touch of this window curtain.

Aesthetic Room Color Combinations

So, what do you think about the aesthetic room decoration items, very easy to get, right? Apart from complementing your items, you will also be given some information about color combinations so that the room looks more aesthetic. Here are some room color combinations.

1. The combination of white and wood color

Usually rooms that look aesthetically pleasing use a mix of colors that accentuate a natural impression. Like the natural color of wood, it will make your bedroom look very aesthetic. You can use the natural color of the wood on one side of the wall and you can pin the other side of the wall with white. The combination of the natural color of wood and white will make the room not look so dark. In addition, this color combination is very suitable and aesthetic.

2. Combination of Dark Gray and Light Gray

The combination of light and dark gray can also make a room more aesthetic. This color gives the impression that the room looks minimalist. Whether for a teenage boy’s room or a woman’s room, this combination still goes in because it will look neutral. In addition, with a color like this you can easily add other decorations for a less monotonous impression. For the women’s room, you can give a touch of pink to make it more creative and cheerful.

3. Combination of Brown and Gray

The combination of gray and brown seems not too flashy but still simple. This combination is perfect for your bedroom that is starting to grow up so that the impression is more minimalist. This combination of brown and gray can also make it easier for you to provide other interiors with soft colors so that they remain connected and suitable for mixing and matching. In addition, this brown and gray color combination is suitable for the genre of a boy’s room or a girl’s room.

4. The combination of Teal and White

The combination of teal and white is a combination of three colors at once. Teal is a combination of blue and green. These blue and green colors give the impression of natural nuances. The combination of colors (blue and green) and white is also very relevant for aesthetic room decoration ideas. You can make the room ceiling teal and the room walls white. This bedroom color combination will make you calm if you stay in the room.


That’s some information that can be provided for the realization of the ideal aesthetic room, starting from tips on making an aesthetic room, decoration items for aesthetic rooms, to car wall color combinations for aesthetic rooms. Hopefully the information provided above can help you to realize aesthetic room decorations. If you want information about other recommendations, you can visit the available pages.

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