10 Best Dish Cabinet Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – For those of you who are not worried about using hanging shelves, then the choice is none other than a plate cupboard. As kitchen furniture, plate cabinets are very useful in arranging kitchen utensils such as plates, glasses, bowls, spoons, and others to keep them neat. You can also use the dish cabinet to fill the room to give the kitchen room appeal.

This one household furniture is presented in many forms. However, they are generally designed with an open and closed center. In addition, there are also models of drawers and doors of a dish cabinet. For those of you who are planning to buy a new dish cabinet and are confused about which to choose, we will help you get the best plate cabinet in this article.

Tips and How to Choose a Good Dish Cabinet

Nice Dish Wardrobe Illustration Picture
Nice / Curbed Wardrobe Illustration Image

What is important about a dish cabinet is its functionality. Meanwhile, other things such as size, model, and storage capacity are also important to note. In order to better understand the meaning, you can listen to how to choose a plate cabinet that we have summarized below.

1. Decide where you want to place it first

Nowadays, there are many plate cabinets with minimalist designs and slimmer sizes but still maximum in terms of functionality. Meanwhile, conventional dish cabinets that are quite large are still common. In order not to make the wrong choice, you must first determine where the location of the plate cabinet is, either in the kitchen or dining room.

If you want to put a dish cabinet in the kitchen, then we recommend choosing a cupboard with an open center so that you can use the open part to place an oven, thermos, or other objects. However, if you put it in the dining room, then choose a cupboard without an open part. Thus, your dining room still looks neat even though there is a plate cupboard in the corner.

2. Check the size of the wardrobe, make sure it fits the available space

After providing a special room to put the plate cabinet, then you need to check the size of the cupboard that you want to buy. Make sure the size fits or, if possible, choose a width that is smaller than the placement location. Especially if you want to place a cupboard next to electronics such as a refrigerator, then leaving a gap in between will help the side of the plate cabinet not be exposed to heat flow from the refrigerator.

Not only that, you should give enough space at the front of the closet. The goal is that the door or drawer can be shifted or opened perfectly. At least, give it between 50 – 100 cm towards the front so that you can open the cupboard and see its contents freely.

3. Adjust the cabinet capacity with the number of tableware

The dish cabinet is actually useful for storing a number of cutlery, although it is possible to place other objects, such as thermos, jars, and so on. However, it is very important to buy a cupboard with a capacity that can fit all of the dining utensils or leave only a small amount of space.

Don’t leave so much space left that you’ll have a hard time organizing your cutlery into it. From an aesthetic point of view, it looks unattractive to the eye. However, it is also not recommended to choose a cupboard capacity that fits perfectly because there is a risk of dropping other cutlery when you want to take one of them.

4. Pay attention to the installed door and drawer models

In addition to the upper and lower compartments, another component that is equally important is the available doors or drawers. These two parts are like the main access so that all eating utensils can enter it. In other words, ease of use has an effect on these two parts.

Today, plate cabinet doors are created in two operating modes, namely with a hinge system and a sliding wheel. In Indonesia itself, not many people have plate cabinets with sliding drawers, so you might find it a bit difficult to find because not many manufacturers have developed them for the local market.

Whether the hinge type or sliding wheel, you still need additional access at the front so that the door can open perfectly. However, of these two types, sliding doors or drawers are superior in terms of functionality. This type can also reduce the risk of cookware breaking because there is a base in each compartment.

10 Best Dish Cabinet Recommendations

After knowing what considerations must be made before buying, now Ainun will provide 10 choices of the best plate cabinets. You will see a number of products with different storage capacities, models, and sizes. Choose the one closest to your needs, yes!

1. Naiba Plate Rack 4802

Best Dish Cabinet Naiba Dish Rack 4802
Brand Naiba Dish Rack 4802

The 4802 series is an example of a dish cabinet from Naiba that we recommend. 
With a beautiful floral motif, of course this unit will complement the beauty of the room. Not to mention the six color variants provided, you can adjust it to the concept or basic paint of the room.

This product is made of thick plastic. Its ability to withstand equipment loads can reach 20 kg per stack. The plastic material that covers the main body is rust-resistant. You can clean this cupboard easily just by using a cloth so that the cupboard is clean from dust and stains that stick.

2. 2 Door Clavo Dish Cabinet

Best Dish Cabinets Clavo 2 Doors
2-Door Clavo Dish Wardrobe Brand

If you don’t have enough room to put a plate cabinet, then this product is worth considering. 
The reason is, this wardrobe only has dimensions of 85 x 42 x 180 cm. Thus, this wardrobe will fit in a room with minimal empty space.

In addition, this wardrobe is also designed with an open middle. You can use it to cut or grind cooking spices, put other kitchen utensils, or as a dining table at certain times. This product is also safe for those of you who have children because the bottom door is not accompanied by a handle.

3. Simplefurniture Wardrobe 3 Doors LS 502

The Best Dish Cabinets Simplefurniture Wardrobe 3 Doors LS 502
Brand Simplefurniture Wardrobe 3 Doors LS 502

This warm tan wardrobe will be comfortable whenever you look at it. 
Not only does it bring a soft and warm impression to the room, this plate cabinet can also bring a cozy atmosphere when you place it in the dining room. You can feel the impression like eating in a quiet restaurant!

Made from finely sanded teak wood, this product looks so stunning. There are 3 drawers at the bottom that are lined up so you can store equipment that is prone to breakage. A door with glass on one side allows you to put glasses or other kitchen utensils that are rarely used.

4. Hydraulic Dish Cabinet

Best Dish Cabinets Hydraulic
Hydraulic Plate Cabinets Brand

This product is very unique. 
If you want a plate storage cabinet that is different from the others, choose this product that we recommend. Using the hydraulic system to open the upper compartment, you don’t need to lift it manually.

Not only that, this cupboard also has free space in the middle area to support your mobility while in the kitchen, whatever it is. Then, a large drawer with a sliding wheel mechanism can also be used to put kitchen utensils from other glass materials.

5. 4-Door Dish Wardrobe

Best Dish Cabinets 4 Doors on Wheels
4 Door Dish Wardrobe Brand on Wheels

When you want to renovate a room, one of the most common complaints is the difficulty of moving furniture. 
If you buy this wardrobe, you will not find these obstacles. The reason, this plate cabinet is equipped with four wheels at each corner that form the legs for easy movement.

The material which is dominated by aluminum will resist the rusting process, very suitable for those of you who long for a durable plate cabinet! Equipped with four large doors and one small door, you can put all the cutlery or other small kitchen furniture in it.

6. Teak Dish Cabinet

The Best Teak Dish Cabinet
Teak Plate Wardrobe Brand

If you prefer the concept of a traditional room, a plate cupboard with dimensions of 100 x 50 x 200 cm should be used as a reference of choice. 
The reason lies in the basic material of the cupboard made of teak wood. In addition to creating a timeless impression, the wood material used is ensured that it is termite and porous and is often exposed to water.

Given its size is quite large, then this object will take up a lot of space in your kitchen. In other words, you have to prepare the right placement location for it. However, you will certainly be more helpful in arranging the tableware in the kitchen.

7. Construction of Aluminum Plate Cabinets

Best Dish Cabinets by Bina Karya Aluminum Dish Cabinets
Brand Bina Karya Aluminum Plate Cabinet

Day by day, more and more aluminum is used to make household furniture products. 
For dish cabinets, you can choose this one product. In addition to using the main material in the form of aluminum as a frame, manufacturers also combine it with glass and multiplex to bring more quality into it.

This plate cabinet is designed with an attractive shape. There is a picture of a bird with a red door that gives a cheerful impression. You can use the open middle compartment to place small electronics in the kitchen, such as a blender, rice cooker, microwave, or the like. With these cabinets, your kitchen will be clutter free!

8. 4-Door Dish Cabinet

Best 4 Door Dish Cabinet
Picture of 4-Door Dish Wardrobe

The large enough capacity of goods makes the price of the plate cabinet soar. 
If you want to have a large capacity dish cabinet without straining your wallet, buy this dish cabinet. With a fund of 2 million rupiah, you can already get a 4-door plate cabinet.

Manufacturers designed this wardrobe not only with a large capacity at a minimal price, but also in a modern, minimalist style. For that, when you bring this closet home, your room will look luxurious in an instant. This cupboard is made of water- and termite-resistant material, so you can use it for a long time.

9. Minimalist 3-Door Dish Wardrobe

The Best Minimalist 3 Door Dish Wardrobe
Pictures of Minimalist 3 Doors Dish Wardrobe

Do you need a plate cabinet that has a minimalist design, large capacity, but is marketed at an affordable price? 
Try this 3 Door Minimalist Dish Wardrobe. Made of blockthick material that looks sleek with minimal ornamentation, this cupboard will channel a modern and contemporary feel to your kitchen.

In addition to black, this product is also presented with a choice of other colors that you can choose based on your taste. The compartment itself consists of three parts. The open, ceramic-coated center is not only useful for placing small kitchen electronics, but also easy to clean when exposed to spilled spices and the like.

10. Simplefurniture 3 Door Glass Plate Cabinet

Best Dish Cabinets Simplefurniture 3 Door Glass Plate Cabinets
Pictures of Simplefurniture 3 Door Glass Plate Cabinets

If you are really on a budget, don’t worry because we have provided a cheap dish cabinet recommendation on this one. 
Made of a combination of aluminum and glass on the whole door, you can see all the contents without having to open each door.

In addition, each door is also provided with a handle to make it easier for each door to be opened and closed. However, the presence of the handle makes those of you who have small children have to be more vigilant. Or, as a preventive measure, you can put glass cutlery in the upper compartment.

You have read the points to consider in choosing a dish cabinet. Not only that, you also know the ten best plate cabinets as a reference of choice. Thus, you have finished reading this article to the end. We hope you get the wardrobe you need!

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