10 Best Garden Chair Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog ReviewGarden chairs are decorations that are usually found in parks, whether public or private. Usually, this kind of chair is used to relax and rest while looking at the beautiful garden. Even so, the function of this chair is not only as a place to relax, but also serves to give aesthetic value to a garden. For that, choosing a garden chair must be done with full consideration in order to get a satisfactory product.

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Before buying a garden chair, you have to pay attention to various things. One of the most important things is its durability and strength. Since this chair is placed outside, it must be made of a strong and durable material. Another thing to consider is the element of beauty. Some parks have garden chairs as an attraction to beautify a garden. Therefore, beauty is needed. If these two things are taken into account, then the right garden chair will be obtained.

10 Best Garden Chair Recommendations


There are already various manufacturers that produce garden chairs. Not only from abroad, but products from within the country, especially from Jepara, are very easy to find. Those of you who want to buy a garden chair must be able to choose a product with good strength and model. For that, tomslead.com provides recommendations for the best garden chairs that you can choose from the points below.

1. Ikea Applaro Bench with Backrest

Best Garden Chair Ikea Applaro Bench with Backrest
Ikea Applaro Bench with Backrest

IKEA offers a garden chair that gives the impression of being comfortable when used. The chair in question is the Applaro Bench with Backrest, a chair that has a curved backrest. The shape of the backrest is in accordance with the pattern of the back, making it more comfortable when leaning. In addition, this chair also has armrests on both sides, which adds to the comfort when used. The back and seat also have holes, which allow air to enter and provide a sense of comfort.

Not only ergonomically designed, the garden chair is also designed to be safe to use. This chair has even been tested to be safe and meets the safety standard of EN 581, a European safety standard. This is due to the material used, namely solid acacia wood, which has good durability and strength. That way, even if placed outdoors in the hot sun and heavy rainfall, this chair will last a long time.

2. Ikea Falster Bench

Best Garden Chair Ikea Falster Bench
Ikea Falster Bench

For those of you who want a garden chair with a simple design, then you can glance at the Ikea Falster Bench. Although simple, the chair is still suitable to be placed in the garden, because it has good durability. The chair’s frame is made of aluminum. The material is known to be anti-rust and strong enough to support heavy loads. It’s a different story with the stand, because it’s made of heat-resistant polystyrene plastic with a wood-like design.

Thanks to the right combination of materials, this garden chair will be suitable for outdoor, because it is resistant to all types of weather. In addition, the maintenance process is very easy. If there are even slight scratches, you can remove them using fine sandpaper. This chair can be occupied by two adults at once, because the material is very strong. That way, you can enjoy the garden with your lover or with friends thanks to this one chair.

3. LMJ Furniture Jepara, Jepara Teak Bean Chairs

Best Garden Chair LMJ Furniture Jepara Kursi Kacang Jati Jepara
LMJ Furniture Jepara, Jepara Teak Bean Chairs

In general, garden chairs are rectangular in shape. However, it’s a different story with the Jati Bean Chair, produced by LMJ Furniture from Jepara, because the bench is in the shape of a semi-circle. If, in total, the length of the chair reaches 1.5 meters with a height of 85 cm. At this size, this chair can be occupied by two people, even more. With teak wood material, this chair remains strong while supporting the heavy load on it.

The park bench not only gives a sense of security but also a sense of comfort to its users. It has a backrest with ventilation holes, making it very comfortable to sit on. For those of you who want a garden chair with an attractive shape, it never hurts to use this chair. Not only good in terms of appearance, but also good in terms of safety and comfort. There is nothing wrong if this product is one of the best garden chairs.

4. Wood Art Furniture Jepara Bale-Bale

Best Garden Chair Wood Art Furniture Jepara Bale
Wood Art Furniture Jepara Bale-Bale

A good garden chair should be comfortable, safe, and have an attractive design. These three things are owned by Wood Art Furniture Jepara Bale-Bale. With the back and armrests, this chair is very comfortable to sit on. The back also has holes, allowing air to enter to provide a cool feeling for the wearer. These two things make this chair so comfortable.

The garden chair uses teak wood for all its parts. With these materials, strength and durability are no longer in question. In addition, this chair also upholds the value of beauty because there is a distinctive carving on the back. It has dimensions that are quite long, making it able to accommodate 3-4 adults. Thanks to all these things, this park bench will be suitable to decorate your home garden or public garden.

5. Teak Long Bench

Best Garden Chair Bangku Panjang Kayu Jati
Teak Long Bench

Not only are products made by IKEA, garden benches with minimalist designs can also be found in local products. The product in question is the Teak Wood Long Bench, produced by UD. Japanese Furniture Wood. The shape itself is very simple, namely in the form of an elongated bench without a backrest, either an armrest or an armrest. The length itself reaches 130 cm, which makes it suitable for several people.

Although it looks simple, do not underestimate the quality. It is made with teak and mahogany wood, making it a garden chair that is strong and resistant to all kinds of weather. The legs are also thick, which makes it very sturdy for several people to carry. The finishing itself is very good, because it is done according to Furniture Export standards. Judging from all that, this garden chair is so suitable to decorate the garden.

6. Imax Artha Celebrity 09

Best Garden Chair Imax Artha Celebrity 09
Imax Artha Celebrity 09

Imax Artha Celebrity 09 uses quality materials to combine safety and comfort. For the frame and legs, the material used is strong copper metal with a comfortable wooden backrest. The backrest is made with an open shape so that the back feels cool. In addition, there are also armrests made of metal so that the arms can be comfortable when leaning.

In terms of design, this one garden chair is quite interesting. It has a back and seat that are equipped with carvings and hollows, making it very pleasing to the eye. Thanks to this, this garden chair will fit into any type of garden. Its good durability and attractive design make it very suitable for your garden. The price is also affordable, so it is highly recommended to buy.

7. Ikea Applaro Bench – Brown Stained

Best Garden Chair Ikea Applaro Bench – Brown Stained
Ikea Applaro Bench – Brown Stained

When it comes to safety, the Ikea Applaro Bench – Brown Stained is one of the best. Using material from solid acacia wood, making it proven to be strong and durable. Even if exposed to the sun and rain, this chair will not be affected. In addition, the finishing applied to it is able to ward off all insects, including termites. That way, this chair will be suitable to be placed outdoors without fear of being damaged. Naturally, this product meets European safety and durability standards with the code EN 581.

In terms of design, the shape seems minimalist because it does not have armrests or backs. Even so, this chair is still comfortable to sit on because its position is ventilated. It has a length of up to 114 cm, making it fit for two adults. This outdoor chair is not only suitable for gardens; it can also be used in the yard, terrace, or other places.

8. Wooden Garden

Best Garden Chair
Wooden Garden

Chairs Wooden garden chairs are designed to provide comfort to their users. The chair consists of a backrest, an armrest, and a seat hole that is tenuous, and the shape is not too high. With the back and armrests, it makes it more enjoyable when used. The presence of hollow holes in the seat and back is able to create a cool feeling in the body. At a height that is not too high, it allows you to straighten your legs. That way, you will be comfortable while sitting there.

Although the design is very ergonomic, this garden chair still provides a sense of security to its users. It is made with strong wood material, making it sturdy when used. You can occupy the chair with two other people, because it can fit three people. For those of you who want to spend time resting, trying to use this best garden chair is the right step.

9. Mustika Indah Antique Bale-Bale Furniture

Best Garden Chair Mustika Indah Furniture Bale-Bale Antik
Mustika Indah Antique Bale-Bale Furniture

Jepara is indeed famous for its homemade furniture. For this reason, the furniture manufacturer Mustika Indah Furniture from Jepara offers quality garden chairs called Antik Bale-Bale. The color of this chair resembles light brown natural wood, which is very pleasing to the eye. Thanks to the color, this chair offers a distinctive classic style. The design is so good that it is able to beautify the appearance of the garden.

Although beautiful, this chair does not forget the comfort side. Therefore, armrests and backs were added to it. The seat height is also not too high, so the legs can be straightened so as not to get sore. Its elongated shape makes it possible for many people to sit on it. It can even be used by 3 people at once. Thanks to its various advantages, this best garden chair will be suitable for your garden.

10. Mamagreen Oko Bench MG1017

Best Garden Chair Mamagreen Oko Bench MG1017
Mamagreen Oko Bench MG1017

The next garden chair with a simple design, the Mamagreen Oko Bench MG1017. The product offers a blend of stainless steel and wood to create a great outdoor chair. Stainless steel is used to make the frame and legs, which makes it water-resistant and strong. For wood, he is in the seat to make it more comfortable when occupied. This combination is able to produce a sturdy and comfortable garden chair.

Even though it doesn’t have armrests and backs, it makes it lighter and easier to move. Although it is not too heavy, it is able to accommodate three adults thanks to its strong material and its length, which reaches 130 cm. The price is indeed expensive, but the quality is equivalent to the price given. Nothing wrong if you use the garden chair to decorate your private garden.


Using a garden chair will make the time to relax or rest more enjoyable. The best garden chairs are made of strong materials and have good durability. In addition, the chair also provides a sense of comfort when used. Those of you who are interested in buying it can read the recommendations for garden chairs above. There are various shapes, sizes, and prices that can be tailored to your needs.

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