10 Best Simple Dish Rack Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Simple Plate Rack , Plate is a place to put food so that it is easier for the user to eat the food. Usually, the dishes are placed in the kitchen, because there is a place to wash them and a place to store them. A place to store dishes is called a dish rack. Although trivial, it turns out that the dish rack has an important role in your kitchen, so it is very important to have.

The Best Simple Dish Rack
Simple Dish Rack Illustration

By using a dish rack, you can store plates, glasses, and spoons more neatly. This makes finding cutlery easier. Another function of some dish racks is to speed up the drying process of dishes and other cutlery after washing. Thanks to its function, this one tool is perfect for use in your home kitchen.

10 Best Simple Dish Rack Recommendations

Now there are many dish racks in various sizes and shapes. There are even some luxurious dish racks to be used as home interiors. However, there is also a simple, minimalist dish rack, so that it pays more attention to the usability aspect than the appearance. Several well-known brands such as IKEA, Rovega, KrisChef, and many other brands produce the best dish racks. For those of you who are looking for this item, you can see the recommendations for the best dish rack selected by Ainun as below.

1. KrisChef Dish Rack

Best Simple Dish Rack KrisChef Dish Rack
Rak Piring Simple – KrisChef Dish Rack

With a simple form, KrisChef Dish Rack is here to make it easier to store and dry dishes. 
The shape of the shelf is long and has two sides of the shelf, making it can be used to store many dishes at once. With this shape, not only plates that can be placed, cups and other cooking utensils also fit to be stored there. The materials used are also of high quality, namely aluminum and strong plastic, so they are tough and have high durability.

On the side of this dish rack, there is a special place that can be used to store spoons, forks, chopsticks, and other cutlery. So, in one place you can store many cutlery at once. In fact, at the bottom there is already a water reservoir, so that when used to dry dishes, the water does not flow anywhere. If you are looking for a multifunctional dish rack, please try this product from KrisChef.

2. Expandable Dish Rack

Best Simple Dish Rack Expandable Dish Rack
Rak Piring Simple – Expandable Dish Rack

The next simple but versatile dish rack is the Expandable Dish Rack. As a multifunctional shelf, you can use it to store plates, glasses, spoons, and other cutlery on it. To store spoons and forks, a special place has been provided, and can even be taken apart easily. If you want this shelf to store forks and spoons, then you can install this special place. But if you want to expand the space to store dishes, then the special place can be removed.

The dish rack is indeed very flexible, because it can be adjusted for its storage capacity. In fact, the muzzle can be extended, so that the area can be increased. The retractable snout also serves to drain excess water from the drying residue. Another feature of this product is anti-slip, because the bottom is anti-slip so that it can be placed anywhere stably. If you want a flexible dish rack with a simple design, then this is the answer.

3. IKEA Grundtal Dish Drainer

Best Simple Dish Rack IKEA Grundtal Dish Drainer Gambar
Rak Piring Simple – IKEA Grundtal Dish Drainer

IKEA offers the best dish rack products that can be hung anywhere. The product, called the IKEA Grundtal Dish Drainer, does have a hanger that makes it easy to hang. This will be very suitable if the kitchen room is full but the dish rack is still not available. To prevent water from falling to the bottom, a plastic water reservoir is provided at the bottom, which can even be detached for easy disposal of the water.

The material used by IKEA products is stainless steel. Thanks to these materials, this dish rack will be very durable for a long time and has high durability to accommodate many dishes. In fact, with this material, this shelf will not rust, so it is always pleasing to the eye. If the kitchen lacks space to put a dish rack, then this product is perfect for you to use.

4. Rovega Pladys Perspective

Gambar Rak Piring Simple Rovega Pladys Perspective
Rak Piring Simple – Rovega Pladys Perspective

With a shape that is more like a plate cupboard, Rovega Pladys Perspectiv can be used to store more cutlery. The size itself is up to 48 x 33.5 x 76cm, so it is very reasonable to store a lot of cutlery. The material is indeed made of plastic, but the plastic is of high quality so that it can be used to store cutlery for a long time. You who want to store a lot of stuff will be very suitable to use this product.

There are three parts of the space that is usually used to store things. For the top, the place is used to store glasses or cups. In the middle, there is a space to put plates, as well as to put spoons and forks, because there is a special place to put the cutlery. At the bottom there is a multipurpose drawer, so it can be used to store other items, including food. This dish rack is very suitable to use, because it offers practicality and ease of storing items.

5. MiiBox Stainless Steel 2 Susun

The Best Simple Dish Rack Picture of MiiBox Stainless Steel 2 Stacks
Rak Piring Simple – MiiBox Stainless Steel 2 Susun

As a dish rack that is used to store many items, MiiBox Stainless Steel 2 Stack is designed with two stacks of shelves. Thanks to the two shelves, more dishes can be stored and dried. It’s not even just plates that can be stored, because you can place other cutlery such as bowls and cups on the shelf. To make it more suitable for storing many items, on the right and left there is a special place, so that it can be used to store glasses or other cutlery.

It is not only used for storing, but can also be used to dry cutlery. At the bottom, a water reservoir has been provided, so that water that falls from cutlery does not wet other areas. The material used is also not cheap, because it is made of stainless steel which is known to be strong and resistant to rust. Those of you who want a shelf that can store and dry cutlery for a long time are highly recommended to use this product.

6. Nagata MR 111 SS3

Nagata MR 111 SS3 Best Simple Dish Rack Pictures
Rak Piring Simple – Nagata MR 111 SS3

Although made using plastic material, the Nagata MR 111 SS3 is still suitable for storing plates. The dimensions of the dish rack are 43 x 27 x 64cm, not too small but not too big. With this size, this item has an elevated shape, because it has three stacks of shelves. Thanks to the many shelves, this product can be used to store a large number of plates, bowls and glasses.

To get this product seems easy, because there are many online and offline stores that sell it. Besides being easy to find, the price is also quite affordable, so anyone who is interested can buy it. Those of you who want a dish rack that can be used to store lots of plates but at an economical price, you can use this one rack.

7. IKEA KVOT Dish Drainer

Best Simple Dish Rack IKEA Grundtal Dish Drainer Gambar
Rak Piring Simple – IKEA Grundtal Dish Drainer

Producing innovative and quality household appliances is mandatory for IKEA. The product called IKEA KVOT Dish Drainer is one of them, because it has a unique design and can be folded to save kitchen space. With multiple plate storage slots, you can store multiple plates. You can also use this product to put a bowl or glass, because there are two levels that can be used freely.

Another advantage that is embedded in the dish rack is that it has silicone or rubber-coated feet. With such a shape, this shelf can be more balanced when used to store many dishes. The materials used to make it are the best materials, such as steel, galvanized, and clear acrylic lacquer. Thanks to that, the best dish rack is very durable to use for a long time.

8. CLARIS Callista Dish Rack

Picture of the Best Simple Dish Rack CLARIS Callista Dish Rack
Simple Dish Rack – CLARIS Callista Dish Rack

Having a compact size, CLARIS Callista Dish Rack will not take up too much space in your kitchen. In fact, with its shape, you can move it anywhere very easily. Even so, this simple dish rack still functions optimally if it is used to store dishes and dry them. In addition to placing plates, there is also a special slot that can be used to put bowls, glasses, or other cutlery.

The material used to make the dish rack is plastic, so it has many attractive color choices. You can choose product colors that match the kitchen theme, that way, this shelf can beautify the appearance of your cooking area. The price of the dish rack is quite affordable, it can even be easily found. Because of that, this dish rack is perfect for those who want a simple shelf at a low price.

9. Minimalist Folding Dish Rack

The Best Simple Dish Rack Pictures Minimalist Folding Dish Racks
Simple Dish Rack – Minimalist Folding Dish Rack

Minimalist Folding Dish Rack is a dish rack that can be folded with a very compact form. What is unique about these products is that they can be stretched or enforced. When spread out, you can dry and store glasses, mugs, spoons, and other cutlery. But if it is enforced, then you can only dry the dishes, you can’t put other things.

Another uniqueness is its ability to be folded. That way, you can store it without fear of taking up space when you’re not using it. The material is indeed plastic, but thanks to this material, the minimalist dish rack can be colored with beautiful bright colors. Also, making it have a very affordable market price. For those who are looking for a functional dish rack at an economical price, this product is one option.

10. HARKO Roll Up Plate Rack

The Best Simple Plate Rack Picture HARKO Roll Up Plate Rack
Simple Plate Rack – HARKO Roll Up Plate Rack

If the previous products were often used to store dishes as well as dry them, then HARKO Roll Up Dish Rack is more likely to be used to dry dishes. That’s because, how to use this product is to place it above the sink or sink. Plates or other cutlery will be placed on it, so it can dry quickly. So that it does not slip when placed in the sink, the sides are given silicone, so it is safe.

Because the use of this tool is not too long, the dish rack can be folded easily. That way, you can store it freely when not in use. Stainless steel material is the main material, making the best dish rack able to withstand heavy loads and more durable. If you have a sink, it never hurts to use it, besides being simple, it is also easy to use.


Dish racks are often taken for granted, even though they are very useful for storing and drying dishes. That way, plates and other cutlery can dry faster and are more organized.

There are many of the best dish rack products with different shapes and features. Some fold up, some have multiple levels, and some stretch out over the sink. You can choose a quality dish rack that suits your taste and budget so that you can use it in your home.

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