10 Recommendations for the Best Comfortable Folding Mattress (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Are you looking for the best folding mattress to complement your household furniture? Folding mattresses are indeed a good choice for those of you who want to have a versatile and portable mattress so that it can be easily moved to various places or rooms in your home.

For example, the best folding mattress of your choice can be used as a bed when you feel tired or a seat to just relax where the folding mattress certainly does not take up much space, has a light weight, is practical, and is easy to store in a narrow place.

The Best Folding Mattress Recommendation
Folding Mattress Illustration / TheSpruce

Then, how to choose the best folding mattress that can be done before making a choice? Check out the following article reviews, yes!

How to Choose a Good Folding Mattress

You want to buy a folding mattress by coming directly? If that’s the case, you can buy the best folding mattresses at Informa or Carrefour in big cities, such as Jogja, Surabaya, Bandung, and other cities. However, in order to see a good folding mattress product directly, do the following ways.

1. Determine the best folding mattress size needed

Although the best folding mattresses are easy to store, you also need to consider the size of the mattress to be purchased according to the needs of its use. If the best folding mattress you choose is large and will be placed in a large place, then it will not be a problem.

If the place is relatively small, then you should also choose the best folding mattress that is small so as not to make the room feel cramped when the mattress is spread out. Well, the best choice of a small folding mattress is also suitable for traveling or other purposes that require you to bring a mattress. So, will you choose a small or large folding mattress?

2. Choose the best folding mattress model you want

You certainly know that the best folding mattresses on the market have various models, right? Well, the mattress model can be seen in terms of motifs to the completeness of other features that can provide comfort for the wearer.

The best folding mattress motifs are plain simple with plain but beautiful colors so that they look elegant and some have floral motifs. Then, there is a folding mattress that can be used as a bed and a seat with a comfortable backrest or without a backrest. Just choose the best folding mattress you want, yes!

3. Pay attention to the folding mattress material to be selected

In your opinion, knowing the material of a folding mattress is important or not? One way to choose a folding mattress that has good quality is to look at the materials used to make the folding mattress. Folding mattresses made of quality materials are of course more durable and save the budget, right?

Well, some things you can notice from the folding mattress, among others, are made of foam or from the discussion of sturdy steel spiral springs or not? the basic upholstery material, the density level of the upholstery material, and the quality of the fabric base or mattress cover can be considered when you are going to choose a comfortable folding mattress.

By paying attention to the quality of the folding mattress material, you can choose the best folding mattress that is versatile for sleeping or relaxing.

10 Best Folding Mattress Recommendations

There are a variety of the best folding mattress products that are sold on the market online and offline with varying prices, ranging from cheap to expensive. Well, you can choose the mattress you need from the ten best folding mattress recommendations from Ainun which are reviewed in the following article.

1.  Uniland Somni Fold

Uniland Somni Fold Best Folding Mattress
Uniland Somni Fold
The next best recommendation for a folding mattress is the Uniland Somni Fold which has two different sizes when it is folded or stretched.

Well, the advantages possessed by this best folding mattress include a mattress that is easy to adjust into a single size or a double size, can be used as a sofa bed with a backrest that can make you sit comfortably, a product with a 20 year guarantee, durable, and resistant to deflation.

In addition to these advantages, you will also get a bonus white sheets along with pillows and pillowcases. This can certainly be an attraction that is not to be missed, right?

2. Dunlopillo Folding Mattress

Dunlopillo's Best Folding Mattress
Dunlopillo Folding Mattress Folding Mattress

The first recommendation for the best folding mattress is a folding mattress from Dunpillo whose quality is unquestionable. 
This best folding mattress measures 90 cm x 200 cm x 5 cm and has several advantages.

The first advantage is that it has a super rebounded quality that is not easily deflated and a color that does not have a pattern. Then, another advantage of Dunpillo mattresses is that they are soft and comfortable because there is a layer of knitted fabric on the quilting with a dacron layer, waterproof under the mattress, and practical. Well, these are the things that make this folding mattress easy and safe to carry anywhere, including during picnics.

3.  Zees Travel Bed Lipat

Zees Travel Bed Best Folding Mattress
Zees Travel Bed

Are you looking for the best folding foam mattress with good quality? 
Well, another recommendation for the best folding foam mattress, namely the Zees travel bed, which has a size specification of 100 cm x 200 cm and 160 cm x 200 cm. This folding mattress is made using a layer of high-durability foam with soft dacron.

If you buy it online, then you have to prepare a budget for shipping 6 kilograms with dimensions of 200 cm x 160 cm x 4 cm. In addition, you can also buy Zees brand pillows and bolsters to complete your sleeping equipment, which of course also has to pay more for shipping costs, right!

4.  Ikea Slakt Pouffe Folding Mattress

Ikea Slakt Pouffe Best Folding Mattress
Ikea Slakt Pouffe Folding Mattress

The Ikea Slakt Pouffe is one of the best folding mattresses suitable for children, especially for those who like to be on a soft mattress on the floor because this folding mattress can indeed be used to roll around, play with friends, or just relax.

The best folding mattress on this one is easy to tidy up by folding and storing it under the bed. Well, this Ikea Slakt Pouffe is made of polyester with an inner fabric made from non-woven polypropylene.

As for how to wash this folding mattress, namely using a washing machine with a maximum temperature of 40°C and the normal washing process without using bleach. In addition, you are not recommended to machine dry it so that the folding mattress can last longer.

5.  Inoac Yukata Ride Folding Mattress

Inoac Yukata Ride Best Folding Mattress
Inoac Yukata Ride Folding Mattress

Do you want to have a folding mattress that can also function as a sofa with a comfortable backrest? 
If that’s the case, you can choose the Inoac Yukata Ride which is suitable for household furniture in exclusive residences, such as apartments, luxury homes, or modern minimalist residences.

That’s because, this one sofa bed has an elegant appearance with two color choices and three size options. Well, you can turn this one product into a bed or sofa with various models as you wish, which of course are also equipped with pillows to make you feel comfortable when sleeping or leaning back.

6. Olympic Folding Foam Mattress

Best Folding Mattress Olympic Folding Mattress
Folding Mattress Olympic Folding Mattress

Have you ever owned Olympic brand furniture which is one of these legendary brands? 
One of its products is a folding mattress measuring 90cm x 65cm x 30cm which is made from foam with several advantages, including being practical and easy to carry anywhere.

In addition, there is a multi-functional quilting that can add aesthetic value and functions as an anti-mite, can be folded so it doesn’t take up much space, easy to open and clean because it is equipped with a zipper, and has a very soft foam and is comfortable to use. With these advantages, the best folding foam mattress from Olympic can be the right choice for you. Are you interested in having it?

7. Elite Travel Bed Lipat 

Best Folding Mattress Elite Travel Bed
Elite Travel Bed

Have you ever heard of Travel Bed with Elite brand before? 
Well, this travel bed is the best folding mattress that has a size of 90 x 190 cm and 120 x 190 cm with a thickness of 7-8 cm.

This best folding mattress consists of a knitted mattress material with a black Oscar base to make you feel very comfortable when using it. In addition, it has a practical packaging so it is suitable for carrying to various places, such as outdoor activities with friends and family. So, are you ready to travel with the Elite Travel Bed?

8. Ivaro Folding Mattress

Ivaro's Best Folding Mattress Folding Mattress
Ivaro Folding Mattress

Are you looking for the best folding mattress for sale at an affordable price? 
If this is the case, then you can choose the best recommended folding mattress product from Ivaro which is comfortable to use as a bed or a base to just relax with people around for a long or short time with a size of 80cm x 190cm x 5cm.

Well, this best folding mattress is made of good quality full rebounded foam material so that it can increase your comfort when using it because it feels soft, doesn’t easily deflate, and feels cool. Although this product is sold at an affordable price, this folding mattress with a variety of motifs is still neatly sewn.

9. Modern Foam Folding Mattress

Best Folding Mattress Modern Foam Folding Mattress
Modern Folding Mattress Foam Folding Mattress

If you are looking for other anti-deflating foam mattress references, then you can consider choosing the best folding foam mattress from Modern Foam which is made using German technology with quality Japanese raw materials. 
Well, this best folding foam mattress has various sizes so you can adjust it to your needs.

Then, this folding mattress has an archipelago batik pattern with additional quilting foam stitches. In addition to rebounded foam which is anti-deflating, other advantages possessed by this product are that it has the cheapest warranty for products in its class, is equipped with washable fabrics because it comes with a zipper, and is comfortable to sleep in because it uses premium quilting stitches.

10. Folding Elephant Travel Bed

Best Folding Mattress Elephant Travel Bed Rebounded
Elephant Travel Bed Rebounded Folding Mattress

The last recommendation for the best folding mattress is the Elephant Travel Bed with high rebounded density which is durable and anti-flat for years. 
Well, this best folding mattress has specifications, namely knitting fabric that is smooth but not slippery, measuring 80 x 190 x 6 cm, accompanied by a zipper so that the cover or contents can be replaced, and equipped with a head pad.

In addition, you can choose the color you want because there are 3 color variants, namely red, blue floral, and chocolate floral. So, are you ready to travel with the Elephant Travel Bed Rebounded?


That’s a review of the ten best folding mattress recommendations that you can use as a reference. Of course, you have to choose carefully and in detail before deciding to buy a folding mattress of your choice. Hopefully it can help those of you who are still confused about choosing a folding mattress. Hopefully useful, yes!

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