10 Recommendations for the Best Plain Soft Fleece Floor Carpets (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Adding a comfortable and elegant impression, carpet is an element of home decor that really supports the appearance of the indoor interior of a room. One thing to consider when decorating a room with carpet, make sure you put it in the right place. In other words, don’t just put it down which will end up making the room look messy. This carpet itself has various sizes, motifs and types. And one of the carpets that are widely used is the downy floor carpet.

Nice Plain Fluffy Floor Carpet
Plain Soft Feather Floor Carpet Illustration Image / Walmart

Talking about downy floor rugs, as the name suggests, this rug is made of soft, smooth and comfortable fur to sit on or even serve as a rug to rest for a while. Well, for those of you who are curious about this downy floor carpet, don’t miss this one article. In this article, we will discuss how to choose a soft fur floor rug, 10 recommended products for the carpet and also the types of fur rugs. Curious? Here’s the full review.

How to Choose a Good Plain Fluffy Floor Carpet

It has been widely marketed in physical stores or online, anyone can be confused in choosing this fur floor carpet product. So, so as not to be confused, take a look at the tips on how to choose the best Plain Fleece Floor Carpet below.

1. Adjust the size according to the place

If you want to decorate a room with carpet, be sure to measure the room where the carpet will be placed. Please note, a carpet with a size that is too small in a room contains a less warm impression. Meanwhile, if the size of the carpet is too large, it gives the impression of the room being narrower and fuller. For this reason, special adjustments are needed so that the carpet placed in the room gives a luxurious and harmonious impression.

Because the size of the house and the rooms in it are different for everyone, there is no standard size of carpet that you want to buy. You just need to adjust it ideally according to the size of the room where you want to use the downy floor carpet.

2. Know how to clean it

Placed on the floor, the carpet certainly has a time when this thing must be cleaned. Although it still looks clean, you still have to clean it when the carpet has not been cleaned for a long time. Especially wool carpets that often absorb dust from the surroundings. If it is possible to wash it in the washing machine, you can do it.

However, if the carpet cannot be washed in a washing machine, do not try it once in a while because the carpet product will be damaged quickly. Not only that, you also have to check whether the downy floor carpet product can be dried in the dryer or not. This will prevent you from making mistakes in the maintenance of the carpet.

3. Pay attention to the thickness of the carpet

Known for its warmth, thickness also needs to be considered when purchasing a down rug. Ideally, this fur carpet product has a thickness of 2 cm – 2.5 cm on the market. If you want to have a very soft fleece rug, you can choose one that has a thickness of more than 3 cm or more. However, if the carpet is only used as a tool to beautify the room, you should not need a fur carpet that is too thick.

Those are some tips that you can use in choosing fluff floor carpet products. With these few tips, it is hoped that you can choose the right product for the room where you want to place the carpet. Not only as a display, if the carpet can be used to lie down or sit and not just as a display.

10 Recommendations for the Best Plain Soft Fleece Floor Carpets

Already know how to choose the product, now you are presented with 10 recommended products for the best plain fleece floor carpet. Curious what brand? Don’t skip it, here are the recommendations from Ainun.

1. Royal Foam Round Carpet Diameter 100 Cm

Best Plain Soft Fur Floor Rug Royal Foam Round Carpet Diameter 100 cm
Floor Carpet Smooth Plain Round Rug Royal Foam Diameter 100 Cm

Having a very unique and cute shape, the 100 cm diameter Royal Foam Round Carpet is suitable to be placed in a small room. 
This fluffy fur floor rug is presented in 23 color variants that are very cute and also charming. The colors included are white, brown, green, purple, blue, and so on. Even though it only has a diameter of 100 cm according to its name, this fur floor rug is equipped with a zipper.

So you no longer need to wash the entire carpet. You can wash only the cover. Although not too big, this rug is perfect for your little one’s room. For the material, this rug is made of Rasfur fur and royal foam with a thickness of 3 cm.

2. DigitArt Thick Fur Rasfur Carpet

The Best Plain Soft Fleece Floor Carpet DigitArt Thick Fur Rasfur Carpet
Plain Smooth Floor Carpet DigitArt Thick Fur Rasfur Carpet

It has a fairly capable thickness of 5.5 cm. 
This soft fur floor rug comes from DigitArt Thick Fur Rasfur Carpet. For the material, this rug is made of Rasfur fur and royal foam. The thickness of this carpet foam makes the product can be used as a mattress. Not only that, you can also use this carpet for sports such as floor exercises and also to muffle sound.

The carpet size is 200 cm x 150 cm with black, brown, purple, light blue, gray color variants, and so on. For its own weight, this product has a weight of approximately 3 kg.

3. White Feather Carpet

Best Plain Fluffy Floor Carpets White Fur Carpets
Plain Smooth Floor Carpet White Feather Carpet

Next there is a soft fur floor carpet, namely a white fur carpet. 
This carpet is used not only as a floor mat but is very supportive as a room sweetener as well. And not only placed on the floor, this carpet product can also be used on the sofa as decoration.

You can also use it as a table mat and it can even be hung on a shelf to add a touch of beauty to the room. Can you imagine how this carpet was hung? Which can then beautify the room. For the price itself, this product is priced at a very affordable price. No wonder this carpet is very liked by many people. Having a light color, you need to pay special attention to this rug

4. FONIX Anti-Skid Foam Carpet

Best Plain Soft Fleece Floor Carpet FONIX Anti-Slip Foam Carpet
FONIX Plain Feather Floor Carpet Anti-Slip Foam Carpet

Made from fleece and foam, this FONIX Anti Slip Foam Carpet is presented in many colors with a thickness of 1 cm -1.8 cm. 
This rug has dimensions of 140 cm x 190 cm and 150 cm x 190 cm. This carpet product is very suitable to be placed next to the bed. So that when we wake up and get out of bed, our feet don’t feel cold but always warm. FONIX Anti-Slip Foam Carpet 9 is a fur coat originating from Malaysia.

Tap is only used in the house, this rug is also very suitable as a gift. This fur and foam combination carpet is perfect for those who want to move to a new house.

5. M8 Fur Carpet Information

Best Plain Soft Fleece Floor Carpet Informa Fur Carpet M8
Plain Fluffy Floor Carpet Informa Fur Carpet M8

Having a material that is not hot, you can sleep all day with the M8 Fur Carpet Informa. 
This information itself is already known as a brand that has very good quality. Same with the fur rugs that are presented from the brand. Besides not being hot, this product also has the advantage that the material is super smooth and super soft. This rug is very suitable to be placed in front of the TV.

So while watching, you can lie on the carpet. The carpet size is 120 cm x 170 cm. In addition, there can also be put the carpet in the bedroom or family room.

6. IKEA 901.664.68 LUDDE

Best Plain Soft Fleece Floor Rug IKEA 901.664.68 LUDDE
IKEA 901.664.68 LUDDE . Floor Rug Plain Fluffy Floor Rug

Still on the same topic, this time down fluff floor rug comes from IKEA 901,664.68 LUDDE. 
This rug is made of wool or sheepskin with a size of 6.85 cm x 55 cm. For its thickness, this rug has a thickness of 6 cm with a plain motif of thick fur that has an asymmetrical length. This is what makes this carpet provide additional aesthetic value. If someone makes it in the room at home, the house will look more homie.

Made from genuine sheep’s fur, this rug has a very capable and durable warmth.

7. Jumbo Rasfur Fleece Carpet

Best Plain Soft Fleece Floor Carpet Jumbo Rasfur Fleece Carpet
Plain Smooth Floor Rug Rasfur Jumbo Fleece Carpet

If you want to create a moment where your family can gather comfortably, you must have a soft fur floor rug from Jumbo Fur Rasfur Carpet. 
For its thickness, this product has a level of 6 cm. Not only soft, this rug also has long hair that can add to its warmth. In addition, the carpet has also been equipped with anti-slip material so that the carpet does not easily move everywhere. For its size, this rug has a size of 250 cm x 200 cm with a plain, thick motif in gray made of rasfur. Not only that, this product has a zipper so you can easily clean the carpet. Just by removing the foam from the carpet. Then wash the carpet.

8. Round and Soft Fleece Carpet

Best Plain Fluffy Floor Rug Round and Soft Fur Carpet
Plain Smooth Floor Carpet Round and Soft Fur

Suitable for making in the room to beautify the interior of the room, this Round and Soft Fur Carpet has a box shape and some are rectangular and some are round. 
When making this rug in the room, you can lie down for a moment when you start to get bored lying on the bed. You can also sit on the carpet while reading a book and also doing assignments.

This rug comes in many color variants such as Plain brown, maroon, or green. As for the material, this rug is made of Long plush polyester with a diameter of 80 cm. And please note, this Round and Soft Fur carpet product is priced at a very pocket-friendly price.

9. White Rasfur Fleece Carpet

Best Plain Fluffy Floor Carpet White Rasfur Fur Carpet
White Rasfur Fur Plain Floor Carpet

For mothers who have toddlers who are currently in their early stages of playing, this White Rasfur Fur Carpet is suitable for you to install in your little one’s room so that your little one can play freely. 
Made from rasfur, this rug has a size of 150 cm x 100 cm with a thickness of 2.5 cm. As for the color itself, it’s the same as the name, that this fur rug has a plain white motif. With this carpet the room can look cleaner. The design itself is very matched with the modern nuanced house.

10. Shaggy Fluffy Rug

Best Plain Soft Fleece Floor Rug Shaggy Fluffy Rug
Plain Feather Floor Rug Shaggy Fluffy Rug

Last but not least is the Shaggy Fluffy Rug. 
With this rug, your room will be warmer and more comfortable. Not only that, this carpet can also make your room more aesthetic and instagramable. As for the material, this rug is made of soft and washable material and can be folded in a compact manner. So, when the carpet is not used, the carpet can be stored in the closet easily.

Having a fairly high durability, this Shaggy Fluffy Rug has an extraordinary level of durability. Not only that, this carpet is also often used as a photo base when creating content. When buying a Shagg Fluff Rug, make sure the color you choose matches your room.

Those are 10 recommended product reviews that you can use as a reference when buying a soft fur floor rug. And don’t forget to always follow the tips above so you can get a carpet product that suits your needs. Especially for those of you who will buy online, you should pay attention to reviews from previous customers. That way you can avoid the wrong product.

3 Types of Fur Carpets You Must Know

Please note, fur rugs have different materials or materials for making them. That’s why the warmth and thickness of the carpet is different. Here are 3 types of fur carpet making materials.

1. Carpet Wool

The first is a fur rug made of wool. This rug offers excellent comfort with extra warmth. Usually this rug has a decent thickness, that’s why this rug also has a high level of warmth. This wool rug is known as a rug belonging to premium products made from sheep’s fur. No wonder carpets with this material are priced quite high.

2. Rasfur Carpet

Next is rasfur material. This type of material is widely used to make dolls such as teddy bears. This product will be very comfortable when in direct contact with the material. This is because this product has a soft characteristic. And of course very easy to find in the market. You need to know that carpets made of this material are usually priced that are not too expensive or fall into a reasonable and different category for each item. What distinguishes the price is the length of the fur and the quality of the rasfur. Usually, the longer the rasfur cloth, the higher the price tag.

3. Polypropylene

Unlike the previous types of materials, Polypropylene has the advantage that it is odorless and easier to clean because dirt will be easier to see. The bristles of this polypropylene are also not as long as wool and rasfur. Polypropylene tends to have short, stiff hairs. Please note, usually premium fur rugs use this material tool because it looks very elegant. Because of its short fur, this Polypropylene rug has more motifs.


That’s a complete review and review of downy floor carpets from Ceklis.id. Having discussed how to choose the best product, you also get 10 recommended carpet products. How? Have you found the right product for you to display in your room? If so, don’t forget to order directly at your favorite store.

Not to forget, for those of you who still want to see other recommended products, you can visit other articles. And of course only at Ceklis.id. Happy exploration.

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