Review 10 Best Aquarium Pump Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – The role of the aerator pump to maintain the cleanliness of the water in the aquarium is very important. If you want to keep ornamental fish in an aquarium, then an aquarium pump is an item that should not be missed. Amara, Yamano, Atman, and Yamano develop aquarium pumps with various specifications.

If you don’t know how to choose one, in this article we present a guide to choosing the best aquarium pump. After understanding it, you can immediately buy the quality product that we want to recommend. Maintain the quality of aquarium water so that the fish that live in it live long!

Tips and How to Choose a Good Aquarium Pump

Best Aquarium Pump / Good Aquarium Pump
Illustration of Fish in Aquarium

Can you figure out which aquarium pump is the most appropriate for your needs? This water rotation tool consists of several types. In addition, the size and performance of each product is different. So that you are not mistaken, it is better for you to first read the following guide to choosing it.

1. Understand the frequency of water circulation based on the size of the aquarium

Ideally, the aquarium should be filtered water 1-2 times per hour. However, for some types of fish, such as large carnivorous fish, the water in the aquarium can get dirty faster so the filtering process must be more frequent. And vice versa, if you keep small ornamental fish, then you should not rotate the water too often.

To understand more about this, you must first know the volume of your aquarium. After knowing it, you can use the formula: “Number of rotations/hour = water flow rate: aquarium volume”. By using this formula, you will get information on the ideal amount of circulation in the aquarium how much.

2. Choose based on the pump placement location

Choosing an aquarium pump is not an easy job. Especially for those who buy it for the first time, of course it will be difficult to determine. The reason is that this tool is divided into three forms or types, namely the type that is installed outside the aquarium, inside the aquarium, or both aka the amphibian type. Which one is the best?

Each pump has its own advantages and disadvantages. For a pump that is placed in an aquarium, this pump only makes a little noise so it doesn’t bother you. However, the inner type pump will be more difficult to clean because it is contaminated with dirt and food residue.

While the type of pump that is placed outside the aquarium, it may not be too difficult to clean. It’s just that, you need to prepare a special place to put it. In addition, this type of pump also produces a sound that is quite disturbing for some people. So, should you use the amphibious type?

For the type of amphibian itself is actually the same because it can be placed outside or inside the aquarium (versatile). In other words, the pros and cons depend on where you place them. Therefore, the selection of pumps based on this type comes back to everyone’s preferences.

3. Choose a product whose performance is in accordance with the specifications of the aquarium

Pumps need to be regularly serviced to keep them functioning properly. However, at certain times, the performance of the pump can decrease even though you are diligent in taking care of it. This is because the load released does not match the specifications of the aquarium. For example, if you add another device to the aquarium, then the water circulation will be hampered and burden the pump.

Because of this, you need to think carefully about the level of motor power in rotating aquarium water. To keep it optimal, choose a pump that can be flexible with other enhancements. But keep in mind that this kind of pump is marketed at a higher price. So, also consider this one thing.

4. Choose according to the characteristics of the animals in the aquarium

There are compact pump sizes for small aquariums and large ones for large aquarium volumes. In addition to paying attention to its size, you also have to adjust the level of tightness of the pump in flowing water. Therefore, you must recognize the characteristics of the fish that live in the aquarium.

If you keep fish that usually live in calm water, then a pump that works too fast can stress these fish or other animals of the same type. To work around this, you can put a stone or wood in front of the hose so that the water will be held a little by the stone or wood.

10 Best Aquarium Pump Recommendations

You have just read the points that need to be considered before buying an aquarium pump. In this section, you can see ten of the best aquarium pumps from a number of brands, some of which Ainun has mentioned in the opening section. So, we wish you good luck!

1. Pompa Aquarium: Amara AA-350

Best Aquarium Pump Amara AA-350
Pump Amara AA-350

If you have ornamental fish with several characteristics so that they are separated in two different aquariums, then this one pump can accommodate your needs at once. 
No need to worry about waste, because this pump is certainly affordable for most people.

There are two water outputs in one Amara AA-350 pump unit. You can circulate the water so that both your aquariums are always clean. This product is capable of circulating 3.5 liters of water per minute or 210 liters per hour for each output. The good news again, this pump only requires 5 watts of electrical power.

2. Resun SP Submersible Water Pump SP3800

Pompa Aquarium Terbaik Resun SP Submersible Water Pump SP3800
Pompa Aquarium Resun SP Submersible Water Pump SP3800

It can be said that this product is a best seller aquarium pump in Indonesia. 
The number of sellers of this tool will make it easier for you to buy it offline or online. This product that operates with 25 watts of electricity can rotate 2000 liters of water per hour.

With its ability to rotate water that much, you don’t have to worry about the pump being burdened when adding other devices to the aquarium as decoration. Even so, this product is also large enough that you can only use it in a large aquarium volume. The warm temperature created by the pump is also more suitable for fish species that can survive in warm water.

3. Aquarium pump: Yamano SP-2600

Best Aquarium Pump Yamano SP-2600
Aquarium pump Yamano SP-2600

The Yamano pump carries a modern design so that it will make your aquarium not only beautiful because it is filled with ornamental fish, but also cool because of the attractive shape of the pump. 
This product can circulate water as much as 2000 liters per hour.

To drive the motor, the Yamano SP-2600 requires 32 watts of electrical power. This product has a small size so it is more appropriate to use for aquariums that are not too large. Because it is placed in water, this pump will not make annoying noises.

4. Pompa Aquarium: Jebo Air Pumps P-70

Best Aquarium Pump Yamano SP-2600
Pompa Aquarium Jebo Air Pumps P-70

If you are a carnivorous fish lover, you may not be surprised if you have a large aquarium. 
The right pump to keep the aquarium water clean, our choice for you is the Jebo P-70. This pump is equipped with a water rotation performance of up to 70 liters per minute or 4200 liters per hour.

Because of its enormous capacity, not only will your aquarium keep the water clean, but you can also increase the number of fish or other equipment in it without fear of reducing the performance of the pump. Even though it has great capabilities, this pump only requires 45 watts of electric power, you know!

5. Resun Surpass Air Pump AIR8000

Best Aquarium Pump Resun Surpass Air Pump AIR8000
Poma Aquarium Resun Surpass Air Pump AIR8000

Resun Surpass Air Pump AIR8000 is an aquarium pump that has 4 output branches. 
Such specifications will certainly help those of you who keep fish in more than one aquarium. Each output hole can circulate water up to 180 liters per hour.

Knowing the level of water frequency that can be flowed, then this product will be maximized in an aquarium whose volume is not too large. Even so, this product still provides optimal results without having to swell your electricity budget. The reason is, Resun ensures that this product only works on 8 watts of power.

6. Eheim Universal Pumps 1200

Best Aquarium Pumps Eheim Universal Pumps 1200
Pompa Aquarium Eheim Universal Pumps 1200

Eheim Universal Pumps 1200 can be an option for those of you who prioritize quality. 
This product, which is imported directly from Germany, is an amphibious type, you can put it according to your wishes and needs. Its performance in circulating water is as much as 1200 liters per hour.

On the motor there is a special coating that makes it more powerful as well as durable. The design that guarantees this quality is also complemented by the presence of a prefilter so that the impeller inside will not be contaminated by filtered impurities.

7. Hidom Aquarium Pump HP-6000

Best Aquarium Pump Hidom Aquarium Pump HP-6000
Pompa Aquarium Hidom Aquarium Pump HP-6000

If you have reservations about buying the previous product due to price reasons, then Hidom offers an amphibious type pump with a more affordable selling price. 
You can place the HP-6000 pump from Hidom in an aquarium.

If you want to be placed in an aquarium, this pump is ideal in salt water or fresh water. With a water filter power of 2500 liters per hour, this pump ensures the life of fish that live in the aquarium. To fulfill this performance, this pump requires 60 watts of electrical power.

8. Pompa Aquarium: Leecom AU-312

Best Aquarium Pump LEECOM AU-312
Aquarium pump LEECOM AU-312

Compact size with minimal thickness makes the Leecom AU-312 superior in terms of design. 
Thanks to that, you can put this pump without taking up much space. External pump type, you might be worried about the sound it creates, right? Don’t worry, this pump has been designed to produce as little noise as possible, really!

In fact, this pump is considered the least noisy aquarium pump. Although quiet, this product can circulate up to 120 liters of water per hour. Due to its relatively small capacity, this pump will be ideally placed in an aquarium containing fish that usually live in calm water flows. For electric power, Leecom AU-312 only needs 1.5 watts!

9. Pompa Aquarium: Amara AA-107

Best Aquarium Pump Amara AA-107
Pompa Aquarium Amara AA-107

This Amara aquarium pump is equipped with a handle to make it easier for you when you want to remove it from the aquarium for cleaning. 
Talking about his abilities, you must be amazed by him. The reason is, this pump is capable of circulating water up to 5000 liters per hour!

For those of you who want to place it in a medium-sized pool, this pump is also reliable! Even though it has great capabilities, you don’t need to reach deep into your pocket to be able to have it. What makes it even more special is the need for efficient electricity, which is only 105 watts.

10. Pump Aquarium: Atman AT-101

Best Aquarium Pump Atman AT-101
Pump Aquarium Atman AT-101

Atman offers a pump that can be attached to any part of the aquarium you want at a very affordable price. 
This product works on a power of 5 watts only. With it, you don’t have to think about additional electricity costs after buying it.

With its ability to circulate 400 liters of water per hour, this pump will be suitable for use in small to medium sized aquariums. More interestingly, this product can operate optimally in both fresh and salt water.

Keeping ornamental fish can indeed be a fun hobby as well as profitable. Whatever your goal, it is important to provide an aquarium pump so that the fish can live in their natural habitat.


As you have seen together, aquarium pumps are designed in many types. Therefore, determine exactly what type is most suitable for you. In addition, you also need to adjust the equipment purchased to the characteristics of the animals in the aquarium so that they are not stressed. Finally, choose a pump that is really good for you or the animals that live in it.

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