Review of 10 Best Japanese Cotton Bed Sheet Brand Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Who is tired of doing all day activities, feels like lying down right away? But if the room temperature is hot, the bed is also hot. So that the feeling of fatigue does not go away, there is even a body sweating. The solution, use comfortable and quality bed linen. What kind of bed linen, for example?

Japanese cotton sheets, made from cotton grown in Japan. This geographical location in Sakura Country makes the cotton produced has a premium quality compared to local cotton. The resulting bed linen is also superior which can be felt from cooler, cooler and softer materials. So that users get a good night’s sleep and quality.

The Best Brand of Cotton Bed Sheet
Bed Sheet Illustration / walmart

Currently, Japanese cotton sheets have been sold in the market and you can easily buy them offline or online. Of course you don’t want to buy fake stuff, do you? Therefore, you must also be observant in choosing the right product when buying. There are several main things to consider before buying this product. The following will explain some tips that will help you in choosing the best Japanese cotton bed sheet brand.

Tips for Choosing a Good Japanese Cotton Bed Sheet

For those of you who want to buy Japanese cotton sheets with high quality, either buying directly or buying from an online shop, you should pay attention to the following tips.

1. Pay attention to the material

So far, many think that the Japanese cotton bed linen brand always has guaranteed quality. However, that is not always true. Indeed, the material is cold, but that alone is not enough, the thickness also needs to be considered, yes. The original Japanese cotton sheets will be made of cotton which is thicker and heavier than local cotton.

In addition to being thick, Japanese cotton sheets also feel softer. This makes it comfortable and not hot when used. For those of you who have sensitive skin, it is highly recommended to use this Japanese cotton sheet. The softness of this Japanese cotton is obtained from the weaving process between 1 thread and 4/7 other threads, horizontally and vertically with a total of 300 thread links. Where do you see it? Well, you will get this information in the product description section when you buy it. Have you been careful all this time?

2. Pay attention to the color

How often do you change the bed linen used in a month? If possible as often as possible yes, at least once in 2 weeks if you are too busy so that the bed is kept clean and free from mites. However, washing bed linen as often as possible will not make the color dull? Don’t worry, Japanese cotton bed linen brands have colors that are durable even though they are often washed.

Therefore, when buying Japanese cotton brands you should also pay attention to the color. There are many variants ranging from more realistic and realistic 3D colors to soft colors. Even though the color is soft and unobtrusive, it doesn’t mean that Japanese cotton sheets look dull. So for those of you who like more muted colors like sky blue, light pink, and others, the Japanese cotton sheets are the mainstay.

3. Check the Fabric

No less important to pay attention to is the fiber of the Japanese cotton brand that you are going to buy. Japanese cotton fiber is softer and smoother so it is more sturdy. Who always sweats while sleeping? Sweat will make the sheets wet so sleeping is uncomfortable. Well this Japanese cotton fiber will absorb your sweat because there is air flow in the fabric.

Afraid of tearing the sheets when playing on the bed? Don’t worry, with this strong fiber the bed linen will stay safe. Japanese cotton fabric stretches from the middle to the ends of the sheet. What do you think? Is the bed sheet that you have used so far been sturdy and strong?

Already know the information about tips on choosing good Japanese cotton sheets, it’s time for Ainun to review the list of the best Japanese cotton bed linen brands based on reviews from users.

1. Biosibedding – Japanese Cotton Bed Sheet with Hello kitty Size Queen

Best Japanese Cotton Bed Sheet Biosibedding - Japanese Cotton Bed Sheet Hello kitty Size Queen
Brand Biosibedding – Japanese Cotton Bed Sheet with Hello kitty Size Queen

Love children, love children. 
Yes, these words are commonly used by sellers to attract the attention of parents to buy anything for their children. Similarly, the concept used by this Japanese cotton bed sheet brand Biosibedding. This brand releases their products with Hello Kitty motifs. Even adults like Hello Kitty, let alone children, right? In addition to the soft fabric, the colors applied are also very soft which makes the user more comfortable on the mattress. For lovers of 
soft pink , you can try this Japanese cotton bed sheet.

You can get this Japanese cotton bed sheet brand from sellers on the market even in online shops such as Shoppe, Tokopedia, Lazada, Blibli and others. Dizzy looking for a suitable bed sheet and bed cover? Don’t worry, in one purchase you will get Queen size sheets, pillowcases, bolsters, sheets and bed covers. Enough, complete huh? In addition, there are also sizes for single and double beds that make it easier for you to choose. Want to sleep with good quality? You can try this product.

2. Romantic – 3D Lion Japanese Cotton Bed Sheet

Best Romantic Japanese Cotton Bed Sheet - 3D Lion Japanese Cotton Bed Sheet
Romantic Brand – 3D Lion Japanese Cotton Bed Sheet

Is there a lion in the room? 
Don’t be afraid, it’s just a picture on this Japanese cotton bed sheet from the Romantic brand. Big enough huh? Like it looks real. Yes, this Japanese cotton sheet brand intentionally gives a touch of 3D Lion images. So for those of you who are happy with 3D images, you can try using this Japanese cotton sheet.

Only bought 1 set, the room is already very beautiful like being in the Lion forest. There are bed linen, pillowcases and bolsters, to the bed cover. When asked about quality, you don’t need to doubt it anymore. The four corners of the sheet have a fitted model with thick YKK 1 rubber so that if applied to the mattress it will not come off easily. Long-lasting color, smooth and lint-free material is quite comfortable to use.

3. Ellenov – Japanese N Cartoon Cotton Bed Sheet

Best Japanese Cotton Bed Sheet Ellenov - Japanese Cotton Bed Sheet N Cartoon
Brand Ellenov – Japanese Cotton Bed Sheet N Cartoon

There is another Japanese cotton bed sheet brand that always has positive reviews from its buyers, namely Ellenov. 
Surely those who often buy Japanese cotton sheets are familiar with this name. This Ellenov brand issued their bed linen using imported 100% original Japanese cotton without any polyester mixture. This makes the resulting bed linen very soft, smooth and cooler. In addition, the colors provided are also sharper and durable even though they are washed repeatedly.

For those of you who are cartoon lovers, you need to buy a Japanese cotton bed sheet brand from Ellenov with the N Cartoon edition. In addition to good quality, your bedroom will also look more elegant. Using ykk rubber on each end of the sheet will ensure you don’t have to worry because your mattress will always look neat. There is a choice of sizes offered for you from extra single to extra king / super king. A lot isn’t it? In one set you will get bed linen, pillowcases and bolsters. Interested to try?

4. King – Motif Starry Night Biru

King's Best Japanese Cotton Bed Sheet - Blue Starry Night Pattern
Merk King – Motif Starry Night Biru

Cheap and cheerful, this slogan is usually used by buyers who want to get quality products at affordable prices. 
This Japanese cotton bed sheet brand needs to be tried, namely King. You will get a set of bed linen, pillowcases and bolsters along with the straps. You also don’t have to worry about the size because it is available in sizes ranging from single to extra king.

Night sleep will be more felt with the offer of the Blue Starry Night motif on this bed sheet. How not, the dark color makes the body want to rest immediately. The cool fabric will also make you more comfortable with the mattress. Wait no more, beautiful rooms are the key to getting quality sleep.

5. Jaxine – Motif Makoto Size Single

Jaxine's Best Japanese Cotton Bed Sheet - Motif Makoto Size Single
Merk Jaxine – Motif Makoto Size Single

Who likes to see leaves with a mixture of soft colors? 
This Japanese cotton bed sheet brand from Jaxine issued their Mokoto motif edition which is intended for those of you who have a single size mattress. For those who sleep alone in the room, this is perfect for you because this motif will make your room look more modern and minimalist. There is no need to doubt the quality of the product. The Jaxine brand uses 100% original Japanese imported cotton. So when you use it feels more comfortable smooth and cold.

This bed sheet will not be hairy even the color will not fade even when washed. The bad cover given is also made of Halusin silicon with 10 oz hilon which is the best and most expensive silicon. In addition to high-quality materials, in one set you get a Bed Cover with a size of 150×250 cm, 1 bed sheet with ykk rubber on each corner, 1 pillowcase and 1 bolster cover with a rope made of cotton as well.

6. Tencel – Daphne Blue

Tencel Best Japanese Cotton Bed Sheet - Daphne Blue
Merk Tencel – Daphne Blue

You will get the luxury of the design pattern and sharp colors from this brand of Japanese cotton sheets, Tencel. 
Materials made using refibra technology will increase air circulation in the fabric so that the skin always feels cool when resting. In addition, you will also feel the soft touch of this Japanese cotton bed sheet which will provide the best experience in your sleep.

Well, there is quality, so there is also a price. However, with the convenience that will be obtained, the price is not a consideration. You already have 1 bed sheet, 2 pillowcases and 2 bolsters. No need to worry about the color. Because the color will last longer and stay sharp because it uses the Reactive Printing method. So how about you, want to sleep with comfortable sheets? You can use this Japanese cotton brand product.

7. Kendra – Motif Sunny Garden

Kendra's Best Japanese Cotton Bed Sheet - Sunny Garden Motif
Merk Kendra – Motif Sunny Garden

Want the feel of a room like in a garden? 
You should try using this Japanese cotton bed sheet brand from Kendra with their Sunny Garden motif. The flowers are scattered and the blue color seems to indicate a sunny day that will bring you more enthusiasm to go through the day’s work. The dispresse printing technique used makes the colors sharper and brighter. In addition, this technique will benefit you because you don’t have to worry about the color fading when washed.

This bed sheet made of 100% polymer fiber will make the fabric from this Japanese cotton sheet brand softer and smoother. When you purchase a set, you get fitted sheets measuring 160 x 200, 20 cm high, 2 bolsters and 2 pillowcases. It is also easy for you to make purchases online.

8. Leven Cotton – Nordic Blue x Takino Blush

Best Japanese Cotton Bed Sheet Leven Cotton - Nordic Blue x Takino Blush
Merk Leven Cotton – Nordic Blue x Takino Blush

Who here likes to buy or use 2 in 1 products? 
Yes, indeed having a 2 in 1 product is highly coveted by many people. Besides looking unique, you will definitely not feel bored using it. Likewise, this Japanese cotton bed sheet brand from Leven Cotton provides what you want. With the Nordic Blue x Takino Blush bed sheet edition, you already have two bed linen motifs by only buying 1 piece. Interesting enough huh?

Made of 100% Japanese cotton with a fabric density of 200 TC is the advantage of this product. The coloring uses the dye method and is printed with environmentally friendly materials so it is safe to use. In addition, you need to know, the bad cover made of Japanese cotton on the outside is produced by a factory certified to the world’s strictest safety standards. Guaranteed, right? Not only that, the inside of the bad cover is made of Microfiber so it is comfortable when worn because it will follow the curves of the body while sleeping and the temperature will be cooler and stable.

9. Vhepra – Rainbow Rain Motif

Vhepra's Best Japanese Cotton Bed Sheet - Rainbow Rain Pattern
Vhepra Brand – Rainbow Rain Motif

There is a rainbow after the rain. 
This principle is used by the Japanese cotton bed sheet brand from Vhepra in issuing their sheets with the Rainbow Rain motif. The lyrical motif on the inside of the bad cover and the rain motif on the outside of the bad cover with the given colors make your room more colorful. How come? This sharp and bright color will also color the entire contents of your room so that when you wake up you will have a full spirit too.

Made from a composition of 90% cotton and 10% polyester, making you get a comfortable sleep. With a weight of 3,000 grams you will have this product containing 1 set of bad covers, pillowcases, bolsters and bed linen. Very affordable isn’t it? Want to always feel the beauty of the rainbow, let’s use this brand of Japanese cotton sheets.

10. Lady Rose – Magenta Flower Flora White Pink

Best Japanese Cotton Bed Sheet Lady Rose - Magenta Flower Flora White Pink
Lady Rose Brand – Magenta Floral White Pink

Who else does not know the Lady Rose brand. 
This brand of bed linen is very well known among the people of Indonesia. In addition to the affordable price, the quality is also unquestionable. The 3D motif applied to the Magenta Bunga Flora White Pink edition makes your room feel like it is filled with beautiful flowers. So that not only the sheets are cool but the room will also feel cool.

Although not using Japanese cotton, this bed sheet can be a comfortable alternative.

Using a microtex material that is processed with a dispersion technique, the sheets will feel very soft. In addition, the color is also not easy to fade and fade when washed. After washing, usually your sheets will be hairy, but with this Lady Rose brand of cotton sheets, your sheets will not be hairy or gritty. So how is it? Interested to have it?

How to Care for Japanese Cotton Bed Sheet

Not only Japanese cotton sheets, all types of bed linen must also be cared for properly. However, with premium materials used in Japanese cotton sheets, it is necessary to pay special attention to the following.

1. Washing Process

Brushing the cloth very vigorously for a quick clean? You need to avoid this method when washing Japanese cotton sheets because it will damage the thread density. In addition, wash with warm water to keep the cotton fibers strong. When drying, make sure to avoid direct sunlight so as not to cause wrinkles on the fabric.

2. Storage Process

Make sure your Japanese cotton sheets are located in a dry, cool place or at room temperature. Places with humid temperatures will make your sheets moldy. You don’t want this to happen do you? Therefore it is highly recommended if you store using a box.

Already very complete is not the information given above? You get a lot of information about tips on choosing, several brands of Japanese cotton sheets that are highly recommended and even how to care for them. I hope this information will answer all your questions. If you want recommendations for other interesting things, you can visit some of the available website pages.

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