10 Best Knife Sharpener Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – One of the must-have kitchen tools is a good knife sharpener so that cutting food ingredients, such as onions, fish, meat, and others becomes easier and faster after the knife is sharp again. In this way, you can save more time and energy.

The Best Knife Sharpener
Knife Sharpening Illustration / Brand Swifty Sharp / shopee.co.id

So, now there are brands that provide this equipment at various points of sale, such as Victorinox, IKEA, and Swifty Sharp, and many more. Then, how do you choose the best knife sharpener to do?

How to Choose a Good Knife Sharpener

Sometimes there are still some people who feel confused about choosing a knife sharpener. Of course, there are a number of things that need to be considered when choosing a good knife sharpener so that you can find a product of good quality and according to your needs.

1. Find out the material used to make knife sharpeners

One of the things that is quite important to note is the material for making the best knife sharpener. Usually brands that provide household appliances will choose stainless steel, steel, and other materials that have a good ability to re-sharpen.

However, because sometimes the knife sharpener consists of several parts, it is not surprising that one tool is made using different materials. For example, the sharpener is made using carbide, aluminum oxide, ceramic, tungsten steel, then stainless steel, where the handle is made of ABS plastic or polypropylene.

2. Select the desired type of knife sharpening

You can find some of the best types of knife sharpeners on the market, of course, at various prices. Some people are still comfortable using this type of whetstone because they find it easy to use and the results are satisfying.

Then several brands also provide a type of knife sharpener in the form of a stick with a handle and a hole so you can hang it. However, business owners in the field of making knives, axes, hoes, etc. would definitely prefer the electric sharpener because it is more modern and results can be obtained more quickly.

3. Make sure the knife sharpener is safe and easy to use

This point is also one of the important things to consider when choosing the best knife sharpener because you are dealing with sharp objects. There must be a risk, even if it’s small, but as much as possible, this can be minimized so that your hands don’t get hurt by making sure the sharpening of the knife is safe. B

Usually, some products will be equipped with an ergonomic handle or handle so that it is easy to use and makes the hand feel comfortable when holding a knife sharpener.

4. Consider products with more benefits

Basically, the best knife sharpeners are used more specifically for knives, but usually there are also products that can be used to sharpen scissors or other tools. If you just want to buy a knife sharpener, that’s not really a problem.

It will only be better for you to buy products with more benefits when you have the ability and opportunity. That way, you won’t be confused when you need a sharpener to sharpen other tools from time to time.

10 Best Knife Sharpener Recommendations

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In order to have more references, let’s look at the discussion of the ten best knife sharpening recommendations according to the Ainun version from several brands below. Everything can be obtained by shopping online through official and trusted accounts in the marketplace with varying prices, so you only need to wait for the ordered items to arrive at your home.

1. INGCO Bench Grinder BG61502

Best Knife Sharpener INGCO Bench Grinder BG61502
Bench Grinder INGCO BG61502

For those of you who have a business in the field of making knives, axes, hoes, and other tools that have sharp parts, of course, Ingco’s seated grinding machine will be the best knife sharpener. 
Because the type is electric, it takes electric power to operate it. Well, this tool requires 150W of power with a voltage of 220-240V ~ 50Hz which will produce a no-load speed of 2950rpm.

But before that, you need to put the best knife sharpener that has two 6-inch wheels and a 16 mm arbor on the table to make it safer when used. When purchased, a set of eye protection will also be included as some sparks may appear during the sharpening process. After use, the tool can be stored in the storage box provided.

2. Victorinox Domestic Sharpener

The Best Knife Sharpener Victorinox Domestic Sharpener
Knife Sharpener Victorinox Domestic Sharpener

Of course there are various kinds of knives that can be found in the market with their respective characters. 
When it is blunt, you are not advised to sharpen it haphazardly. Therefore, it must be ensured that the sharpener can indeed be used for various types of knives such as the Victorinox Domestic Sharpener. Well, this product from Switzerland can be the right choice for those of you who like to use the best stick-type knife sharpeners with an ergonomic handle and a hole at the end of the handle.

In addition, the shape is also slim so it does not require a large storage area. The black handle color that matches many themes also makes this product can be used as a decoration in the kitchen at the same time. The main materials used to make this 5.9-ounce best knife sharpener are stainless steel and polypropylene (PP) plastic. If it gets dirty, make sure not to wash this Victorinox product in the dishwasher.

3. Swifty Sharp Motorized Knife Sharpener

The Best Knife Sharpener Swifty Sharp Motorized Knife Sharpener
Swifty Sharp Motorized Knife Sharpener Sharpener

The next recommended knife sharpener to choose from is the Swifty Sharp Motorized Knife Sharpener. 
This product includes the type of electric knife sharpener, although it does not come with a cable to plug into the wall socket. Well, the electric power needed to move the motor comes from 4 AA batteries. You only need to press the button provided to make the blade automatically move or turn off this sharpening machine.

Another interesting thing is that this black green knife sharpener is equipped with instructions in the form of a scissor image on the top of the sharpener and a knife image on the bottom. That way, everyone who will use this whetstone can more easily understand how to operate it. Of course, a knife or scissors will be sharp again in seconds.

4. TORA Orange Gray Sharpening Stone

TORA Best Knife Sharpener Orange Gray Sharpening Stone
TORA Knife Sharpener Orange Gray Sharpening Stone

TORA is another recommended brand that provides sharpening stone types with a size of 6 inches with dimensions of 150 x 50 x 25 mm and 8 inches with dimensions of 200 X 50 X 25 mm. 
There is no need to hesitate, TORA products manufactured in China and Taiwan have certainly been tested for quality. In addition to various types of knives, this product can also be used to sharpen other tools that you want to sharpen.

The material used to make this whetstone is aluminum oxide which is then colored orange and gray. The best knife sharpeners are made without supports or handles, but that doesn’t mean they’re dangerous to use. Precisely this product is suitable for household and industrial use.

5. IKEA Skarande

IKEA Skarande Best Knife Sharpener
IKEA Skarande Knife Sharpener

One of the well-known brands that provide various kinds of household appliances and equipment is IKEA. 
Just like other brands, IKEA also provides the best knife sharpener Skarande designed by Håkan Olsson. You can use this knife sharpener to sharpen all steel quality knives by inserting it in one of the slots. There are three different slots provided for fine, medium, or coarse sharpening of the knife.

If the best knife sharpener from IKEA is dirty, it’s best to wash it manually by hand to make it cleaner and last longer. This black product is made of several materials, namely synthetic rubber for the handle, the body is made of ABS plastic, the cover is made of polycarbonate plastic, the bottom is made of polyamide plastic. In addition, you also don’t need a large place to store this product.

6. Edelmann Sharpening Steel

The Best Knife Sharpener Edelmann Sharpening Steel
Edelmann Sharpening Steel Knife Sharpener

It cannot be denied that the majority of people do cooking activities every day, so it is not surprising that over time, knives become dull and need sharpening. 
This product recommendation is indeed similar in shape and color to knife sharpeners from Victorinox. You can choose a 10 or 12 inch knife sharpener that is best. Interestingly, the magnetic steel will attract metal particles or fibers when the sharpening process is carried out.

Just like products from other brands that are equipped with handles or handles, Edelmann Sharpening Steel also has a comfortable and ergonomic handle design. Therefore, this best knife sharpener will not hurt your hands when using it.

7. Freemir Knife Sharpener

The Best Knife Sharpener Freemir Knife Sharpener
Freemir Knife Sharpener Sharpener

If you are looking for the best knife sharpener with a modern and minimalist design, then this sharpener from Freemir can be the right choice. 
Freemir is indeed a brand that provides household appliances and equipment. Therefore, it is natural to sell knife sharpeners made of ceramic, tungsten steel, stainless steel and equipped with anti-slip mats to ensure the safety of sharpening. The handle has also been ergonomically designed to fit your hand and is certainly comfortable to hold.

In addition, this product is also designed for three stages of sharpening, namely coarse, fine, and final. You can use this black knife sharpener to sharpen stainless steel kitchen knives, fruit knives, chef’s knives, and so on. Freemir Knife Sharpener is also designed concisely with a size of 20.7 x 6.5 x 5.6cm so it only weighs 109 grams.

8. MORAKNIV Diamond Sharpener L Fine

Best Knife Sharpener MORAKNIV Diamond Sharpener L Fine
MORAKNIV Diamond Sharpener L Fine

The next recommendation for the best knife sharpener is MORAKNIV Diamond Sharpener L Fine, which is usually one of the camping tools. 
Not only camping, you can take this rectangular sharpener anywhere. However, this steel whetstone would be better used for sharpening woodcarving knives.

This 16 gram knife sharpener has a blade length of 50 mm and a blade thickness of 4.5 mm. Meanwhile, the total length reaches 150 mm and has a width of 4 mm. Your hands are safe when using the best knife sharpener from MORAKNIV because it is equipped with a red handle.

9. Hi-Cook Knife Sharpener KS-01

Best Knife Sharpener Hi-Cook Knife Sharpener KS-01
Hi-Cook Knife Sharpener KS-01

When you really need a knife or scissors for something in a hurry but it turns out that the knife or scissors are dull, it’s not uncommon to feel irritated. 
The impact of activities carried out in an annoyed state is certainly not good. In order to avoid unwanted things, you can buy the Hi-Cook Knife Sharpener KS-01.

This product measuring 168 x 25 x 65 mm has two functions, namely for sharpening knives and scissors. Meanwhile, the material chosen to make the whetstone is carbide. It doesn’t take long, you can get a sharp knife or scissors again by swiping it on the sharpener for just a few seconds. Your hands are guaranteed that this product is safe because it is equipped with a finger protector.

10. CaTalina Knife Whetstone

Best Knife Sharpener CaTalina Whetstone Knife
Knife Sharpener CaTalina Whetstone Knife

Whetstones have long been considered effective in sharpening knives or other sharp objects. 
Well, the recommendation for the best knife sharpener on this one is also a type of sharpening stone. To keep things from looking too old-fashioned, CaTalina makes their products using stone as a sharpener and good quality plastic colored pink and blue. The whetstone with the pink support measures 15 x 4 x 4 cm, while the blue 19 x 6 x 4 cm.

This fairly light product is certainly easy to move so you can take it with you when camping. How to use it is also not too difficult because you only need to swipe the knife in the same direction horizontally. It doesn’t take long, the knife will become sharper and can be used to slice fish and other food ingredients.

How To Take Care Of Knife Sharpeners To Keep It Good & Long Lasting

Even though all of the best knife sharpening recommendations above can make knives or other objects sharp again, they still need to be cared for. So, here are a few things you can do to keep your sharpener running well.

1. Use as directed

Every product made by a brand certainly has its own use, as well as the best knife sharpeners. For example, the sharpener is only recommended for sharpening steel knives, so it is not recommended for you to sharpen ceramic knives using it.

It would be different if the sharpener was allowed to sharpen all types of knives. Of course this point also applies to products from other brands that can be used to sharpen scissors or other tools.

2. Use and clean regularly

Equipment or machines that are rarely or even almost never used can, of course, cause them to break down quickly. Apart from that, it is common knowledge that dust or dirt can affect the performance of a product, including the best knife sharpeners. Therefore, use and clean the sharpener regularly using dry wipes, wet wipes, or something else.

3. Keep it in the right place

Basically, underage children are always curious and like to play, so it’s not uncommon for them to use things that shouldn’t be used. So, you need to save the best knife sharpeners so that children don’t use them carelessly and avoid dust and dirt.


A knife sharpener is one of the must-have kitchen tools so that the activity of cutting food becomes easier and faster after the knife is sharp again.

However, there are several things that need to be considered when choosing it, including knowing the ingredients, type of whetstone, safety and ease of use, and considering products with more benefits.

Currently there are many brands that provide sharpeners as reviewed in this article for ten of the best knife sharpening recommendations. Make sure to maintain the sharpener you choose so that it lasts longer.

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