10 Best Potato Cutter Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – You must be familiar with the various forms of processed potatoes, ranging from simple shapes such as dice, long sticks, to simpler but interesting shapes such as spiral shapes, where these shapes can be produced with the help of a potato cutter. But do you know what are the best potato cutters? You can find out 10 recommendations for the best potato cutting tools and how to choose them through the discussion below.

Potato Cutting Tools & Machines
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There are lots of popular, very delicious potato preparations in different forms, such as french fries, chitato potato chips, mustofa, and other processed potatoes. Processed potatoes are not difficult to find anywhere and you can easily buy them, but it would be better if you could make them yourself. Because it will be very fun and the processed results will be healthier and hygienic, especially if you are assisted with a potato cutter that is good in terms of quality and usability.

How to Choose a Good Potato Cutting Machine / Tool

Choosing a good potato cutter is highly recommended so that the process of cutting potatoes becomes easier than using a regular knife which takes longer and results in imperfect cuts. Also, knives can hurt your fingers if you’re not careful with them. Therefore, there is nothing wrong if you use a potato cutter which is safer and more practical. Here’s how to choose a good potato cutter, including:

1. Choose a Potato Cutter With Superior Quality Ingredients

The best potato cutting tools are tools that come from safe materials with strong and durable materials. Because most of the potato cutting tools are made of iron or stainless steel, you must choose a product that is anti-rust or corrosion. Potato cutters with superior quality materials will definitely last longer and won’t break quickly so they won’t let you down, because they can be used for a longer period of time.

2. Choose a Potato Cutter that is Easy to Use and Clean

Choose a potato cutter that is easy and practical to use so as not to make it difficult for you and avoid mistakes when using it, because the function of the potato cutter is to facilitate the work of processing potatoes. In addition, you also have to choose a potato cutter that is easy to clean when it is used so that the potato cutter can remain clean or hygienic and not easily damaged and more durable.

3. Choose a Multifunctional Potato Cutter

Most potato cutters are not just used for cutting potatoes. But it can also be used to cut or slice several types of vegetables to other types of fruit that you normally eat. That way, the potato cutter becomes more useful for daily needs such as cooking or cutting fruit. So you don’t need too many other cutting tools to complete your kitchen equipment.

The activity of cooking or processing potatoes into delicious preparations can be more practical and safer if you use the right potato cutting tool. In addition, if you intend to open a business such as various trendy potato snacks that you usually buy, then you can use a potato cutter to make the job of processing potatoes more effective and efficient.

In the following, Ainun discusses 10 products that are recommended as the best potato cutting tools from various brands and are based on the results of reviews or reviews of their users

10 Best Potato Cutting Tools Recommendations

1. Mizu La Prensa Potato French Fries Cutter

Simple Potato Cutter Tool Mizu La Prensa Potato French Fries Cutter
Unique Potato Cutter Mizu La Prensa Potato French Fries Cutter

This potato cutter has a flexible size with dimensions of 15.5 x 9 x 10.5 cm and weighs about 1400 grams. 
Mizu La Prenza Potato French Fries Cutter is made of anti-rust stainless steel which is super durable and the knife head is very sharp with long-lasting sharpness, and is very easy to clean.

This potato cutter is portable, so it can be taken and used anywhere. This product is included in the multi-purpose cutting tool category because it can be used to cut vegetables, fruit or other types of tubers, besides that this potato cutter also has 2 heads for 2 sizes, namely 11×11 mm and 8×8 mm.

2. Genius Nicer Dicer Plus

Genius Nicer Dicer Plus Simple Potato Cutter Tool
Unique Genius Nicer Dicer Plus Potato Cutter Tool

This product has 11 different cutting blades with incredible cutting speeds for peeling potato skins, cutting potatoes into cubes, and slicing potatoes thinly. 
The Genius Nice Dicer Plus potato cutter has 5 blades, each blade is made of very sharp stainless steel.

So that the potatoes can be cut easily according to the shape and size you want, the cut results look cleaner and fresher. The Genius Nicer Dicer Plus is a multi-purpose slicer weighing 1150 grams that can be used to cut a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

3. Fomac VGC-MPC005 Sticky Potato Cutter

Simple Potato Cutter Fomac VGC-MPC005 Sticky Potato Cutter
Fomac VGC-MPC005 Unique Potato Cutter Sticky Potato Cutter

Fomac VGC-MPC005 Sticky Potato Cutter is a cutting tool that weighs 4 kg with dimensions of 360x180x250 mm. 
This product is very versatile as a vegetable and fruit processing tool, and one of them is often used as a potato cutter.

This product is equipped with 3 cutters measuring 8×8 mm, 10×10 mm and 12×12 mm so you can cut potatoes quickly and easily, where the resulting potato pieces will be in the form of a symmetrical stick. This potato cutting tool has a simple and practical design, at the bottom it is equipped with a screw-mounted hole to prevent it from shifting when used.

4. Regashi Slicer Chopper French Fries

Regashi Slicer Chopper French Fries Simple Potato Cutting Tool
Regashi Slicer Chopper French Fries Unique Potato Cutter

This potato cutter can cut potatoes into pieces quickly in just seconds, so it saves a lot of time and effort. 
Regashi Slicer Chopper French Fries has a steel blade that is very sharp and anti-rust, while the container is made of plastic which is strong, durable and free of toxic materials so it is safe to use for food.

The design of the cutting blade has a cross pattern so that the cuts will be perfectly even and come in various shapes and sizes. With this tool you can also slice onions, carrots and other ingredients.

5. Goto Hardware Posa Multifunction Cutter Peeler

Simple Potato Cutting Tool Goto Hardware Posa Multifunction Cutter Peeler
Unique Potato Cutting Tool Goto Hardware Posa Multifunction Cutter Peeler

This Goto Hardware Posa Multifunction Cutter Peeler is a practical tool with dimensions of 19.5×30 cm and has many functions such as peeler, grater, slicer, separator, and others. 
This potato cutter is made of anti-rust stainless steel which is guaranteed to be safe and hygienic for food and has 2 types of plastic materials, namely PP and ABS.

The blade is very sharp, not only has a section for cutting potatoes but can also be used for slicing and peeling potatoes. This potato cutter is very easy to clean and can be used to cut a variety of other fruits and vegetables.

6. Tiro Tornado Potato Spiral Cutter

Simple Potato Cutter Tool Tiro Tornado Potato Spiral Cutter
Tiro Tornado Potato Spiral Cutter Unique Potato Cutter

This potato cutter has a special design that is equipped with 4 skewers, its function is to cut potatoes into wavy or attractive long spirals, where the potatoes will be cut into thin slices.

As a thin potato cutter, this product is often used to process potatoes into french fries so that the processed potato pieces become crunchier when eaten. This potato cutting tool is made of stainless steel material with a size of 24×14 cm, weighs 901 grams, and has dimensions of 20x20x20 cm. OEM Tiro Tornado Potato Spiral Cutter is a tool that is multifunctional and very easy to use.

7. Hiflow QPJ-220A Electric Potato Slider

QPJ-220A Hiflow Potato Cutter Electric Potato Slider
Hiflow QPJ-220A Electric Potato Slider Unique Potato Slicer

Potato cutters are more often used for processing potatoes on a large scale such as a potato processed food business or they can also be used daily at home if you process large quantities of potatoes.

Hiflow QPJ-220A has an attractive design and flexible size with dimensions of 50 x 26 x 47 cm, diameter of 220 mm, slice thickness of 2-3 mm, and a capacity of 20 kg/hour. This product is a versatile modern tool made of premium stainless steel, and has a voltage of 220 V and an electric power of 280 W when used. The potato cutter can also be used to cut other vegetables or fruits such as cucumber, radish, pumpkin, ginger and shallots.

8. Cypruz Potato Spiral Slicer

Simple Potato Cutter Cypruz Potato Spiral Slicer
Cypruz Potato Spiral Slicer Unique Potato Cutting Tool

This potato cutter has a fairly light weight of 580 grams and measures 20×10 cm with a diameter of 10.5 cm which is designed to produce spiral-shaped potato slices. 
As one of the best potato cutting tools, Cypruz Potato Spiral Slicer is able to slice potatoes thinly until all the pieces are used up without leaving any residue so not much of the potato is wasted.

This potato cutting tool is made of iron and stainless steel which will not rust easily and is durable. In addition, this product is also very easy to use and easy to clean.

9. OEM Potato Cutter Automatic

Automatic Potato Cutter OEM Potato Cutter Automatic
Unique Potato Cutter OEM Potato Cutter Automatic

This potato cutter uses batteries to peel and cut potatoes automatically and quickly. 
This potato cutter is designed with an ultra-safe design because you don’t have to touch or hold the potato while cutting and it is certainly more hygienic.

The OEM Potato Cutter Automatic is powered by 4 AA batteries and can alternatively operate with a 6 V mains adapter, the base is made of anti-slip and durable ABS plastic and there are 2 additional blades in the built-in compartment. You can adjust the potato pieces to different thicknesses and shapes.

10. Maksindo MKS-PSS44 Potato Spiral Slicer

Maksindo MKS-PSS44 Simple Potato Spiral Slicer
Maksindo’s Unique Potato Cutting Tool MKS-PSS44 Potato Spiral Slicer

Maksindo MKS-PSS44 Potato Spiral Slicer is a tornado potato cutting tool that produces potato slices in a perfect spiral shape. 
You can process potatoes to eat alone with your family or even start a spiral or tornado potato snack business easily if you use this product.

The shape of this potato cutter is quite flexible with a weight of 0.45 kg and dimensions of 24x11x15cm, this potato cutter is also light to carry everywhere and you can use it anywhere. In addition, maintenance is not difficult because you can clean this potato cutter with warm water or a clean cloth so that it does not rust easily.

How to Take Care of Potato Cutters So They Are Durable and Don’t Get Broken Quickly

As an important tool, of course you want the potato cutter that you have that is not easily damaged so that it is more durable or long lasting. In addition to the composition of the material with superior quality, how to care for potato cutters is also one of the factors that affect the product’s longevity. Caring for a potato cutter is not difficult to do. Some of the ways you need to apply in caring for potato cutters so that they don’t get damaged quickly, including the following:

1. Immediately Clean When Done

When you have finished using the potato cutter, then clean it right away. That means you shouldn’t just leave the tool alone and not clean it right away. This is done so that the potato cutter remains clean and avoids bacteria or germs nesting.

This is because the bacteria that settles and develops on the potato cutter can make the potato pieces contaminated and unhygienic. That way, the potato cutter can be more durable to use for a long time so it still looks good.

2. Clean all the parts properly

Each potato cutter has different parts depending on the type. Most of the parts on the potato cutter are made of stainless steel or stainless steel which is usually combined with plastic for other parts .

If you don’t take care of it properly, it’s possible that the potato cutting tool can rust in a short time. The main parts of the potato cutter need to be cleaned carefully and periodically, usually like the blade part, so they don’t get blunt easily.

3. Stored in a dry place

After use and cleaning, you can store the potato cutter in a dry place such as on the kitchen shelf above. That way, the potato cutter will not be easily damaged and can last longer.

This is indeed very important to do, because a dry place will protect the potato cutter from the growth of mold or bacteria which usually develop in a humid place, especially if the potato cutter you have is of the electric type which is very sensitive to dust or dirt.


That’s some important information about potato cutting tools, starting from how to choose a good potato cutter, recommendations for the best potato cutter, to how to prevent it from being damaged easily, these things are very important for you to know. In addition, processed potatoes cannot be separated in people’s lives in various countries.

There are even some countries that make potatoes a staple food, considering that the carbohydrate content in potatoes is very high so it will be very filling. Therefore, potato cutters have become one of the must-have products to complete your kitchen equipment.

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