10 Best Modern Minimalist Work Desk Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – The use of modern minimalist desks is increasing day by day because they are considered elegant and more practical than desks that are heavy and have many parts. Usually these desks are chosen by millennials to work from home or Work from Home because in this era of rapid development there is a lot of remote work.

Modern Minimalist Work Desk
Modern Minimalist Work Desk Illustration Image / pinterest

In addition, the existence of the Covid-19 pandemic has also limited many places of gathering including offices to prevent the spread of the virus. Well, there are several brands that sell modern minimalist desks, such as Olympic, Informa, Ikea, and many more.

How to Choose a Good Modern Minimalist Work Desk

The better the quality of a modern minimalist desk, it can also support a person to feel comfortable at work and be able to complete various jobs more quickly. Therefore, the selection must also be done properly so that there are no disappointments in the future. Here are some things to pay attention to when choosing.

1. Make sure the workbench material is durable

This one point can be seen from every material used to make a modern minimalist desk. The most common parts are on the table top and table legs, yes. But usually there are also other parts of the desk that need attention, such as drawers, where the keyboard is separated from the table top, small shelves, and so on.

At least find out in advance from various sources regarding the material, for example asking people who are more knowledgeable, reading on the internet, or looking at other people’s reviews. Some use iron, wood, particle board, paper, tempered glass, metal frames, and so on to become materials for a modern minimalist desk. When finishing, some use PVC, powder coating, and many more.

2. Adjust the size of the workbench with the placement location

So that there are no regrets after buying a modern minimalist work desk, it is important to know the size of the table and the size of the location where the table is placed. It’s the same as buying shoes, it would be better if the size is right. Actually, if the size of the room is wider than the work desk, it is still better than the other way around. You can add other furniture so it doesn’t look empty.

Usually the size of a modern minimalist desk can be found in the product description that has been written. So, this size can also affect the weight of a product and the cost of shipping costs if you buy online and use an expeditionary service because the volume of goods is also a consideration when shipping. Meanwhile, you can measure the location of the table placement using various methods, for example with a cloth meter, long ruler, building meter, or looking at the number of tiles to estimate it.

3. Choose the desired table model so that morale increases

The model referred to in the point of selecting this modern minimalist work table includes the shape, color and pattern of the table. Many people prefer simple products with little or no compartments. Then, the selection of colors that are often in demand are usually included in the monochrome or pastel color groups with plain motifs. What’s more, if the voter is a content creator who wants to make a unique and aesthetic desk as a background, he will definitely choose the model, color, and table motif as attractive as possible.

However, not a few people prefer unpainted table tops so they can see the original wood grain. The table leaves are usually only varnished so that the motif can look shiny and more attractive. The thing that is quite important is that there needs to be a complete guidebook when buying a modern minimalist desk so that no more time is wasted in assembling it.

4. Consider products with better features

When finding a modern minimalist desk with better features, of course there will be many people who are inclined to choose it. Well, there is a table that can be folded so it doesn’t need a lot of space for storage. Usually the table is also a portable table that can be moved to various places. There are also tables that can also be wall decorations when folded, you know.

In addition, there is a modern minimalist work desk that is ergonomically designed so you can feel comfortable when using it. Not too high, but not too low either. To support this, several brands have made work desks that can be adjusted in height according to your needs.

5. Calculate the distance to save on shipping costs

It is undeniable that distance can affect the cost of sending a modern minimalist desk to your home or office. Usually this will also be related to the size and weight of the table. The bigger, heavier and farther the distance, of course, the more expensive the shipping fee will be and vice versa. Therefore, it is better if you buy a workbench from the same city so that it doesn’t cost too much or even free shipping.

Usually, if you buy directly at the nearest store, the table price includes shipping costs. Then, delivery can be made on the same day as the time of purchase, so it’s not surprising that the price of this modern minimalist desk will be more expensive than buying online. It all depends on your preferences, yes.

10 Best Modern Minimalist Desk Recommendations

Here we go

Buying a modern minimalist desk can indeed be done online or offline. If you just want to choose from home and wait for the goods to arrive, then just visit a trusted brand’s website or their official account on the marketplace. Meanwhile, for those of you who want to see the goods in person, you can visit Ace Hardware, Informa, the Ikea Store, or the nearest furniture store. So, check out the ten recommendations for the best modern minimalist work desks selected by Ainun below to add to your reference.

1. Ikea MALM Pull-out Table

The Best Modern Minimalist Desk Ikea Pull-out Desk MALM
Minimalist Ikea Desk Pull-out Desk MALM

Ikea has indeed become one of the successful furniture brands in marketing its products because it chooses high-quality materials to produce high-quality products as well. 
So, you don’t need to be surprised anymore if the prices are set to be higher than some other brands. One of the pieces of furniture provided is a modern minimalist MALM desk in white and measuring 151 x 65 cm. If you need additional work space, you can install a pull-out panel to the left or right to fit in a corner of the room.

When working with electronic devices, it is certain that you cannot avoid cables, be it laptop charger cables, smartphones, or computer cables. Well, these cables can be collected through channels on the shelf under the table top to keep it looking neat. There are several materials chosen to make this modern minimalist desk, including particleboard, fibreboard, acrylic paint, and honeycomb structure recycled paper filler.

2. Pro Design Patron

The Best Modern Minimalist Work Desk Pro Design Patron
Minimalist Work Desk Pro Design Patron
This modern minimalist desk is no less interesting than some of the previous products, you know. Do you want the table to be designed elongated, make an L-shaped table, or just stay under it as a shelf? You can get all of that because Pro Design has designed a piece of furniture so that the bottom can be rotated up to 360 degrees to meet all the needs of its consumers.

In addition, this modern minimalist desk is also equipped with small wheels to make the rotation process easier. If you want charging cables or sockets to look neat, all you have to do is adjust the cables to the available cable holes. Well, this type of table measuring 150 x 120 x 75 cm is made using wood material which is a combination of particle board and MDF with PVC Lamination.

3. Informa Hazel Office Desk

Best Modern Minimalist Work Desk Informa Hazel Office Desk
Informa Hazel Minimalist Work Desk Office Desk

Is there an Informa Store near your house? 
If so, there is a modern minimalist desk that you can choose to support optimal performance. This office desk model measuring 120 x 60 x 89 cm is equipped with several practical functional features. You can place the printer on the minimalist shelf provided to make it easier to set up and print.

If you don’t use a laptop, the keyboard will automatically separate from the computer. So that it doesn’t interfere and doesn’t fill the table, you can put the keyboard in the space provided. It’s right under the table, yes. Similar to the Olympic product, this modern minimalist desk is also painted using powder coating. Meanwhile, the material chosen is tempered glass and metal frame.

4. Olympic Folding Desk FD-01

The Best Modern Minimalist Work Table Olympic Folding Desk FD-01
Minimalist Work Table Olympic Folding Desk FD-01

This furniture brand has become a legendary brand because it has lasted decades in business. 
One of the products that you can choose is the modern minimalist desk Folding Desk FD-01 in cream color with a size of 90 x 51.5 x 75 cm. This work table with a table leaf showing wood grain can be folded after use so it doesn’t require a lot of space for storage. If you purchase this product, you will have to assemble it yourself as the product is shipped unassembled.

The weight of this modern minimalist work table is still relatively light even though it uses iron on the legs because there is help from particle board material on the table top. Of course, the four sturdy iron legs that are designed to be attractive can support quite heavy loads so that it is safe to place various work equipment on them. If there is spilled water, it can also be cleaned immediately because there is a PVC material that is water resistant. Then the selection of powder coating is done because it can last longer than ordinary paint, is resistant to heat, and is more resistant to scratches.

5. Pira OX Casabras DC Wall Mounted Table

The Best Modern Minimalist Work Desk Pira OX Casabras DC Wall Folding Table
Minimalist Pira OX Casabras DC Wall Mounted Desk

Having a small room does require you to choose the best possible modern minimalist desk. 
One solution can be found from this Pira OX Casabras DC product. Amazingly, this table measuring 60 x 29.6 x 86.5 cm is versatile because it can be folded and is designed to be a home decoration. Not only used as a work table, you can also iron clothes and eat using this table. This is also supported by the attractive color choices provided, namely White, Brown Walnut, and Sonoma Oak so that they can be adapted to various themes.

You don’t need to doubt the quality because this modern minimalist desk has good durability by selecting grade A hardwood particle board as the main material and using paper lamination. This product is also not easily porous and not easily moldy. No need to worry if there is dirt or dust attached because the wide and smooth surface of the table is easy to clean.

6. MK13 Hairpin Workbench

The Best Modern Minimalist Work Desk Minimalist Hairpin Desk MK13
Minimalist Work Desk Minimalist Hairpin Work Desk MK13

The following product recommendations are perfect for lovers of minimalist desks that are designed in a modern way with attractive color choices. 
There are various sizes of tables that you can choose according to your needs so that they are not too small or too big, you know. Then, white doff, black dove, brown wood grain, and cream wood grain are the colors and motifs for table tops that don’t fade easily. Meanwhile, the available color choices for modern minimalist work desk frames are glossy white and dove black.

This furniture has good durability because it is made using good quality materials, namely 12 mm multiplex with premium HPL coating. This modern minimalist desk is of better quality than products made from mixed wood or particle board. When assembling it is also not too difficult because there is a guide book provided. Apart from being a work table, this product can also be used as a study table and dining table.

7. Lexa Desk Workbench

Lexa Desk's Best Modern Minimalist Work Desk
Lexa Desk Minimalist Work Desk

Sometimes storing important files or documents in a separate place from the work table will be quite a hassle. 
Well, the Lexa Desk sold by Dekoruma can be one of the right solutions because it is equipped with storage space. The white color that was chosen when painting this modern minimalist desk really suits Japandi Style or Japanese-Scandinavian. Therefore, Lexa Desk is suitable to be placed in a room with an open concept, such as near a large window where light enters and air exchange occurs.

Not only used as a desk at home, this product is also suitable as a desk in the office. Well, a table measuring 119 x 59 x 76.2 cm certainly allows you to place various kinds of work equipment, such as laptops or computers, files, and writing instruments. Then, the main materials chosen to make this modern minimalist desk are PB board and paper lamination.

8. Uni Home Zoe Table MG 80

The Best Modern Minimalist Work Desk Uni Home Zoe Table MG 80
Uni Home Zoe Table MG 80 Minimalist Work Desk

Have you ever experienced working on a table that is not equipped with table legs? 
If you are interested in trying it, this Uni Home product measuring 80 x 37 x 72 cm is really worth choosing. This furniture is also mounted on the wall like Pira’s product. Apart from being a modern minimalist work table that can be folded, the Zoe Table MG 80 can also be a multipurpose shelf.

There are various items that can be placed, such as laptops, books, stationery, accessories, ornamental plants, and so on. You can choose a modern minimalist table that is Sonoma Oak or Light Cherry in color. So, the material chosen to make the Zoe Table MG 80 is Medium Density Fiberboard or MDF which is usually chosen as material for tables, shelves, drawers, and so on. No need to be surprised anymore if the surface is smooth, huh.

9. Svea Zoro Working Desk

Best Modern Minimalist Work Desk SVEA ZORO Working Desk
Minimalist Work Desk SVEA ZORO Working Desk

A room that is not too wide will sometimes make you have to rack your brain to design it in such a way as to keep it looking aesthetic. 
So, one of the items that can be chosen to beautify the room is a modern minimalist Scandinavian-style work desk from Svea Zoro. This product measuring 90 x 51 x 91 cm is made using solid pine wood, particle board and laminated paper which are not easily porous or moldy.

The color of the table that does not fade easily and matches various themes can also be used as a study table or dressing table. Just add a round mirror on it right in the middle. This modern minimalist desk can also be said to be practical because it is equipped with a tablet clamp, a hole for placing glasses, and there are two minimalist drawer holes. Really interesting, right?

10. Livien Lucas OfficeTable

Best Modern Minimalist Work Desk Livien Lucas OfficeTable
Livien Lucas OfficeTable Minimalist Work Desk

The last modern minimalist desk recommendation comes from Livien Furniture with the Lucas Series. 
This product is made using a combination of mahogany wood, MDF, premium fiberboard, and iron so that even though it is simple it is sturdy and rust resistant. Very appropriate for long term use, yes.

In addition, the black color in all parts makes this furniture look elegant and still fits well with other interior colors. No need to worry because the type of paint used to color this modern minimalist desk is environmentally friendly paint. This product measures 110 x 60 x 74 cm, yes. So, make sure the room where you put this table is not too narrow.

Tips for Caring for a Modern Minimalist Workbench to Keep it Nice & Durable

In order for a modern minimalist desk to last, of course, it needs to be cared for properly. Well, here are some things to note.

  1. Make sure the room has ventilation so that air exchange occurs properly. That way, the room won’t be damp and won’t easily cause damage to a modern minimalist desk.
  2. Indeed, sometimes modern minimalist desk coloring techniques have been carried out using high-quality materials so they don’t fade easily. But you should still avoid placing the table in a room that requires direct contact with the sun.
  3. If there are no wheels on the table legs, then you should place the table in the right place so that it doesn’t need to be shifted or moved to another place because the friction that occurs can trigger damage to certain parts of the table or the floor. But if it really needs to be moved, you can use the help of trolleys, furniture moving belts, furniture mover tools, and so on.
  4. Some modern minimalist workbench materials absorb water easily, so it is necessary to ensure that there is no direct contact with water. Dirt or dust can be cleaned using a duster or dry cloth. If the dirt doesn’t wash off easily, add a little water and then use a clean, dry cloth to wipe it off.


Indirectly, using the right modern minimalist desk can make you feel comfortable while working so that the work can be completed quickly. Choose the desired product specifications to find the product you need because there are several products that can be used as study tables, dining tables, and even as home decorations.

The existence of a review of ten recommendations for the best modern minimalist work desk can add to your reference for choosing. Make sure to pay attention to some of the points above so that the table can be more durable.

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