10 Best Toilet Brand Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Along with the times, now there are not only squat closet brands but also several well-known sitting closet brands that sell their products at various prices, from cheap to expensive. Indeed, the price of a squat closet is cheaper than a sitting closet, but that is also, of course, adjusted for the quality provided.

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The majority of squatting closets are used in urban areas, such as houses, apartments, hospitals, offices, malls, hotels, and other places. Currently, there are several brands that provide good quality products, such as Toto, Germany Brilliant, American Standard, Enchanting, and several other brands.

How to Choose a Good Sitting Closet Brand

The existence of various specifications provided by a good toilet brand, of course, makes you need to choose the one that suits your needs. Well, here are some points from tomslead.com that can be used as insight when making considerations when choosing a sitting closet.

1. Choose the type of closet that fits your needs.

There are various types of toilets that are usually offered on the market, such as Monoblock or One Piece Toilet, Duoblock or Two Piece Toilet, and Hanging Closet. If you want a product that is strong, easy to clean, does not leak easily, and is easy to install, then look for the best brand of closet that sells the monoblock type. You will see the body of the sitting closet that is integrated with the water tank, but the price is more expensive and the weight is heavier.

Meanwhile, for those of you who want a separate body, you can look for the best closet brand with the type of duoblock product. It is lighter in weight and the price is also cheaper. Well, if the type of hanging closet is more suitable for small bathrooms because of its simple shape and the fact that the water stalk is also embedded in the wall.

2. Pay attention to the flushing system of the sitting closet.

Not only the different types, but also the watering system. Usually, each of the best sitting closet brands will provide choices for you, if you want products that are only watered with a dipper, such as squat closets, using single flush or dual flush. The more sophisticated the watering system, the more expensive it can be.

On products with a single flush system, you will find a button or lever that you have to press or pull to get the water out. The advantage is that it can reduce the risk of clogging because the water pressure is greater. If you want to save water, you can choose products from the best closet brands that use dual flash because the watering system has been set to full or half water.

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3. Make sure the shape, size, color, and material fit your needs

Some of the best toilet seat brands provide a choice of shapes, such as round for a small bathroom or elongated in a modern style. When you buy a product, you will definitely be given a description of its size, which includes the dimensions of the sitting closet and the height from the base to the bowl. In addition, it is also necessary to know the distance from the wall to the center of the hole where the toilet seat is installed.

In terms of color, the majority of the sitting closets are designed in white to make them look minimalist and more compatible with various room themes. However, there is also a white closet that is combined with other colors in some parts. Well, one of the materials of choice for the best sitting closet brand is porcelain, which is easy to clean.

4. Pay attention to the exhaust system designed

The next point to consider when choosing a product from the best brand of closet seat is the exhaust system. Well, this system is certainly related to the installation of the exhaust pipe. If you choose the Wash Down system, it means that the dirt will immediately disappear when the water that is splashed pushes it hard. Meanwhile, the siphonic system will make the dirt swirl before being pulled into and pushed with water from the tank.

5. Consider the additional features of the sitting closet

More and more types of technology are chosen and applied by the best closet brands to make their products more valuable and useful. You can choose a sitting closet that has an automatic motion sensor to open and close the closet. Using a sitting closet that is still wet is certainly not very comfortable. Well, there are only two choices, namely, drying it yourself using toilet paper or choosing a closet with an automatic dryer.

In addition, the presence of a fragrance is very useful so that the closet does not smell, and the temperature setting can automatically be used to adjust the temperature of the seat. Usually, you will be given a remote control with various features when buying products from the best automatic closet brands.

10 Best Sitting Closet Brand Recommendations


Closets are certainly an important product that must be in a building, especially a house, because it is related to health. Well, the following has been given a review of ten recommendations for the best sitting closet brands with various specifications that can be found at the nearest closet shop or trusted marketplace.

1. The Toto

Best Sitting Closet Brand Toto
The Toto

Brand Sitting Closet This sitting closet brand is not only famous in Indonesia but also in several other countries. Since 1917, Toto, which was founded by Kazuchika Okura, has continued to develop to this day. There are many choices of closets for sale, such as the One Piece Toilet, which has an integrated single tank and bowl design, making it more compact and easier to clean. In addition, Toto also provides a Closed Coupled Toilet, which has a separate bowl and tank configuration with a rim design for easy cleaning.

If you don’t feel comfortable with this choice, there is one more option provided by this sitting closet brand, in the form of a single bowl. There are Single Bowl Wall Hung Toilets, Single Bowl Wall Face Toilets, and Single Bowl Toilets which are recommended for commercial places. Well, one of the materials of choice for this best sitting closet brand is porcelain, which is easy to clean.

2. Germany Brilliant Sitting Closet

Best Sitting Closet Brand Germany Brilliant
Germany Brilliant Sitting Closet

One brand of sitting closet that provides several automatic closet options with remote control is Germany’s Brilliant. In addition, there are other types of closets that are equipped with a water tank and a faucet above the tank. This sanitary brand has been established since 2003 and still exists today, so you don’t have to hesitate to buy its products. In addition, all closet products with modern minimalist models have been certified with SNI and received various awards.

You can also buy a closet that uses a hand siphonic. Amazingly, this best-sitting closet brand also designs its products to be able to withstand loads of up to 400 kg so that they are suitable for long-term use. If there is damage, Germany Brilliant also provides an official guarantee for ten years. In addition, this brand provides closet spare parts to make it easier to repair in the event of a breakdown.

3. American Standard

Best Sitting Closet Brand American Standard
American Standard

Sitting Closet The sitting closet brand is no less popular than other brands, namely American Standard. designed products that are minimalist and modern and have been used by many people from various countries, such as Indonesia, Australia, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, and many more. Well, the original American Standard sitting closet, which has different shapes and sizes, is definitely equipped with various advantages that are beneficial for its users. One of them is the Comfort Clean technology, which can effectively inhibit the growth of Escherichia coli bacteria and has been tested by Industrial Microbiological Service Ltd (IMSL).

In addition, the Double Vortex makes the sitting closet capable of maximum rinsing but still saves water. The use of Aqua Ceramic is also one of the advantages of this best sitting closet brand because it can prevent dirt from sticking to the ceramic surface. Not only that, other advantages of the American Standard sitting closet are the Slow-Closing Seat & Cover, Power Rim, Dual Flush, and many more.

4. Enchanting Brand Closet Sitting

Best Sitting Closet Brand Enchanting
Enchanting Brand Closet Sitting

For those of you who love European products, this sitting closet brand has a wide selection of products that can meet your needs. Of course, the closet is made according to the European Standard High Quality, so there is no need to doubt the quality. From this brand, you can have a Smart Closet that has various features, such as a cover that can be automatically closed and opened, an automatic watering system, as well as water temperature settings, stands, and drying.

In addition, there are also several types of One Piece Toilet and Two Piece Toilet to choose from, with a Dual Flush flushing system as well as Wash Down and Siphonic exhaust systems. This best sitting closet brand also sells products that are equipped with Eco Washer Technology so that they can make you save more water and be environmentally friendly. A white Wasser E1 jet will also be given free of charge for every purchase of a certain type of closet.

5. Volk Sitting Closet

Best Sitting Closet Brand Volk
Volk Sitting Closet

If you are looking for a sitting closet brand that sells its products at affordable prices, then Volk could be one of the right choices. Under the auspices of PT Catur Sentosa Adiprana Tbk, Volk is capable of producing various specifications of sitting closets. There are various types of One Piece Closet, including Chrysant 314, Wedelia 056, and Zinnia 350. As for the choice of Two Piece Closets, there are Erica 088A, Celosia 021 C, Scilla 680, Lavatera 872, Gerbera 009, Fressia 662R, Kirana 1201, Magnolia 663, Clover 025, and Sakura 1212.

In addition, some products are equipped with normal seat covers and soft closed seat covers. Not only that, you can also choose the watering or rinsing system you want because there are S-trap Washdown, Rimless Washdown, and Siphonic options. When it comes to size, the average product sold by this best sitting closet brand has a length and height of 600-700 mm and a width of 300-400 mm.

6. Aer Brand Closet Sitting

Best Sitting Closet Brand Aer
Aer Brand Closet Sitting

Just like the others, this sitting closet brand also provides a wide selection of products with the type of One Piece Toilet and Wall Hung or just hanging. In addition, all the colors of the closet are white, so it is suitable to be placed in a bathroom with many design themes. Regarding the material, Aer chose ceramic as the main material because it is strong and easy to clean.

Some of its products are also equipped with Eco Washer technology to help you save more water. In addition, the majority of the watering systems used are Dual Flush with a choice of 3 or 6 liters. Meanwhile, the exhaust system has been washed down and sucked up. Not only P Trap, there are also the best sitting closet brands that also provide products that have an S Trap drain.

7. Cotto Sitting Closets

Best Sitting Closet Brand Cotto
Cotto Sitting Closets

Lovers of minimalist products will certainly feel very happy with the presence of products from this sitting closet brand. That’s because Cotto provides a white One Piece Toilet seat closet with a modern minimalist design that still looks elegant. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find other types of closets, because there are Two Piece Toilets with P Trap and S Trap drains.

One of the best sitting closet brands from Thailand also provides a Smart Closet Sitting with various features, such as the Touchless Water Closet, so that it is more hygienic, comfortable because you only need to wave your hand to rinse. Another interesting thing about Cotto’s products is the presence of LED lights at night. In addition, there is also Ultraclean + technology, which will kill bacteria around the surface of the sitting closet within 24 hours.

8. Kohler Sitting Closet

Best Sitting Closet Brand Kohler
Kohler Sitting Closet

The next recommended sitting closet brand that can be used as a reference for choice is Kohler. You can find types of sitting closets, such as One Piece Toilet, Two Piece Toilet, Wall Faced, and Wall Hung. In addition, the watering system also uses Dual Flush with a choice of 3 liters or 6 liters so that it can simultaneously contribute to saving water. Meanwhile, there is an exhaust system that uses the washdown type with a drain channel in the form of an S Trap for easy cleaning.

Just like other brands, Kohler also provides a sitting closet with a round and elongated shape. Interestingly, there are some products that are equipped with a UV sanitation system and an odor removal system so that it will be safer and more comfortable when in the toilet. No need to worry because you can find products from this best sitting closet brand whose lid can close slowly and is anti-noise.

9. Trillionware Brand Sitting Closet

Best Sitting Closet Brand Trilliunware
Trillionware Brand Sitting Closet

Lovers of local products must, of course, take a look at this sitting closet brand and use their products. If the majority of brands make products in white, then Trillionware is different. You can find a more diverse sitting closet design because there are black, gray, and wood patterns. The brand, owned by PT. Trillion Prima Sukses, which has been around since 2009, also chose ceramic as its main material.

Some products have a Dual Flush flushing system and the exhaust system is a Wash Down type. In addition, there is a semi-elongated and elongated sitting closet. The Trillionware factory has succeeded in producing superior quality products, so it is not surprising that it was able to obtain an ISO 9001:2015 certificate from BKK-QACS Bandung. Not only that, this best sitting closet brand also obtained an SNI product quality certificate from LSPro BBK Bandung.

10. Ina’s Sitting Closet

Best Sitting Closet Brand Ina
Ina’s Sitting Closet

The recommended brand of sitting closet is also popular among the Indonesian people, namely Ina. Under the auspices of PT Inax International, this brand has always been innovating to develop its products for more than 30 years. Just like other brands, Ina also chooses ceramics as the main material and provides closets with single, dual, or double flush watering systems.

If you want to buy a sitting closet that uses a Siphonic exhaust system, you can choose the NC-009, NC-898, or NC-899 type. Then for wash down options, there are types C-12/T-12, C-19/T-108, C-20/T-20, C-21/T-21, C-22/T-22, C- 30/T-33, C-65/T-950N, C-68/T-68, and C-16. There are still other options, namely the C-55, C-97/T-97, and C-98/T-98 that use the Siphon Jet System.

How to Use Products from the Good Closet Sitting Brand

Some people who live in urban areas may already know how to properly use the products from the best closet brand. But there are still some people who are confused, so it would be better if you knew the following information.

1. Don’t squat in the sitting closet.

. The first thing to understand when using a product from one of the best sitting closet brands is not to squat on it. Although it can withstand loads of up to hundreds of kilograms, over time it can damage the closet, especially if the type of closet is hanging. Sometimes there are also those who use footwear to squat above the sitting closet so that the closet becomes dirty. It can even make you slip.

2. Knowing the functions of the buttons on the sitting closet

To make it easier to use products from the best sitting closet brands, you need to know the functions of the buttons around them. The majority of toilet seats will be equipped with two flush buttons on the top and side of the water tank.

However, it is not recommended to press both buttons at the same time so that too much water does not come out. You will also find more buttons on the Smart Closet remote control, such as setting the water temperature, opening and closing the seat cover, and so on.

3. Using a jet washer or bidet to rinse

As a person who lives in Indonesia, it will be more comfortable if you keep washing your vital organs with clean water. That’s why there is a jet washer or bidet around the product from one of the best sitting closet brands around you. If so, use tissue in the bathroom to dry the vital organs to make it more comfortable.


Sitting closets are now more widely used by people who live in urban areas, but that does not mean that these products cannot be found in some homes in rural areas. Some of the best sitting closet brands that distribute their products to various regions, of course, have a variety of closet choices.

Therefore, when choosing, it is necessary to consider certain points, such as the type of toilet seat, the watering system, shape, size, color, exhaust system, and other features. Of course, in order to be able to use one of the ten best sitting closet brand recommendations correctly, there are several points that need to be understood.

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