10 Best Cookie Mold Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Pastries are one of the things that must be present during big days such as Eid al-Fitr or maybe other holidays. As the big day approaches, many pastries are sold in almost all cake shops.

The selection of pastries sold is also diverse such as nastar, snow white, kastangel, syringe cake and many more. However, there is nothing wrong if we try to make our own pastries. Besides saving, it also makes you more productive, especially if you do it with family or friends.

Best Pastry Mold
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Making your own pastries can also train one’s creativity. Homemade pastries are not just about making something sweet and delicious to eat. However, making your own cake has been researched to have psychological benefits.

Donna Pincus, an Associate Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences in Boston, United States, said that making your own cake can relieve stress and is as effective as playing music or painting.

When the cake you make yourself can actually increase happiness because you can imagine the happy reaction of the person who eats your cake. Making cake batter and also smelling its aroma can also have a calming or relaxing effect.

After knowing the benefits of making these cakes, there are a few things you need to know before making your own pastries. Here are the reviews.

10 Tools You Must Have for Baking Cookies

If you want to try making cookies at home, here are some tools that you must have or prepare.

1. Mixer
The first tool is a mixer. The types and sizes of these mixers vary greatly depending on their needs. On a household scale, a handheld mixer is the most suitable to have.

This type of mixer is easy to use, lightweight so it is easy to move it anywhere according to the position you want. The disadvantage of this type of mixer is that it cannot be used for kneading heavy dough.

For those of you who may want to intend to make a lot of dough because they receive a lot of orders and will open a pastry business, then you can use a stand mixer. This type of mixer is able to knead dough with a large capacity quickly. The price is also more expensive because it is of good quality.

2. Whisk
Usually used to make dough manually with a shape similar to a mixer on a mixer. Whisk is used to knead dough like whisking egg whites or sauces. It is made of interwoven wire, you can determine the quality by the number of turns of wire because the more wire the more air gets into the dough.

3. Container
The next is a container or bowl that is used as a place to stir the dough. These containers are usually made of glass, stainless steel, plastic or ceramic materials. Make sure the container is clean before use to keep the process of mixing the ingredients to make the cookie dough optimal.

4. Measuring Tools
Usually this measuring tool can be in the form of scales, measuring cups or measuring spoons. Its use, of course, is to measure the dose of ingredients to match the recipe for making it.

The rules for use also vary, for example for a measuring spoon to be used when the spoon is squeezed. The measuring cup should be placed on a flat surface when measuring.

Sieve Next, there is a sieve that is used to sieve dry ingredients such as flour or cocoa powder. To ensure that no dirt gets into the dough, try to choose a fine sieve.

6. Spatula
Next, there is a spatula that is usually used to stir and spread the spread on the surface of the cake. The type of spatula based on the material varies from plastic, rubber to wood.

For spatulas made of rubber or plastic, it is highly recommended to choose a sturdy handle so that it does not break easily. For the bottom, choose a rubber or plastic material that is flexible and easy to move.

7. Cutter
Next there is a cutter or tool to cut the dough. In terms of shape, this cutter is very diverse, ranging from round, oval or even crescent. Usually you will find a cutter made of stainless steel or plastic.

8. Triangle Pockets
The next one is a triangular bag that is used on the surface of the cake to decorate the butter cream and glaze. How to use it is to cut the pointed end and try not to make the hole too big.

To enrich the formation of your pastries, you can also add a syringe with a variety of motifs. A few tips, so that your dough doesn’t fall apart, put the dough first into the bag. After that, cut the end which is then put back into the bag whose end has been made a syringe.

Baking Baking Pastries So the pan should not be missed. The baking sheet is used to place the finished cookie dough. Baking pans that are widely circulated in the market today are made of stainless steel and the newest pans are made of silicone materials such as rubber or plastic.

The use of a baking sheet made of stainless steel should be smeared with margarine before use. As for the silicone pan, you don’t need to grease it with margarine. Trays made of plastic or rubber are usually used to print dough that does not need to be baked in the oven, such as pudding and agar-agar.

10. Oven
The last tool that is mandatory for making pastries is the oven. For making pastries, you need to know the characteristics of the oven that will be used.

The types of ovens today are very diverse, ranging from simple ones that are placed on the stove, gas to ovens that only need to be plugged into an electric current.

When using the oven make sure to know the oven temperature and don’t forget the time so that the cookies don’t burn. To remind, you can use a timer.

Well, those are some of the tools that you must have when you are going to make cookies at home. How? Do you already have the tools mentioned earlier? If not, you can complete it in your favorite online store.

Already know the tools that you must have to make the next cookie is a way to make your cookies look attractive. You will be presented with 10 recommendations for the best cookie molds so that the cookies you make are not only delicious to eat but also attractive to look at. What are the recommendations? Here is the review from Ainun.

Best Cookie Mold Wilton Animal Cookie Cutter Set , 50-Piece
Wilton Animal Cookie Cutter Cookie Mold Set , 50-Piece

First there are the best cookie cutters from the Wilton Animal Cookie Cutter Set. 
This product is interesting and very suitable to be an option for printing pastries. The reason is that this mold comes with a variety of animal shapes that will really attract the attention of children. You can also take this opportunity to introduce animals to your little one.

Available in various colors so that printing dough will be more vibrant. This printed recommendation product is equipped with its own storage container so you don’t have to worry about losing it when you’re finished using it. The material is also food grade or does not transfer harmful substances to food so it is very safe to use. Wilton Animal Cookie Cutter Set is available with up to 50 animal pieces.

Best Character Cookie Mold
Character Cookie Mold

Next there is a cookie mold with a character shape. One of the most sought after molds is the character cookie mold. The available characters also vary depending on what you like. For example, disney characters such as mickey mouse, winnie the pooh, lilo stich, panda and many more.

There are also cute characters from Japan such as Doraemon and his sister Dorami, Sinchan and many other funny characters. You can buy it online according to the character you like.

Best 3D Cookie Cutter Cake Mold
Cookie Cutter 3D Cookie Mold

As previously explained that every Eid celebration, pastries are mandatory and most sought after. Because pastries are used as a snack while celebrating holidays and gathering with family.

In addition, pastries with a 3D theme are also very suitable as souvenirs. Cookies can be sent to a loved one or maybe a close one like your neighbor.

To make cookies with this 3D theme, you just need to choose a mold that looks like you want. For example, the shape of trees, rabbits, snowflakes, butterflies, ultimaker robots, snowmen, stars and many more.

But if you want to make cookies that are different and unique from those sold in stores, then 3D Cookie Cutter is the right choice because your cookies will look more attractive. You will impress people with these three-dimensional cookies. So what are you waiting for, with this molded product, you can make all kinds of cool and delicious pastries.

Best Cookie Cutter Emoji Cookies Mold
Emoji Cookie Cutter Cookie Mold

Next, then there is Cookie Cutter Emoji. Currently, there are innumerable forms of emoji because for this year alone, around 117 new emoji shapes have been added. You can imagine the large selection of emojis that you can use to make cookies, right? Its cute design can be used to express your feelings to others.

For example, the form of a love emoji for those who want to show love to someone. A crying emoji shape to express that you are sorry and want to apologize. You can imagine making cookies while having fun with this emoji.

This product is available with a plastic material that is easy to clean so that it can be reused someday. No less important, Cookie Cutter Emoji is safe for loved ones from children to adults because it is made of food grade plastic.

5. PAnda Cookies Cutter

Panda Cookies Cutter Best Cookie Mold
Panda Cookies Cutter Cookies Mold

The next list of the best cookie cutters is the panda cookie cutter. We all know that pandas are well-liked for their adorable and very cute appearance.

Because pandas originally have two colors, believe black and white, you only need to make two doughs. Then arrange the dough according to the mold then the result is a cake with an adorable panda shape.

That way your pastries will immediately become an attack because of their attractive shape. So for those of you who want to find this one cookie mold product, you can buy it at online stores.

Best Cookie Mold Oval Shape CK24
Oval Shape Cookie Mold CK24

The next best cookie mold recommendation is the CK24 Oval Shape Cookie Mold. Do you want to bake cookies but don’t have much time? This CK24 Oval Shape Cookie Mold is the right mold for you because it helps you mold dough faster.

In one mold you can make 9 pieces of pastries so that it saves a lot of energy and of course time. With this mold you can also achieve the target of making a lot of pastries to sell. If you are interested, you can buy it online.

7. Puzzle Shape Cake Mold

Best Pastry Molds_Puzzle Shapes
Shape_Puzzle Cake Mold

The next best cookie mold is the Puzzle Shape Cake Mold. Do you have little kids or cousins ​​you should play with? If so, one of the problems that you may face when you take small children to play is that they often put their toys in their mouths.

Instead of struggling to find a safe game, you can invite him to play puzzles with puzzle-shaped cookies. This product is made of stainless steel which is strong and durable to use. So you don’t have to worry if your little one puts the puzzle in his mouth again.

Best Cookie Mold Cookie Cutter Baby Shower Set
Cookie Cutter Baby Shower Set

In addition to Eid holidays and also Christmas, there are many other events that are used as snacks or souvenirs. One of them is a baby shower celebration event or a celebration before the birth of a baby.

Compared to spending a lot of money to order pastries, it would be better and more meaningful if the cookies were made yourself, right? With a low cost you can already get a set of Cookie Cutter Baby Shower. One of the best cookie molds has a baby toy and supplies theme so it’s perfect for your baby shower.

9. Heart Cookies Cutter

Best Cookie Mold Heart Cookie Cutter
Heart Cookie Cutter Cake Mold

Next there is the Heart Cookies Cutter that you can use to convey your affection to loved ones. This product is available in different sizes so you can adjust it according to your needs. For example, for a Valentine’s moment with a boyfriend.

Compared to giving gifts of chocolate, dolls or other gifts, it will be more meaningful and different if you make heart-shaped chocolate-flavored cookies. This will give him a more sincere and deep impression. You can order this print online at your favorite store.

The Best Cookie Cutter Mold Letters & Numbers
Letter & Number Shape Cookie Cutter Cookie Mold

Finally, there is the best cookie cutter Cookie Cutter in Letters and Numbers. Are you looking for a way to express something to that special someone? Maybe you can try this method, which is to send your own homemade cookies.

Not just pastries but cookies that have been printed in the form of letters and numbers. You can express your feelings or just say congratulations to a loved one. The letters and numbers can be arranged according to the word you want to say or the name or maybe the date of a special day and many more. This product can be obtained online at your favorite store.


Those are the 10 Best Pastry Mold Recommendations along with their reviews. How? Have you ever used any of the templates above? What about the results? Beautiful and attractive, right? What are you waiting for, get the best cookie mold of your choice now only at your favorite store.

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