10 Recommended Brands of Good Stainless Steel Pans (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – There are several materials that are often used to make pots, one of which is stainless steel, because it is not reactive, relatively inexpensive, and durable.

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However, not all stainless steel or stainless steel have the same quality, so you must choose carefully before buying it. Therefore, this article will discuss how to choose a stainless steel pan, the best brand of stainless steel pan, and some ways to take care of it.

How to Choose a Good

Pan Brand Stainless steel pans are indeed a favorite of many housewives because they are affordable and light in weight. So that you don’t buy the wrong one, here’s how to choose a good brand of pan made of stainless steel.

1. Know the types of pots on the market

First, stock pots or stock pots that are large, deep, and have a flat bottom. This type of pot is best used for cooking liquid foods, such as soups or broths. Another use of a stock pot is to boil pasta because it sits upright and is completely submerged in this pot.

Second, a frying pan, or what is known as a fry pan , which must be in almost every home. The best brands of this type of pan have a flat bottom and are round in shape on each side so that the oil heats up quickly in a relatively short time. In addition to frying, frying pans can also be used for sautéing vegetables.

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Third, a sauce pan or sauce pan has the characteristics of a round and tall shape with flat sides. The best brands of pots provide this type of choice. Sauce can also be used to make small amounts of soup, heat food, boil eggs, and make instant noodles. Sauce pans are usually equipped with a lid to control evaporation when cooking the sauce.

Fourth, the grill pan or grill pan, which at first glance looks like a racket because it is wide at the end and has a flat surface. This type of pan can’t hold a lot of liquid, so just pour a little oil when working with a grill pan. Some grill pans are designed to have certain lines so that the grill looks more attractive. Various types of food can be grilled with a grill pan, ranging from meat, fish, hash, eggs, and pancakes.

Fifth, a wok type pot that is tall with steep sides down and is usually used to cook Asian food. The best wok-type pans are usually about 25 cm in diameter and are made of carbon steel. The bottom of this pan heats up quickly, and the top opens to reduce the temperature quickly so that the quality of the food is maintained. This type of wok pan is perfect for fast frying and deep frying.

2. Adjusting the ingredients of the pan with the menu that is often made

The best pans are made of quite a lot of materials, one of which is stainless steel, which is the main discussion in this article. Stainless steel has rust-resistant properties, is not easy to heat, and has good heat retention, making it more suitable for processing food by boiling. Pans made of stainless steel tend to be heavy, but they are durable.

In addition to stainless steel, some of the best brands of pans are also made of aluminum, which is lightweight, can conduct heat well, and is cheap. Unfortunately, pans made of aluminum are susceptible to excessively high temperatures, acids, and bases and do not yet have a non-stick coating. Another drawback, aluminum pans are not too hard, so they easily dent.

Another type of material to make the best pans is Teflon, which is famous for its non-stick feature that prevents food from burning and sticking to the pan. Some Teflon pans are made with an aluminum coating, so they heat up quickly but are relatively prone to peeling. However, currently, many Teflon pans are also compatible with electric induction cookers.

Next, there is a pot made of enamel, which has an aesthetic appearance. The enamel material itself is made of aluminum or iron coated with glass glaze and is made at high temperatures. The best pots made of enamel are known to be rust-resistant and odor-resistant, so they are suitable for cooking strong-smelling foods. Unfortunately, enamel pans are quite heavy and prone to cracking if bumped.

Another material used to make the best pots is ceramic, which is relatively safer for your health compared to Teflon. Not only can it absorb heat well, but ceramic pots also have attractive designs with beautiful colors. However, ceramic pots have some drawbacks, such as being heavy and expensive.

3. Checking whether or not there is a cover and warranty

The lid of the pot is very necessary when processing certain menus, such as stews or soups. When boiling food, the presence of a lid also increases its efficiency, making it more fuel efficient. The material most often used in the cover of the best brands of pans is glass, making it easier for you to check the condition of the food.

For the best brands of pans, which are quite expensive, a guarantee is usually provided for a certain period of time. This guarantee is also a guarantee to find out how durable the pan is.

10 Best Pans Brand Recommendations


Pan brands on the market have various prices, of course, with varying quality as well. Recommendations for a good pan brand below are for a pan set made of stainless steel selected by mancisa

1. Oxone Eco OX-933 Cookware Set

Good Stainless Steel Pans Oxone Set Panci Eco Cookware 14 Pcs (OX-933)
Oxone Eco OX-933 Cookware Set

The Oxone OX933 Cookware Set has a classic-looking and sturdy design. This best brand of pans has quite a lot of fillings, including 22 cm and 24 cm pots with glass lids; stainless aluminum kettles; 26 cm pans with glass lids; 22 cm frying pans; wooden spoons; saucepans; and stock pots of various sizes. Because it has very complete content, this best set of pots is sold at a price of $50 and can be purchased directly at the official Oxone store.

2. CEO 1 Set of 5 Stainless Steel Pans

Good Stainless Steel Pans CEO 1 Set 5 Panci Stainless Steel
CEO 1 Set of 5 Stainless Steel Pans

CEO 1 Set of 5 Stainless Steel Pans consists of 5 pans ranging in size from 17 cm high to 24 cm, complete with a glass cover and 2 streamer coasters. The stainless steel material used to make this best brand of pan can spread heat well and is, of course, food grade so that the cooked food can be cooked quickly. This product can be used on gas or electric stoves and can be purchased in e-commerce at a price of 300 thousand rupiah.

3. ES Stainless Steel Cooking Pan Set The ES Cooking Pan

Good Stainless Steel Pans ES Set Panci Masak Stainless Steel
ES Stainless Steel Cooking Pan Set The ES Cooking Pan

The set consists of 3 pans measuring 16 cm, 18 cm, and 24 cm. Each pan is equipped with a see-through glass lid, making it easier for you to check when the food is being cooked. Unfortunately, the handle of the ES Pot Set is also made of stainless steel, so it is necessary to use a cloth again when lifting freshly cooked dishes. However, the best brand of pan that is sold at a price of $15 can still be relied on for daily use.

4. Ollahom 304 Stainless Steel

Good Stainless Steel Pans Ollahom Set Panci Stainless Steel 304 Isi 5
Ollahom 304 Stainless Steel

Pot Set The Ollahom Pot Set is made of 304 stainless steel, which is very rust-resistant because of the chromium and nickel content in it, so it will be safe when in contact with food. This best pot set consists of 2 pans measuring 17 cm to 24 cm with a glass lid and 2 steamers for pots measuring 22 cm and 24 cm. So if you want to steam food, you can only use both pots with the steamer . You can buy this best brand of pan at the online official Ollahom

5. Oxone OX-911 BASIC Cookware Set

Good Stainless Steel Pans OX-911 Panci Oxone BASIC Cookware Set 4+2Pcs
Oxone OX-911 BASIC Cookware Set

The Oxone OX-911 BASIC Cookware Set is made of good quality stainless steel with a mirror coating on the inside. This best brand of pans consists of 24 cm and 20 cm pans and lids, a deep pan, a 24 cm fry pan, a 24 cm filter, and a frynet , plus 2 kitchen tools. The handle of the pan is made of bakelite, which doesn’t conduct heat, so you can safely transport freshly cooked food. The price of the Oxone OX-911 BASIC Cookware Set is around $40 and can be purchased online at Amazon.

6. Vicenza Cookware Set V812

Good Stainless Steel Pans Vicenza Cookware Set V812
Vicenza Cookware Set V812

The best Vicenza cookware set is made of stainless steel, complete with a heat-resistant handle made of PVC. The Vicenza Cookware Set V812 consists of a 24 cm frying pan, a 16 cm x 24 cm pan, and a teapot complete with a glass lid, each. At the bottom of this best brand of pan, there is a special layer to conduct heat faster so it can save fuel. To get the Vicenza Cookware Set V812, you can buy it directly at the official Vicenza store and the price is $30.

7. Supra Panci Set Stainless Steel Pastel – Lavender

Good Stainless Steel Pans Supra Panci Set Stainless Steel Pastel 7 Pcs - Lavender
Supra Panci Set Stainless Steel Pastel – Lavender

This best brand of pan is made of stainless steel with a thickness of 0.4 mm–0.5 mm and is, of course, food grade. The contents of the Supra’s best set of pans are quite complete; there are sauce 16 cm nonstick frypans, 20 cm stir, 22 cm dutch ovens , glass lids, and 16 cm and 22 cm steamers. The knob is made   of heat-resistant plastic, and the surface is soft. This product is made in a beautiful lavender color and sells for $35.

8. ROSH Jewel Set Cookware Stainless Steel

Good Stainless Steel Pans ROSH Jewel Set Cookware Stainless Steel
ROSH Jewel Set Cookware Stainless Steel

ROSH Jewel Set Cookware is the best pan brand from India and has a fairly complete filling, there are 3 pots measuring 19 cm to 24 cm, 1 saucepan measuring 17 cm, 1 frypan measuring 26 cm, 1 teapot measuring 19 cm. Both the pan and frypanare equipped with glass lids and heat-resistant handles. One of the advantages of this product is that it can be used on all types of stoves, including induction cookers. ROSH Jewel Set Cookware can be purchased at Amazon.

9. Zebra Cookware Set W

Good Stainless Steel Pans Zebra 7 Pcs Cookware Set W
Zebra Cookware Set W

Zebra Cookware is a product from Thailand that is made using stainless steel SUS 304 and coated with 3 layers of aluminum so that it can spread heat very well. This best brand of pans consists of sauce pots, 18 cm and 20 cm, and a steamer. The price of the Zebra Cookware Set W is relatively expensive, at around $54, but it is comparable to its premium quality.

10. Maspion Panda Dahlia Dutch Oven Set 14

Good Stainless Steel Pans Maspion Panda Dahlia Dutch Oven Set 14
Maspion Panda Dahlia Dutch Oven Set 14

For those of you who are looking for the best brand of stainless steel pans at an affordable price, Maspion Panda Dahlia could be the right choice. The Dutch Oven is specially made for it and contains a dutch oven measuring 14 cm x 22 cm, complete with a glass cover. Besides being SNI and ISO certified, this best set of pans already has a handle made of heat-resistant bakelite. The Maspion Panda Dahlia is sold at a price of $20 and is suitable for various types of stoves, be it gas, electric, or induction stoves.

How to Care for Stainless Steel Pans

The stainless steel material that is usually used to make pots is stainless steel 304, which contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel. Both chromium and nickel have the function of binding oxygen on the surface of the pan so that oxidation does not occur, which can cause rust. Many of the best brands of pans that make stainless steel pans certainly need to be cared for properly so that they last a long time, and here’s how to take care of them.

First, don’t use bleach that contains chlorine to clean stainless steel pans, as the two can mix. If you accidentally come into contact with chlorine, rinse the pan immediately so it doesn’t pose a hazard.

Second, always rinse thoroughly the best pot you have after washing. Residual cleaning solution remaining on the surface of the pan can stain or even damage the stainless steel coating.

Third, avoid using a wool or steel brush to clean your best pans, as they can leave small particles on the surface. The particles can rust and scratch the surface of the pan, making it no longer safe for cooking. When washing stainless steel pans, it is better to use a plastic scouring pad, scrubber, or soft cloth.

Fifth, do not rub the pan too hard because it can scratch the stainless steel surface. Of course you don’t want it if the best pot that has been bought at an expensive price becomes scratched because it’s rubbed too hard? If you want to scrub the pan, do so with a stainless steel cloth and scrub in the direction of the grain.

Sixth, pour oil when the pan is hot to avoid oil or fat sticking to the pan. The final way to care for the best stainless steel pots is to add salt after the water boils to avoid creating holes in the pot later on.


Stainless steel is an alloy of several metals that is made with the aim of creating rust-resistant properties. One of the stainless steel series that is most often used to make cookware, including pots, is the 304 series because it is not reactive and has excellent anti-rust properties. In this article, we have discussed the recommendations for the best brand of stainless steel and some ways to care for it so that the pan can remain in top condition for a long time.

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