10 Recommendations for the Best Well Water Purifier (Water Filter) (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – The use of a good well water purifier is indeed effective for processing well water that will be used for a certain period of time. Not only purifying, the water filter can also remove water contaminants in well water so that the water becomes more hygienic and can be used for various conditions.

Best Well Water Purifier (Filter)
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Wells made in polluted environments will of course affect the quality of the water in them. Therefore, it is necessary to purify it using a well-tested well water filter. Then, how to choose the best well water purifier? You can listen to the following article reviews.

How to Choose a Good Well Water Purifier

It is undeniable that water does have an important role in human life, be it for cooking, drinking, or bathing. If the water in the well is of poor quality, of course it will also affect the health of you and your family. Well, here’s how to choose the best well water purifier that you can do to find the right product.

1. Make sure the water filter is quality and durable

Ensuring quality products, you can see through the listed prices, features of materials, spare parts used to make water filters. This of course affects the durability of the water purifier when used.

You can also compare other water purifiers in terms of prices, product descriptions, and reviews from the internet, yes! This will make it easier for you to find the best well water purifier.

2. Adjust the water filter to your needs

Everyone has different needs, including choosing the best well water purifier capable of filtering out various harmful impurities and viruses. Well, using a water filter continuously is of course not good if you never clean it.

Therefore, you need to adjust the water filter to your needs in order to find the right product and according to the price you want. If you need a water filter that is easy to clean, then choose a product with a simpler structure so you won’t have any trouble.

3. Make sure the price of the water filter is still in line with the budget

Sometimes when you want to buy a product, the price may fall within your budget range. However, it is possible that there is a selling price that is outside the budget range, right? This will usually be directly proportional to the advantages or quality of the products offered.

For example, you need a very good quality well water filter at an affordable price. Such products may be a little difficult to find as the majority of good quality products will sell for a higher price. Well, the thing you need to do is lower the standard a little so that the price of a well water purifier that fits your budget can be found.

Even though there is currently PDAM and Sanyo water to get clean water, there are still many families who rely on wells as their water source. Considering how important the role of clean water is in everyone’s life, using the best well water purifier is the right solution for those of you who have polluted well water. That way, well water can be protected from harmful bacteria and germs. Here are ten recommendations for water filter reviews from Ainun that can be used as an option when choosing a water filter.

1. Konka Water Filter Purifier

The Best Water Purifier Brand Konka Water Filter Purifier
Konka Water Filter Purifier

Konka Water Filter Purifier has quality and quality that is definitely guaranteed so it should be the best recommendation for those of you who want a water filter from a well-known brand. 
Well, you can find this exclusive product in online and offline stores. Unlike other brands, Konka Water has nine layers of water purifier to maintain water quality.

You can use this filter product in various types of faucets because it attaches to the faucet so it can make it easier for you when using this best well water purifier. Easy installation and no electricity required are the advantages of Konka Water, so it’s no wonder that this best well water purifier is worth a try.

2. Nikita Water Purifier

The Best Water Purifier Brand Nikita Water Purifier
Nikita Water Purifier

With a low price and quality benchmark, you can also try the Nikita brand to purify well water in your home. 
Surely this best well water purifier is able to remove various kinds of viruses and harmful substances in well water. In addition, this water filter is also able to remove odors and purify cloudy water.

There are four stages in this water filter, starting from resin, activated carbon, hygienic Gauze, and magnets so as to make this water filter capable of optimal filtration. You can also clean the filter on the faucet after several uses. Replacement of material usage needs to be done after 6 months of use so that you still get maximum filtering results.

3. Zernii Water Purifier

The Best Water Purifier Brands Zernii Water Purifier
Zernii Water Purifier

Unlike other types of water purifiers, the Zernii brand has a more practical and easy-to-use method. 
Just by attaching it to a water faucet, you can easily use this best well water purifier to filter cloudy water or yellow well water.

Well, this product is also equipped with the best cotton, activated carbon, and fiber filters so that Zernii can filter out various types of dirt, substances, and bacteria in the water. You can have the best well water purifier at an affordable price by buying it from the marketplace, right! Therefore, Zernii can be one of your choices when you want to use the best well-maintained well water purifier.

4. Filter NICO

The Best Brand of Water Purifier Filter NICO
Filter NICO

No less interesting for you to try, the NICO brand also has good quality in terms of water purification. 
Interestingly, this NICO filter does not require a deposition or oxidation process first so that the filtering can run well in various places, such as rivers, soil, WTP or PAM.

Well water that is cloudy and yellow will later become more hygienic because it is free from bacteria and unpleasant odors. With these advantages, this best well water purifier can maintain the quality of well water for up to four years. The price of this water filter is also quite cheap of course with better water quality results.

5. Filter J-WATER

The Best Water Purifier Brand J-WATER Filter
Filter J-WATER

The J-water brand is a water filter product that has been known by many people in Indonesia. 
This, of course, is inseparable from the quality of the product. Therefore, you need to consider the J-WATER product, which acts as the best well water purifier.

Equipped with Active Carbon Purex media and Total Support System, the J-Water water filter is able to optimally filter cloudy, yellow, muddy well water and contains harmful substances. The superior products from J-Water that you can choose from are the J-200 and J-600 which are specifically used at home and are easier to use optimally.

6. HYDRO 4000

The Best Water Purifier Brand HYDRO 4000
 HYDRO 4000

If you are looking for the best well water filter, then you can use the HYDRO 4000 brand which is claimed to be able to overcome yellow well water, cloudy water, and water that contains harmful substances. 
The size of the tube is minimalist and practical, making HYDRO 4000 has an optimal filter that is able to filter up to 4000 liters of water per day.

However, what is quite surprising is that HYDRO 4000 does not require electricity and HYDRO is also a water company in Indonesia that has received ISO 9001 certification. Therefore, you don’t need to doubt the quality of this water filter.

7. Filter Air Sumur 3 Housing Eugen Clear

Best Water Purifier Brand 3 Well Water Filter Housing Eugen Clear
 Filter Air Sumur 3 Housing Eugen Clear

The next recommendation for the best well water purifier is the Well Water Filter 3 Housing Eugen Clear which has three types of filters or three stages of filtration. 
In the first stage, there is a Sediment Filter which has a function to filter out large particles, namely dirt, mud, sand, and dust. Then, there is Manganese Greensand in the second stage of filtering whose task is to remove the content of Iron, Manganese (Mn2+), and Hydrogen Sulfide.

Then in the third stage, CTO (Clorine Taste Odor) functions as a 10 micron Sediment and activated carbon that can absorb unpleasant tastes, odors, organic chemicals, colors, and chlorine. If you are interested in buying this one water filter product without having to leave the house, you can buy it through the mainstay marketplace.

8. Filter Air Sumur Bor 5 singing

The Best Water Purifier Brands 5 Singen Drilled Well Water Filters
Filter Air Sumur Bor 5 singing

Cloudy water is something to watch out for because it can become a nest of dirt and contain other harmful substances that interfere with health. 
However, the Singen 5 Drilling Well has a solution for those of you who are looking for the best well water purifier. Having five optimal filtering stages makes Singen very well known as a good product, minimalist design, and looks stylish.

The filtration effect of this product makes the water clearer and increases the oxygen content in the water. In addition, this water filter has been equipped with sandpaper so that you can easily clean the ceramic filter once a week. Well, that’s what makes this water filter a recommended product for you.

9. GM 3 Well Drilled Water Filter Package

The Best Water Purifier Brands GM_3 Drilled Well Water Filter Package
Drilling Well Water Filter Package GM_3

The three types of filters available in the GM 3 Well Drilled water are the best recommendations for those of you who like simple products but still maintain the quality of the results. 
This best well water purifier has three filters consisting of sand, sediment, and carbon which serve to purify yellow well water. Well, the process of filtering water on this borehole filter will go through simple stages in the filtering process.

Sediment to filter mud, sand and dirt. Meanwhile, the second filter containing active sand can reduce the iron content in cloudy water and make it look clear. The final stage contains carbon to absorb the color, taste and odor in the water so that the turbid well water will become clear.

10. Penguin Drilling Well Water Filter 3 FB 10 Inch

The Best Water Purifier Brand Penguin Drilling Well Water Filter 3 FB 10 Inch
Penguin Drilling Well Water Filter 3 FB 10 Inch

Of the various types of Drilling Wells, Penguin Filter Drill 3 FB 10 Ich has received good reviews from several people who have used it. 
This product is claimed to be able to filter impurities in the water, such as rust, sand, and dust because of its good quality. There are three cartridges in this water filter to filter polluted well water in your home. Well, you can use the best Penguin brand water purifier at an affordable price to get maximum results.

    Types of water purifier

    Having different types, water filters have various stages that need to be considered in the filtering process. Well, the existence of these different processes will affect the final filtering result and the durability of the well water purifier.

    You can choose the type of water purifier according to your needs with unquestionable quality. The following are the types of water purifiers that are commonly used for daily needs.

    1. RO water purifier

    Reverse Osmosis which applies semipermeable in a water filter is an effective way to purify water with high salt content in various chemicals and solid solutions present in the water.

    In addition to being safe and cost-effective, this RO requires a stable flow of electricity and optimal pressure. On the other hand, a large amount of waste water is generated so that it is also wasted along with metals and other solid solutions.

    2. UV water purifier

    Using ultraviolet during the water purification process, this type of UV purifier is able to eradicate water diseases, such as harmful bacteria and viruses contained. Tools that are environmentally friendly and do not use chemicals in their purification can be the best recommendations for those of you who want to use the best well water purifier.

    Ultraviolet in this water purifier is suitable for purifying water that has low TDS or Total Dissolved Solids, such as rivers and lakes.

    3. UF water purifier

    Ultra filteration that uses fiber to filter impurities in the water is also a recommendation for the best well water purifier that you can choose. Through the fiber process, harmful viruses and bacteria in the water can be filtered and trapped so that it can produce clear and hygienic water.

    In addition, this UF purifier is suitable for low levels of chemical contamination of water because ultra filteration can remove chemicals contained in water.

    4. Activated carbon water purifier

    Activated carbon used to purify water is the right choice for you, made from coal, carbon fiber, wood, and coconut shells cut into small pieces. Therefore, this type of water filter can remove heavy metals, chemicals, and pesticide water diseases that are still contained in it.

    Utilizing the absorption process, this activated carbon can make the aroma and taste of water better. On the other hand, if you use activated carbon purifier, the salt solution that causes cloudy water cannot be removed and cannot completely eradicate viruses and bacteria.

    5. Sediment filter

    This sediment filter is a complementary tool with various other types of water purifiers, such as UV and RO. The sediment elements contained in this sediment are solid or semi-solid. No wonder the sediment can be in the form of sand particles, metal pipe rust flakes or mud that causes the water to become cloudy.

    Preventing excessive damage to the water purifier and removing water pollutants during the filtration process are excess sediment filters that you should try. However, don’t forget the drawbacks that can be an important consideration, namely that the sediment filter cannot remove viruses and bacteria as well as heavy metals and solid deposits.

    The ten recommendations above are the best well water purifier brands that you can choose according to your individual needs. The water filter product certainly has premium quality so that you can get optimal and good filtering results. Approximately, which product will you buy? Hopefully you don’t choose the wrong water filter, OK!

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