Review of 10 Best Aquarium Water Filter Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Aquarium water filters are an item that is sought after by fish keepers because it has an important function for the life of fish in the aquarium. That way, the fish can be maintained properly because the water is filtered to be cleaner. Aquarium is usually the choice of fish lovers to keep their favorite fish.

Best Aquarium Filter Purifier
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However, you also should not be lazy to clean the aquarium regularly so that the fish can live more. Having various types of fish that are well cared for will usually give its own satisfaction to the keeper. The hobby of keeping fish can also be turned into a business, you know! Then, how to choose the best aquarium water filter? Check out the following article reviews, yes!

How to Choose a Good Aquarium Water Filter

You certainly want to be able to choose products with good quality, right? There are things to consider if you want to breed fish. One of them is choosing the best aquarium water filter that keeps the aquarium clean and free of bacteria. The various forms of aquarium filters from mini, small, round and other types of filters make you confused, of course. Well, here are ways to choose an aquarium water filter that you can apply so you don’t choose the wrong product.

1. Pay attention to the size of the aquarium water filter

Each water filter product of course has a different size, as well as aquarium water filters. Therefore, you must know well the size of the aquarium where the water filter will be installed. The size of an aquarium filter tool that is too large is of course not suitable when installed in a small aquarium, right?

Usually you will get information about aquarium water filter products on the packaging. If you buy it online, then you can see the product description section. That way, you can choose the right size product.

2. Know the features of the aquarium water filter

Another important thing that you need to know before buying the best aquarium water filter is the features it offers. In addition to cleaning the water, usually each filter will have different features. Some can control the flow of water and some provide features so you don’t have to manually fill water into the filter pump tank.

3. Adjust the filter to the type of water in the aquarium

Everyone, of course, has a different hobby of keeping fish. Some choose to keep fish that live in fresh water, some choose saltwater fish. Well, of course you have to adjust it to the characteristics of the aquarium water filter that you will choose. That way, the filter will not be easily damaged because it works according to its portion.

4. Choose an aquarium water filter that fits your budget

One of the things you need to pay attention to when choosing the best aquarium water filter is the price of the product. Currently, of course, there are many people who sell filters at various prices on the market. Well, the determination of the price usually depends on the quality offered.

The better the quality of the aquarium water filter that is sold, of course the price will be higher. In addition, the brand factor will also usually affect the determination of the selling price. Therefore, you need to adjust it to the budget you have.

10 Best Aquarium Water Filter Recommendations

Each aquarium water filter product certainly has different characteristics. Well, here are ten recommendations for the aquarium water filter selected by tomslead that can be used as an option for treating your favorite fish.

1. Atman Hang-On Filter HF-0600

Best Aquarium Water Purifier Atman Hang-On Filter HF-0600
Filter Air Aquarium Atman Hang-On Filter HF-0600

Are you looking for a quiet aquarium water filter? 
If that’s the case, you can opt for the Atman Hang-On Filter HF-0600 which requires 6 watts of power to operate. Interestingly, this product can be used for aquariums with fresh or salt water. That way, whatever type of fish you keep can still be well cared for.

In addition, this product is also equipped with a layered bio-chemical filter media so that it can clean water from dirt in the aquarium better. For those of you who are beginners, you don’t need to worry because this aquarium water filter is easy to install and operate.

2. Filter Aquarium Resun EF 800

Best Aquarium Water Purifier Aquarium Filter Resun EF 800
Filter Aquarium Resun EF 800

With a modern design and looks compatible with various aquarium models, the Resun brand is no less sophisticated than other aquarium water filter brands. 
Has a pump power of 800 liters / hour, making this filter using chemical, biological and mechanical filters.

The features offered by the Resun aquarium water filter are no less interesting than other filters because this product can keep the water clear using UV light which you can adjust periodically. The adjustable water circulation is also an advantage of this product so you should consider it.

3. Pet Kingdom Filter Akuarium Internal 3.5W

Best Aquarium Water Purifier Pet Kingdom Internal Aquarium Filter 3.5W
Pet Kingdom Filter Akuarium Internal 3.5W

One type of aquarium water filter is an internal filter which means it is placed inside the aquarium. 
You can keep the aquarium clean using this one filter, yes! That way, the dirt in the aquarium can be cleaned and make the aquarium look clean.

If the place to live is clean and comfortable, the fish you keep will also become healthy fish. This product requires a fairly low power, you know! Therefore, the cost of electricity will not swell if you use this aquarium water filter.

4. Filter Amara

Best Aquarium Water Purifier Amara

Although it seems far from the average price, this Amara hanging filter cannot be underestimated. 
For true fish lovers, you must be familiar with this aquarium water filter brand. Well, this aquarium water filter is suitable for aquariums measuring 30 to 80 cm. The price offered is of course comparable to the quality provided, yes!

The skimmer in the aquarium water filter is able to suck up oil and dirt in the aquarium until it is clean. In addition, the Amara aquarium top filter has a double filter so that it filters the water in the aquarium faster to make it clearer and more hygienic. This makes this filter quite attractive because it is effective for cleaning small aquariums and only requires 5 watts of electricity.

5. Filter Aquarium Yamano MP 77

The Best Aquarium Water Purifier Yamano MP 77 Aquarium Filter
Filter Aquarium Yamano MP 77

The next aquarium water filter recommendation is the Yamano MP 77 with a pump that is in the water. 
This product is suitable for aquariums measuring 30 to 40 cm, yes! It has a simple and powerful design, making this aquarium top filter save electricity. In addition, this aquarium water filter is also equipped with 3 layers of water filters so that the aquarium water will be cleaner.

Although small, this aquarium water filter is known to be strong and durable. You can also install this water filter easily, you know! No need to worry, this product is also easy to maintain so you don’t have to spend a lot of energy and money. Interestingly, the power head that is in the water can be used directly without the need to be provoked like other water filters.

6. Filter Crown

Best Aquarium Water Purifier Crown Filter
Filter Crown

Crown became an aquarium water filter brand that had become the subject of discussion because the price was far adrift from other brands. 
Even so, the Crown filter has its uniqueness and advantages that cannot be underestimated. This filter can be used directly in the aquarium with the help of an aerator or an aquarium bubble filter to move the water.

This one filter can also increase the amount of oxygen for your favorite fish, you know! In addition to the aquarium, this product is also suitable for those of you who keep fish in fish ponds. This aquarium water filter can also be used to support the survival of shrimp.

7. Filter Aquarium Jebo 502

Best Aquarium Water Purifier Jebo 502 . Aquarium Filter
Filter Aquarium Jebo 502

Despite its minimalist size, this Jebo aquarium water filter has a resistance that is no less good than other water filters. 
The advantage of this product is that it can work non-stop and is not noisy. Not only that, there will be more oxygen in the water if you use the Jebo 502 for both freshwater and seawater aquariums.

Easy installation and the Bio Chemical filter media embedded in the filter are also advantages that you can consider when choosing an aquarium filter. However, you need to replace the cartridge in this filter once a month in order to produce a more optimal and clean water filtration.

8. Filter Recent

The Best Aquarium Water Purifier Recent

Even though they are not much different, you need to try the Recent brand as one of the other top aquarium filters. 
In addition, the 5 watts of power used in the recent aquarium water filter makes this filter energy efficient. The installation of this product uses a hanging method on the side of the aquarium so that the aquarium will look more attractive. Interestingly, this water filter also has the ability to filter 280 liters of water per hour.

Not much different from the Amara Filter, Recent also uses the foam and skimmer method as a filtration in filtering aquarium water to make it cleaner and more hygienic. You can modify this filter according to your biological, chemical and mechanical needs. No wonder that Recent is a product that sells well in the market and has many enthusiasts among fish lovers.

9. Filter Canister

Canister's Best Aquarium Water Purifier

Canister is one of the most expensive aquarium water filters with the best reviews from various other filter brands. 
There is no doubt about the quality and process of cleaning the water in the aquarium using this filter. However, the shape of the Canister tube is relatively large so you need a wider aquarium size in order to maximize the use of this Canister filter.

10. Filter Resun

Best Aquarium Water Purifier Filter Resun
Filter Resun

The elegant filter design makes the Resun brand one of the best recommendations for you in choosing an aquarium water filter. 
As with other filters, this product also has the advantage that it does not make a sound when used. In addition, the power consumption is also small because it only uses 3 watts of electricity.

Resun can also filter water up to 200 liters per hour while removing toxins and harmful chemicals in the water. The well-controlled flow and the mini and small shape of the best aquarium water filter will make it easier for you to install it in the aquarium. No wonder Resun can also maintain water stability in various conditions so that the fish stay healthy and the water stays clean.

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What are the Benefits of an Aquarium Water Filter?

Not only for cleaning and eradicating germs in the aquarium, the filter used is also useful for reducing the intensity of water changes in the aquarium. Changing the aquarium often makes fish stressed and some other fish need the right water temperature, no wonder the aquarium water filter plays an important role for fish life to stay healthy in the aquarium. Here are the benefits of an aquarium filter that you need to know.

1. Biological

Ammonia produced by the gills when fish breathe makes the aquarium water filter play a role in the life of the fish, the water filter in the aquarium will remove fish waste from the tank and make the aquarium look clean. For this reason, this needs to be done regularly, otherwise the dirt in the aquarium will become a dangerous and toxic substance for fish.

2. Mechanical

On the other hand, the mechanical process produced in the best aquarium water filters can remove waste and other impurities in the aquarium using the filter and pump circulation system found in the water filter machine, not only making the tank clean and comfortable but this also keeps the fish healthy and provides a good condition. good in aquariums.

3. Chemistry

Harmful chemicals carried by the water will be filtered with aquarium water filters, such as copper, chlorine and certain drugs. So the importance of aquarium filter products you need to consider carefully so that you don’t choose the wrong one, the aquarium filter will remove harmful substances to neutralize the aquarium to keep it hygienic.

Various kinds of aquarium filters

Aquarium also has a variety of filters used in water purification, some of which have advantages that are not much different. However, careful consideration is needed if you choose the best aquarium water filter so that its use is guaranteed and durable, of course, here are some aquarium filters that you can consider before choosing an aquarium filter.

1. Top filter

Top filter is a popular aquarium water filter in Indonesia that uses a water pump in the aquarium and drains water in the filter box at the top of the aquarium, the results of top filter water filtering are fairly good. 3 kinds of stable filtering methods namely chemical, biological and mechanical become a simple and interesting filter for you to try.

2. Filter Undergravel

The undergravel filter is one filter that is different from most aquarium water filters, the width that covers the aquarium area is a good recommendation for those of you who want the best recommended filter. Located under the aquarium, the undergravel filter is equipped with 2 filtration tubes to remove filtered water. You can clean this filter regularly at least once a week so that the cleanliness of the aquarium is maintained.

3. Sponge filter

This unique filtering system only uses a sponge in its filtration system, this aquarium water filter that only uses biological and mechanical systems is able to filter out solid impurities in the aquarium to make it look clean and clear. The biological method in this sponge filter is useful for filtering bacteria in the water that colonize the sponge cavity.

4. Hang on board filter

The hang on board water pump circulation has various price variations and is one of the most popular aquarium water filters today, easy to use and you can hang it on the side of the aquarium into a simple and practical filter. No wonder this filter is called a portable filter because it is suitable for small aquariums and aquarium aquascapes to make it easier to use.

5. External filter

The filter that is placed outside the aquarium is commonly called a canister, the way the external filter works is using a water pump pressure so that it passes through an airtight filter media. Only once a month you need to do maintenance and can be used in various aquarium models into consideration for you to buy this external filter.

The ten recommendations above include recommendations for the best aquarium water filters that can be your choice to find the best filter, not only in terms of price but also the quality is definitely maintained. For that you can choose which filter suits your needs, even though the prices are far apart, don’t be afraid to choose the more expensive one because the price difference is also different in quality.

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