10 Equipment for Rainy Weather Recommendations (Updated 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Rainy weather is the weather that some people like. When it rains, the ambient temperature will also decrease so that it feels colder. At times like this, the air is usually inhaled cooler. However, when the weather is rainy you shouldn’t go outside carelessly. You need to equip some equipment for rainy weather.

Completeness During Rainy Season Weather
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Equipment during rainy weather is very necessary to be prepared for you, motorbike users or pedestrians. Completeness when rainy weather is needed so that all activities can run well and are not constrained. Therefore, this article will provide you with equipment for rainy weather.

Tips for Choosing a Good Raincoat

Not all raincoats are suitable for everyone. There are several things to consider before buying a raincoat. Here are some tips on choosing a raincoat.

1. Pay attention to the ingredients

The material used in each raincoat is definitely different. Make sure you choose a raincoat that is comfortable to use. Avoid raincoats that use PVC or plastic materials. A raincoat with this material will make you feel hot and hot quickly, this will make you feel uncomfortable. In addition, PVC material is very easy to tear. Choose a raincoat made of parachute material because this material is lightweight, waterproof and also smooth. Taslan parachute raincoats are also safe to dry in the sun and will not harden.

2. Tailoring

The sewing part on the raincoat is a step that needs attention. Avoid raincoats that have very tenuous seams. This will make it more likely that water will enter from the pores of the seams and so you will also stay wet. Choose a raincoat that uses the sewing method with a press so that you avoid getting wet due to seepage of rain.

3. Avoid Buying Poncho Models

Avoid giving raincoats with poncho models. This model is considered dangerous because of the dangling back which makes it very likely that other motorists will be disturbed while driving. You can choose a suit model raincoat. You also need to pay attention to the pants, choose pants that are large so they don’t tear easily.

4. Color Selection

Choose a raincoat color that has a striking color. This will really help you especially when used in heavy rain conditions at night. You can choose colors such as Orange, Yellow, Bright Red and others that have bright lines so they can reflect the lights. Even though this is somewhat trivial, it really helps those of you who often drive at night and makes you feel more comfortable.

5. Size

The size of the raincoat also affects your comfort when using it. The size of a raincoat that is too large will allow parts to fold or even hit a chain or wheel gear which is very dangerous when used while driving.

If the raincoat is too small, it will make it difficult for you to move or even have parts of your body that are not covered. Make sure to choose a raincoat that is the right size for your body so that it is comfortable when used.

10 Equipment Recommendations for Rainy Weather

Here we go

There are many rainy weather equipment that needs to be prepared before entering the rainy season. In the following, Ainun, provides several recommendations for completeness that you can prepare when it rains.

1. Umbrella

Completeness in Umbrella Rainy Weather

Equipment for rainy weather that is mandatory to prepare during the rainy season is an umbrella. 
This umbrella is very useful for protecting you from rainwater when doing outdoor activities. Besides that, its small and simple size will make it easier for you to put it and carry it anywhere. There are also currently available umbrellas that can be folded so that they are smaller in size and don’t need to take up space in your bag.

There are many good umbrella brands that can be used as an option. One of them is the Tabasa umbrella brand which is generally owned by many people. Tabasa umbrellas are also very easy to find in various places, ranging from outdoor shops to rain weather accessories. These umbrellas can be found in even small shops. Well, before the rainy season you should provide an umbrella just in case, right?

2. Raincoat

Completeness in Rainy Weather Raincoat

Are you a person who spends more time working outdoors? 
Well, if so, then the rain gear that you must have is a raincoat. These raincoats are usually designed to be water resistant so as to minimize the entry of water into your body which will cause your whole body to get wet. Currently, raincoats are available in various shapes and types, such as in the form of robes, pairs of jackets and pants, and even training raincoats, such as the shape of a frog suit. You can choose the shape of the raincoat according to your needs.

Raincoats have also been provided by various brands ranging from the brands Eiger, Axio, ASV, Avtech and others. If you have provided a raincoat, then you don’t need to worry anymore if your body will get drenched because this raincoat can protect your entire body from head to toe. This rain weather kit will also protect you from rainstorms while driving or walking.

3. Thick Jacket

Completeness in Rainy Weather Thick Jacket
Thick jacket

When the rainy season comes, usually the temperature outside the room or indoors will decrease which causes the body to feel colder than usual. 
Complementary rainy weather that must be provided is a thick jacket. Why is that? This thick jacket will be useful for warming your body so you can return to your usual activities without feeling cold. In addition, this thick jacket will prevent you from getting a cold because of the cold.

Currently, there are many models of thick jackets that can be found, ranging from knee-length jacket models, hoodie jacket models, trench coats and others that can be tailored to your needs. It doesn’t make you look like a sick person, but the rainy weather features of this jacket will keep your appearance trendy. Appearance is still okay, body temperature is also maintained with a thick jacket.

4. Dray Bag

Completeness in Rainy Weather Dray Bag
Dray Bag

Have you provided a dry bag for your daily activities? 
This dry bag is one of the rainy weather accessories that will be very useful to protect your non-waterproof bag from water when it rains. Both clothing bags and backpacks, currently dry bags are available in various models that can be tailored to your needs. Apart from protecting from water, dry bags can also be used as fashion, you know!

No need to worry anymore if all equipment such as documents, books and others in the bag will get wet, with a dry bag, everything will stay protected. Dray bags are usually made in a cylindrical shape without a zipper but with a roll top at one end of the bag. Dray bags are also usually made using PVC or Tarpaulin material so they are very thick and water will not enter them. So, what are you waiting for, immediately provide this rainy weather equipment.

5. Rubber Sandals

Completeness in Rainy Weather Rubber Sandals
Rubber Sandals

One of the must-have rainy weather accessories next is rubber sandals. 
Usually when it rains, the shoes you use will also get wet, especially when driving or walking. Wet shoes will make your feet even more uncomfortable and an unpleasant smell will arise. By providing rubber sandals, you don’t have to worry anymore if the shoes you will use for work, school or other activities are wet and your feet will stink.

You can use rubber sandals as a temporary alternative before arriving at your destination. Rubber sandals also usually dry faster so you can easily store them back after use. Apart from that, this rain gear has a light weight which will make it easier for you to carry it anywhere without feeling heavy.

6. Crackle plastic

Equipment for Rainy Weather Crackle Plastic
Plastic Crackle

Plastic bags are one of the rainy weather fittings that need to be provided. 
This plastic crescent has many benefits. You can use plastic bags to store wet umbrellas, raincoats, rubber sandals if there is no place to dry them. In addition, you can store various small items that cannot be exposed to water in plastic so they don’t get scattered. This plastic bag also has a very simple design so you can fold the plastic as small as possible to store it in your bag.

Equipment for rainy weather this one is also very easy to find anywhere even in grocery stores. Plastic bags are also available in various sizes, from small to jumbo sizes, which can be adjusted according to the needs of the equipment you want to store.

7. Cover Shoes

Completeness in Rainy Weather Cover Shoes
Cover Shoes

Cover shoes need to be provided when the rainy season has arrived. 
These shoe covers will protect your shoes from rainwater because they are waterproof. This rain gear is really necessary to use, especially if you are lazy to bring spare sandals so that the shoes you use during your activities don’t get wet. Currently, cover shoes are also provided in various styles and types, such as boots and regular models, so that your shoes and feet can be protected up to the calves.

This shoe cover is also designed using PVC material without using a zipper which will allow water to enter from between the seams. This PVC material is believed to be resistant to exposure to water so that your shoes will not get wet. Because of its non-rigid shape, this rainy weather accessory can be easily stored if you want to take it anywhere.

8. Change of clothes

Completeness during Rainy Weather Change of Clothes
Change clothes

During the rainy season, usually the clothes will also get wet even though you have used an umbrella when passing through areas that are exposed to rain. 
Rain splashes can make clothes damp even down. If so, you will not feel comfortable doing your activities again. In addition, the body will also feel cold because of wet clothes. Therefore, one of the accessories for rainy weather that needs to be provided is a change of clothes.

You can bring just a pair of clothes if you don’t want to burden your luggage. This change of clothes can be used as a backup for clothes if the clothes used get wet due to rain. In addition, with a change of clothes, your appearance will also be neater and cleaner.

9. Small Towel

Completeness in Rainy Weather Small Towel
Small towel

Have you used umbrellas and other protection when it rains, but are there other parts that are exposed to water? 
With a towel then everything can be dried. No need to bother bringing a large towel, you only need to provide a small towel. Equipment during the rain which you can use to dry the parts of your body that are exposed to rainwater so that you can comfortably return to your activities and also avoid colds.

Many of these small towels are offered in various brands with quality materials, making it easier for you to choose what product to buy. You can also use this rain gear to dry your waterproof bags and more. Its small size will make it easier for you to store this small towel in the rainy weather too.

10. Warm Oil

Completeness in Rainy Weather Warm Oil
Warm Oil

During the rainy season, usually the body will feel cold so it is not uncommon to experience flu and dizziness. 
Therefore, the equipment for rainy weather that needs to be provided is warm oil. With warm oil, the body temperature will stay warm, flu and dizziness will also be avoided. This warm oil is also very much needed by children so that the body does not turn blue due to cold.

There are lots of warm oils that are already circulating in the market such as eucalyptus oil, lang cap oil and others. You can choose the brand according to the brand that is usually used. Indeed, this rainy weather accessory usually has an unpleasant aroma. But health is also more important right?


Things Not To Do When It’s Raining

During rainy weather, not all activities that are usually done can be done. Here are some things to avoid when it rains.

1. Playing Electronic Instruments

As is well known, that electronic devices very easily conduct electricity. When it rains you will feel bored so playing electronic instruments is the cure. However, this is very dangerous to do. Make sure you stay away from electricity and unplug the power outlet to stay safe. Turn off the television, air conditioning and others. It is enough just to use the light only if needed.

2. Touching Metal Materials

When it rains and also lightning, make sure you don’t even touch objects made of metal. Metal is a material that easily conducts electricity. Make sure if you don’t take a shower when it’s raining because the electric current can be channeled from the water pipes which can harm you. It should also be noted that water can also conduct electricity.

3. Under the Tree

Of course when it rains you often take shelter first until the rain subsides. You also want to assume that taking shelter under a tree will definitely be safe. However, it should be noted that trees are objects that are often struck by lightning because they are in an open place and are tall in size. Make sure if lightning comes you don’t take shelter or be under a tree because trees and all objects that can conduct electricity will come towards you.

4. Be Near the Window

When it rains, make sure you’re not near a window. Because, when the rain comes the wind will be very strong and trees can also fall, it is very likely that if the tree falls it will hit your glass. Therefore, being close to the window is also very dangerous. The metal part of the window can also conduct electricity, so you could be electrocuted. Therefore, make sure you are in a central part of the house where it will not conduct electricity.


After reading this article, I hope the information presented can help you to find out some of the equipment that needs to be prepared for rainy weather, things to avoid and tips on choosing a raincoat. You can also visit the available recommendations page.

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