10 Best Bunk Bed Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – For those of you who have a small bedroom, using a bunk bed is the best choice. By using it, you can save space in the bedroom.

Usually, people interpret a bunk bed as a bed with two beds, namely above and below. But actually, a bunk bed is a bed wrapped in other furniture, either a shelf, a desk, or a bed. That way, you can save space , because this furniture is multipurpose.

Best Bunk Bed
Bunk Bed Illustration Image

If you are interested in using a bunk bed, then you should be able to choose the right product. Make sure the size of the bedroom is suitable to accommodate a bunk bed, especially the height of the bedroom.

Do not let the roof of the room with the bed collide. In addition, you have to look for a bed that matches the color and theme of the room, so that later it remains pleasing to the eye. Also make sure the material is sturdy, so it can last a long time. With that in mind, you will get the right product.

Top 10 Best Beds Recommendation 2021

To make it easier for you to find the right bunk bed, many manufacturers offer their products. Of course they make products in various shapes, sizes, and prices, so you can choose according to your needs.

Some of the brands that make this kind of furniture are IKEA, Kayuku, and other brands. If you are still confused about finding it, then you can read the recommendations for the best bunk beds selected by Ainun below.

1. Kayuku Teak Bunk Bed

Kayuku Best Bunk Bed Teak Wood
Kayuku Teak Wooden Bunk Bed

Teak wood is a material that is known to be sturdy and can last a long time. 
For this reason, Kayuku Teak Bunk Bed is made with this material, so that its durability is guaranteed. In fact, the wood has been coated with a good 
finishing , making this bunk bed termite-resistant.

Not only good in terms of durability, this one product is also good in terms of function. The reason is simple, because you can use it as a bed and also as a desk.

For the bed, this bunk bed put it at the top. While the work desk, located at the bottom. The desk is quite wide with many and large drawers, making document and book storage easier.

This product also features a conventional wooden ladder, which is used to climb up to the bed. For those of you who are students or homeworkers, using this product is the right thing.

2. Minimalist Children’s Bed

Minimalist Children's Best Bunk Bed
Minimalist Children’s Bed Level

For those of you who have children, using a Minimalist Children’s Bed is the right thing. Not only is it used to sleep your little one, this product can also function as a storage rack.

At the top, there is a bed that can accommodate a mattress measuring 120 cm x 200 cm. That’s why this bed is suitable for small children, because the size of the mattress is also small. The drawer itself is at the bottom, which consists of several drawers, so it can be filled with many things.

As a minimalist bunk bed, this product is easy to place in various rooms. Its attractive appearance with good coloring creates an elegant impression in a child’s bedroom.

The ladder used to go up is also safe, because it doesn’t have holes, so it’s more safety . Those of you who have children can try to use this one bed, because it is very multifunctional.

3. IKEA Stora

IKEA Stora . Best Bunk Bed Pictures
IKEA Stora

If the lower bunk bed is usually factory-defined, then it’s a different story with IKEA Stora. This product deliberately leaves the bottom empty, so that it can be filled with various furniture according to the user’s wishes.

You can place a sofa, study table, work desk, or other things. With a space of 167 cm, making it quite fit to be filled with various things.

For the top, this product made by IKEA chose to place a bed with a fairly large dimension. With this size, adults to children will still be suitable to use it. The material is made of solid wood making it strong enough to accommodate adults.

Not only the frame, but the ladder is also made of solid wood, so it has proven its strength. For that reason, this product is worthy of being called one of the best bunk beds.

4. Kayuku Minimalist Bunk Bed

Kayuku Best Minimalist Bunk Bed
Kayuku Minimalist Bunk Bed

If you are worried about using a bunk bed because the risk of falling is quite high, then choosing Kayuku Minimalist Bunk Bed is the right thing. This product is designed so that children or anyone who rides it is more difficult to fall.

That’s because the edges are made without holes with a high size, so the risk of falling decreases. The material is also from a very strong choice of wood, it would be very reasonable if this product is very safe to use.

For the bottom, this bunk bed is quite complete. Not only does it contain a study table, there are storage drawers, shelves, and chairs. You can even add a lamp above it as a light source, making it very suitable for student use.

The color of this product is predominantly white, which makes it suitable for any room decor. Thanks to that, you don’t have to worry about placing it in your child’s room.

5. Bunk Bed + Toy Slide

Best Bunk Bed + Toy Slide
Bunk Bed + Toy Slide

For those of you who have two children, using a bunk bed is the best choice. With bunk beds, two children can sleep in one room at the same time.

One of the products that can be purchased is a Bunk Bed + Toy Slide, a bunk bed with two beds. One of the unique things about it is that there is a slide that children can use to play or get off the top bunk.

In addition to two beds, this bed is also equipped with shelves on the side to place displays or books. At the very bottom there is also a drawer that can be used to store something.

The raw material of teak wood makes it very worth buying, because its toughness has been proven. For those of you who want to buy a bunk bed for children, it never hurts to use it.

6. IKEA Kura

IKEA Kura Best Bed

The IKEA Kura is a two-tiered, interchangeable bed. You can make it a bunk bed or a floor bed. To change it, you only need to reverse its position, then the bed model will change.

If you position it as a bunk bed, then at the bottom there will be empty space. With this space, you can put things, tables, or other things.

Solid pine wood was used to make the entire frame of this bed, including the ladder. Such materials are known to be strong and have a fairly good durability. The design itself adopts a classic style with brown wood combined with white.

Your room that uses a classic theme will be very suitable to use it. Not only suitable for personal use, one of the best bunk beds is also suitable for your child to use.

7. Kayuku Girls bunk bed

Kayuku Best Bunk Bed for Girls
Kayuku Girls bunk bed

Kayuku Girls Bunk Bed is a woman’s bed that is very practical. In one product, you will get complete furniture that is usually placed in the bedroom.

For those of you who want to store clothes, you can use this product because it is equipped with a wardrobe. You can also store books or other documents on the shelves provided. There is even a study desk plus storage drawers that are perfect for students or workers.

The design of this bunk bed is quite minimalist, but still pleasing to the eye. With an elegant white and pink color combination, making it very appropriate for women to use.

Even so, manufacturers are still allowed to order the color, so it can be adjusted according to the taste and theme of the room. You are a woman and like practicality, using this product is the most appropriate thing.

8. Short bunk bed

Best Short Bunk Bed
Short Bunk Bed

For those of you who have twins or two children who have the same taste, using a bunk bed with a similar shape is the right thing. Therefore, the Short Bunk Bed is here and offers a bunk bed where the two mattresses are very similar.

At the top and bottom, it is equipped with a comfortable mattress for children to use. You can even order the sheets you use according to your little one’s taste. Likewise with the finishing color, you can also order custom colors to match the interior of the house.

Not only is there a sleeping bed, this product is also equipped with a drawer on the side. Toys or children’s items will easily be stored there. There is also a ladder that is very safe for children to step on, because the ladder has a wide and strong footing.

With solid quality wood, this bunk bed will be able to accommodate two children. Thanks to all these things, you can make it a bed for your baby.

9. Jepara Bunkbed Carved Teak Art for Children

The Best Jepara Bunkbed Carved Teak Art for Children
Jepara Bunkbed Carved Teak Art for Children

This bunk bed is unique, because it has a lot of drawers. In fact, the stairs used to go up to the top bunk have drawers. You who need a lot of storage space will be very suitable when using it.

Even so, you can still sleep soundly thanks to the ergonomic bed on it. Even though it is a single bed, your child or yourself will be comfortable sleeping there.

When you buy this best bunk bed, you will get a choice of five finishing colors. You can order it according to the interior of the room so that it blends well.

Although the price is quite expensive, but the quality provided makes it feel even. Good and strong materials, various colors, and lots of drawers make it perfect for a daily bed.

10. Discovery World Furniture Honey Twin Over Full Loft Bed

Discovery World Furniture Honey Twin Over Full Loft Bed
Discovery World Furniture Honey Twin Over Full Loft Bed

If the bunk beds are generally the same size, both top and bottom, it is different from Discovery World Furniture Honey Twin Over Full Loft Bed. At the top, there will be a bed with a small size, which can only fit one person.

It’s a different story with the lower bunk, because there is one big bed that can be filled by two adults. Those of you who have children, will be able to sleep in one room if you use this product.

Not only there is a bed, this product is also equipped with six drawers on the side. There are also stairs with classic shapes that are easy to climb. Even at the bottom mounted wheels, which makes it can be moved easily.

The design itself chooses to use a vintage style with a distinctive and elegant brown wood color. Its good coloring makes it very suitable to be used as a room interior. So, it never hurts to try to use the bunk bed.


Bunk beds are more often used because of their various functions. For that, those of you who have a narrow space and want practicality will be suitable for using these household appliances. For those of you who are interested in buying it, you can choose the best bunk beds recommended above.

It is highly recommended to choose the best bunk bed with sturdy materials. In addition, also choose a product with a size and theme that suits your bedroom. With that in mind, you can get the product you want.

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