10 Best Minimalist House Door Handle Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – The door is an important element of the room which is used as a place for entry and exit and also as a room cover. Doors usually have a door handle which in English is called a handle to make it easy to open and close. Door handles are usually made of  zinc alloy, stainless and  brass which give a minimalist impression and are not easily damaged.

The Best Minimalist Door Handle
Minimalist / Pinterest Door Handle Illustration Image

In addition to these three materials, there are door handles made of wood. The existence of door handle locks is also very important to consider before buying the best door handles. Some door handles are equipped with locks and some are not equipped with keys. Automatic locks using pins and fingerprints are also being marketed in online stores.

There are many brands of door handles that are sold in the market which often makes you confused about choosing the best one. Expensive price is not necessarily the only indicator of the best door handles. Before describing the recommendations for the best minimalist home door handles , you should choose a door handle based on the following tips.

Tips for Choosing a Good Doorknob

As previously mentioned, buyers must prioritize price, color and handle design first. Actually these three things are not wrong, but it’s a good idea for buyers to read the following tips before buying a door handle . Why is that? Because, if the door handle that is purchased is according to your needs, your door can function optimally. In addition, the door handle can blend with the exterior of the house so that the home design becomes more attractive.

1. Know the Type of Doorknob

The types of door handles on the market are lever, knob, recessed and pull. The lever door handle is S-shaped so you just push the lever down to open and close the door. The lever is easy to use but requires maintenance because it has a spring inside which can break at any time. You also need to be careful if you pass this handle in a hurry because it can catch your clothes.

Knob door handles are safe for children because they are round in shape where there are no sharp corners that can hurt children’s heads. However, these doorknobs are difficult for children, the elderly and the disabled to control. In addition, this doorknob is difficult to control when hands are damp or wet.

Recessed door handles are usually recessed into the door and are suitable for sliding door models. The shape of this handle also varies, such as circles, rectangles and ovals. The design of this doorknob is rarely recognized by many people so that the door is opened by pushing or pulling which makes the door break quickly.

Pull door handles are usually used for large doors. You only need to pull or push this handle if you want to enter or leave a room. The various sizes of pulls start from 15-18 cm but do not rule out more or less than that number because manufacturers have their own standards.

2. Know the materials used

Stainless steel, aluminum, wood and brass are materials that are often used to make doorknobs. Stainless steel material is easy to clean quickly and is suitable for use in tropical areas because it easily absorbs moisture.

This is because stainless steel does not have pores which are a place for bacteria and dirt to stick. Zinc alloy material is different from other types of metal. This metal is strong, easy to maintain and corrosion resistant. This makes this material often processed as a base material for making door handles.

The wood material gives the door handle a simple and classic impression. When compared to metal door handles, wooden door handles are less strong but safer because they cannot conduct heat. Wood materials are also able to muffle the sound of doorknobs when touched.

Even so, doorknobs will easily rot if they are left at room temperature with high humidity for a long time. Brass material is famous for its fire resistance, elegance and durability. There are various colors of this doorknob such as reddish, greenish, and yellow. This handle gives an elegant impression because it gives a sparkling effect.

3. Select as needed

Before choosing a door handle, you should consider whether this door handle requires security or not because not all door handles are sold as a set with the key. If the doorknob doesn’t have a lock, you can purchase the extra lock separately. You may not need to purchase additional keys if you don’t prioritize security.

In this era, electronic door handles have started to be in demand because they are considered safer but are quite expensive. Non-electronic door handles are no less safe if you also add door locks such as barret bolts, chain bolts and deadbolts . With the addition of this door lock, it adds protection to the door because it is difficult to pry it open by force.

4. Adjust to the design of the house

Choosing door handles that match the design of your home can enhance the appearance of your home. Modern or contemporary house doors are suitable when paired with door handles with electronic locks. Carved doorknobs can accentuate the retro atmosphere in your home.

10 Best Minimalist House Door Handle Recommendations

After explaining some tips for choosing the best doorknob, choose the doorknob that suits your needs and desires. Doorknobs that have one keyhole are best used for bathroom doors. Doorknobs that have two keyholes are best used for the front door. The following is a list of product / brand recommendations for minimalist home door handles selected by Ainun.

1. Evomab Lever Door Handle Novus Series

Best Minimalist House Door Handle Satya Group - Evomab Lever Door Handle Novus Series_
Satya Group – Evomab Lever Door Handle Novus Series

The first recommendation for the best minimalist home door 
handle is the Evomab lever door handle Novus series. This door handle is designed to be more scratch resistant, rust resistant and color not easily changed because it has gone through three layers of coating, namely rose gold, satin nickel and gold. This product can also give your home a modern feel.

2. Pioneer Teknoprima – Solid Cylindrical Lockset C601X400N

The Best Minimalist House Door Handle Pioneer Teknoprima - Solid Cylindrical Lockset C601X400N_
Perintis Teknoprima – Solid Cylindrical Lockset C601X400N

This product has 2 types of locks, namely key locks and ordinary keys. When you are lazy to turn the regular key, you can press the lock button to lock the door. This type of door is suitable for use on bedroom doors.

3. Paloma Hardware – CMP 219

Paloma Hardware's Best Minimalist Home Door Handle - CMP 219_
Paloma Hardware – CMP 219

Pamola Hardware is easier to open because there is a semicircular handle, measuring 10 cm (diameter) and made of SUS 304 stainless steel. This door handle is of the recessed type making it suitable for use on sliding doors . This door handle is equipped with a key and has a recess with a diameter of 10 cm.

4. CBB Indonesia – Nobleza Handle Prime Series Pollux

The Best Minimalist House Door Handle CBB Indonesia - Nobleza Handle Prime Series Pollux_
CBB Indonesia – Nobleza Handle Prime Series Pollux

If you often feel pain when you open the door, this product is the right choice because it has a blunt and smooth design. The door handle is easy to clean because it is made of zinc with stainless coasting on the lever and the body is made of brass and stainless too. This door handle has a lever length of: 12 cm and a dover of 5 cm x 25 cm. You don’t need to worry, this door handle is equipped with a key.

Best Minimalist House Door Handle Lock Gallery - Wooden Door Pull ELT PHKW 6038_
Lock Gallery – ELT PHKW 6038 Wooden Door Pull

The next recommendation for a minimalist home door handle is ELT PHKW 6038. This product claims that even though this door handle is made of wood, it is resistant to termites (not made of merbau wood). This product has a smooth texture and is equipped with a lock and has a pull size: 60 cm.

6. Dekkson – Pull Handle Deluxe PH DL815 SSS

Dekkson's Best Minimalist Door Handle - Pull Handle Deluxe PH DL815 SSS_
Dekkson – Pull Handle Deluxe PH DL815 SSS

This brand door handle is suitable to be combined with wooden doors or glass doors. Glass doors can be whitewashed or stained with varnish. This door handle is equipped with a lock and has a pull size: 2.5 cm x 1.9 cm x 30 cm.

With the price offered is quite expensive, are you willing to take it back to your home? You may be able to update your online store for discounts. Or maybe you can use a store’s membership voucher to get a discount that will offset your costs in buying this handle.

7. Kenari Djaja – Kend Lever Handle HRE 85,516 US26 + Wood

Best Minimalist House Door Handle Kenari Djaja - Kend Lever Handle HRE 85,516 US26_
Kenari Djaja – Kend Lever Handle HRE 85,516 US26

This product belongs to the lever type and is made from a combination of zinc alloy and wood which gives a unique impression. This door handle is included in the lever group where the lever uses wood and the connecting part between the door handle and the door is made of metal. Houses that have modern and traditional concepts are suitable for using Kenari Djaja brand products.

8. Satya Group – Evomab Classic Series 2.07 AB

Satya Group's Best Home Door Handle - Evomab Classic Series 2.07 AB_
Satya Group – Evomab Classic Series 2.07 AB

If you want to give your home a classic impression, this product is the right choice because the beautiful carving on the wooden door handle has an hourglass shape. This door handle is also equipped with a lock, which is medium (42 cm) and large (56 cm) in size.

9. Spectrum Brands – Kwikset Polo Knob Bed/Bath 300P 15

Best Minimalist House Door Handles Spectrum Brands - Kwikset Polo Knob Bed Bath 300P 15_
Spectrum Brands – Kwikset Polo Knob Bed Bath 300P 15

This type of door handle is a knob where the user simply rotates the protrusion on the handle to lock the door. Only people who are in the room can open the door because the bulge is only on the inside of the room. This door handle has a diameter of approx. 4.74 cm (diameter), made of zinc alloy and equipped with a lock.

10. Paloma Hardware – CMP 215

Paloma Hardware's Best Minimalist Door Handle - CMP 215_
Paloma Hardware – CMP 215

The last recommendation for a minimalist home door handle is made of old wood and stainless steel . This sliding door handle creates a retro atmosphere in your home. You don’t need to worry because this door is equipped with a lock.

Are you interested in ordering or buying the best minimalist door handle recommendations that have been previously described? You can buy it directly at the store or through online such as shopee, Bukalapak and Tokopedia.

7 Types of Door Handles Based on Their Uses

In the section above, several types of door handles have been described in general and their uses. This section describes the types and uses of door handles in full. This explanation can help you find recommendations for minimalist home door handles .

1. Lever on BackPlate

This type of doorknob generally has two types, namely having a lock and not having a key. The design of this door handle is a combination of an iron lever combined with a key plate inside the door handle. This door handle model is most often used by the general public. By using a lever on backplate handle, your home will seem classic or traditional in style.

2. Lever on Rose

This type of door handle is similar to the type of lever on backplate door handle, it’s just that it has a square or round decoration on the body of the door handle. With this decoration can cover the installation in it. In addition, the size of the lever on rose door handle is smaller than the lever on blackplate door handle. This door handle is also not equipped with a lock, made of stainless steel, has a curved shape and is chromium plated.

3. D shape door handle 

If your door has a sliding model, this door handle is the right choice. The appearance of this product is simple and has a classic feel. However, it is possible that this product will match the style / feel of other homes.

4. Leverless Pull Handle

As the name suggests, this doorknob does not have a lever but has a recess and a hook that serves as our handle when opening and closing the room. This handle gives a smooth and seamless feel when sliding the door. In general, this door handle is known as a flush pull handle.

5. Ancient Door Handle

This doorknob is thought to have been used hundreds of years ago. As the name implies, this doorknob gives your home an antique and traditional feel. Old fashioned door handles are also easy to use as you only need to turn the knob.

6. Cupboard Door Handles

Cupboard door handles are often called cabinet cup handles, often used in cupboards (wardrobe and kitchen cupboards). This door handle is similar to the flush pull handle model, semi-circular in shape. You can choose from a variety of shapes and colors of cupboard door handles.

7. Closet Door Pull Handles

This door handle is a variation of the door handle found in the wardrobe. The shape of this door handle is like a park bench because it has a rectangular seat and has two legs on the left and right sides. Apart from cabinets, this doorknob can also be used on long doors.

From the explanation of the recommendations for the best minimalist home door handles that have been described previously, have you decided what kind of door handle you are going to buy? Each type of doorknob has its own uses and advantages, so you can buy different types of doorknobs for your home. Pay attention to the size, design and material before buying a doorknob for your home. Happy shopping!

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