10 Best Non-Stick Frying Pan Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – When cooking in the kitchen, one of the tools most often used is a frying pan. Whether for cooking side dishes or vegetables, a frying pan has many functions for kitchen activities. So it’s no wonder why in one house there can be many types of pans. This is because its function is very much needed in everyday kitchens. How about you? Do you also have a large number of pans in your kitchen?

Speaking of pans, now there are many types of pans. Starting from its shape, size to its market price. If you want a cheap frying pan, you can certainly get it. If you want expensive ones, you can also get them easily. The question is whether the pan is comfortable to use?

The Best Non-Stick Frying Pan
Illustration of Non-stick Frying Pan / Cookpad

Talking about the convenience of using a frying pan, one of the comfort factors is that it doesn’t stick. Why is that? Because when the pan is the best non-stick pan, you can fry or boil and even bake bread without sticking to it. That’s why every mother always chooses a non-stick pan to make it comfortable to use.

Know the 7 Types of Frying Pans and Their Functions

Non-stick pans are the most needed pans in the kitchen world. The benefits are also very much. However, it should be noted that apart from being non-stick, pans also have other benefits based on the type of pan. What are the types? Here’s the review.

1. Saucepan

The first is the sauce pan. As the name implies, this pan is suitable for making sauce. Having a fairly deep basin, this type of pan usually has a size of 14 to 18 cm. So you can adjust it according to the number of people who will eat the sauce.

2. Fry pans

If you often smash eggs, you definitely need a fry pen. It has a flat surface with not too deep a basin. This pan can be used for frying with a little oil. Having a slightly flat shape, you can cook quickly. For its size, this pan is available in many variants. So, if you want to fry 1 egg, you can just use a small size.

3. Wok

Very different from the previous frying pan, this one has a shape that is not flat but rather concave. This wok pan is perfect for cooking stir-fried vegetables or other soupy dishes. However, it is also possible to use it for frying, especially in large quantities.

4. Grilled and grill pan

As the name implies, both griddles, namely grilled and grill, are suitable for grilling. The difference is that the grill pan has a fairly serrated surface which is suitable for grilling meat, especially steaks.

While the other type is suitable for baking bread. So don’t be surprised when you see steak meat with stripes. This is the former from this type of frying pan.

5. Stockpot

Often cooking soup, or other stewed foods you need this skillet. It has a fairly high size and handles on both sides. The goal is to cook soupy dishes because all the ingredients can be thoroughly submerged so they can cook evenly.

However, this one pan can also be used for frying with deep fried technology. This technique is suitable for foods that have filling or many layers.

6. Saute pan

Having a shape similar to a frying pan, this type of saute pan actually has differences between the two. This saute pan has a larger size with a medium height.

In addition, this saute pan is also equipped with a handle that makes it easier for users. The similarities between the two are that they cannot hold large amounts of oil, so they are very suitable for sautéing and also frying with a small amount of oil.

7. Roast pan

Finally, there is a frying pan with a type of roasting pan. In accordance with its use, this pan is used for burning. So this pan is devoted to burning food ingredients, be it meat, tubers and others.

Know the 4 Materials for Making a Frying Pan

You’ve learned 7 types of pans based on their uses, now is the time for you to know the 4 types of materials for making these pans. What are the materials it is made of? Here’s the review.

1. Teflon

If you ask your mother at home, many frying pans or other kitchen tools are made of this one material. The material is teflon. Apart from its excellent design, this Teflon material has properties that are very easy to clean. It should be noted, this discussion is not talking about the Teflon brand but rather non-stick pans which are widely sold in the market.

Containing PTFE or Polytetrafluoroethylene, this type of pan is considered very dangerous when heated to too high a temperature. This is because the coating can separate and blend into the food that is being cooked and so makes the food dangerous for consumption.

2. Copper pan

Having a very beautiful design and appearance, this pan made of copper is recognized to heat up easily. However, using too long a frying pan made of this one material can be very dangerous. This is because there is an element of copper which can melt in food when it is being used for cooking. And these elements are recognized as not good for the health of our bodies.

3. 100% ceramic enamel pan

Very safe to use, this frying pan which is made of 100% oil is recognized as not containing chemicals that can damage health. Frying pans or pans made from this material are recognized as very safe, but the price tag is also quite high. This high price is due to the fact that the frying pan is made of 100% ceramic material.

4. Cast iron skillet

Has a very heavy weight, some pans are also made of iron. Usually this pan is widely used by restaurants. Strong, durable, anti-scratch and also very comfortable to use, this pan made of iron has been widely used from ancient times to the present. Are you one of its users?

5. Aluminum pan

The weight is very light, the frying pan made of aluminum is also recognized as having a relatively cheap price. However, for pans with this material, it has a drawback, namely it is prone to sticking when used.

How to Choose a Good Non-Stick Frying Pan

Presented in many types with the same benefits, namely being used for cooking, not a few people are confused about choosing a frying pan. So, for those of you who are confused, here are 2 tips that you can use as a reference in choosing the right frying pan. What are the tips? Check out the following reviews.

1. Pay attention to the diameter, thickness and weight of the pan

First, pay attention to the diameter of the pan. If you are a boarding house kid who doesn’t cook in large quantities, you should choose a pan that is not too large in diameter. However, if you have quite a lot of family members, you should choose a large diameter.

Next for thickness, choose a pan that is thick enough. This is because the thicker the pan, the better the heat distribution will be. And for the weight, choose according to your convenience of use. We recommend that you choose a pan with a weight that does not exceed 1kg. The goal is that you are not too tired to lift while using it.

2. Pay attention to the material it is made of

Second, always make sure the material for making the pan is safe to use or already has a food grade certificate. As mentioned in previous reviews, for non-stick pans, the most widely used material is Teflon. However, it is also possible that you buy one made of iron because of your needs. To choose the right product, just adjust it according to your needs.

List of 10 Best Non-Stick Frying Pan Recommendations

Here we go

Already know the types of pans, the materials they are made from and how to choose a non-stick pan, now is the time for you to read a review of the list of the 10 best non-stick pans selected by Ainun Of course, curious about which brands? Here’s the review.

1. Lock & Lock Cookplus Prima Frying Pan – 30 cm

Best Non-stick Frying Pan Lock & Lock Cookplus Prima Frying Pan – 30 cm
Pan Lock & Lock Cookplus Prima Frying Pan – 30 cm

First, there is a non-stick pan from Lock & Lock Cookplus Prima Frying Pan – 30 cm. 
Often cooking meat, this wok is for you because it can help you cook in time.

This is because this best non-stick pan is made of seven layers of high pressure coating. Equipped with a non-stick feature, the use of this pan will not leave food residues attached. Apart from that, you can also be free to use any type of spatula because this pan is also equipped with an anti-scratch coating.

2. Tefal Cook & Clean Fry pan

The Best Non-Stick Frying Pan Tefal Cook & Clean Frypan
Frying pan Tefal Cook & Clean Frypan

Next is the non-stick pan from Tefal Cook & Clean Fry pan. 
Equipped with thermo signal technology, you can find out the temperature of your cooking. If the food in the pan is past its ideal temperature, the pan will change color to give you.

Having safe and PFOA-free materials, this frying pan is designed with a strong and durable titanium coating. Not only that, this best non-stick pan can be used on various stoves such as gas, induction, ceramic and halogen stoves.

3. IKEA Kavalkad Frying Pan

Best Non-stick Frying Pan IKEA Kavalkad Frying Pan
Best Frying Pan IKEA Kavalkad Frying Pan

Next up is the non-stick frying pan from IKEA Kavalkad Frying Pan. 
Made of aluminum, this frying pan has a light weight even when it is filled with food.

Even though it is made of aluminum, this material is also recognized as non-sticky when used because the aluminum material can control the temperature so that the food does not burn or stick. Very cool right? It should also be noted, the best non-stick pan coating layer is made of Teflon material, thus increasing the guarantee that food will not stick when used.

4. Cypruz Fry Wok FP-0642

Best Non-stick Frying Pan Cypruz Fry Wok FP-0642
Frying pan Cypruz Fry Wok FP-0642

Next, the next is a non-stick frying pan from Cypruz Fry Wok FP-0642. 
Already pocketed food grade certification, this one frying pan is guaranteed to be safe to use.

Having a coating layer made of marble, you don’t need to worry about using this best non-stick pan because it is safe and does not contain carcinogenic ingredients. In addition, this frying pan is also equipped with a non-slip handle grip made of natural wood, which adds comfort when used.

5. Neoflam De Chef Fry Pan

Best Non-stick Frying Pan Neoflam De Chef Fry Pan
Neoflam De Chef Fry Pan

The next non-stick pan is Neoflam De Chef Fry Pan. 
It is made with a safe and environmentally friendly non-stick ceramic coating. With this pan, food nutrition will be maintained and safe for consumption because the layers of the pan are made of natural ingredients.

Can be used for all types of stoves, this pan is also easy to clean and comfortable to use. So, for those of you who are currently looking for the best non-stick pan that is safe and comfortable and can be used for all types of stoves, this product is the best recommendation for you. What are you waiting for, have it now.

6. Maxim Valentino Frypan

Maxim Valentino Frypan's Best Non-Stick Frying Pan
Frying pan Maxim Valentino Frypan

Using Teflon material, not a few of us always think that the product must be priced at a high price. 
That was before, now there are many products that use teflon at economical prices. One of them is the next best non-stick frying pan from Maxim Valentino Frypan.

This pan has qualities similar to scratfhproof and food grade so it is safe to use for cooking food. Not only that, this pan is also equipped with 3 layers of coating so that it can withstand scratches from kitchen tools made of iron material.

7. Kochgerate KFP001 Induction Frying Pan

Best Non-stick Frying Pan Kochgerate KFP001 Induction Frying Pan
Pan Kochgerate KFP001 Induction Frying Pan

Still on the topic of wok recommendations, then there is the Kochgerate KFP001 Induction Frying Pan. 
Made with a layer of black marble rock, this best non-stick pan has a very elegant design and doesn’t move easily on the stove because of its weight which is just right and fit to be placed on the stove. As for the handle grips, this stove is made of an ideal bakelite material that can isolate heat. That way the pan can be easily used.

8. Kirin Sasando Deep Fry Pan

Best Non-stick Frying Pan Kirin Sasando Deep Fry Pan
Kirin Sasando Deep Fry Pan

The next recommendation is a non-stick pan from Kirin Sasando Deep Fry Pan. 
Priced at a very economical price, who would have thought that this one wok had very high quality and there was no doubt about it.

This best non-stick pan is made of 3003 aluminum which is coated with a non-stick layer of Teflon on top. For the handle grip, this product is made of bakelite material so it is safe to hold. It should be noted, when washing this pan, you need to be careful not to erode the non-stick coating.

9. Skitchen Stockholm Skillet (Large) SKT02

Best Non-Stick Frying Pan Skitchen Stockholm Skillet (Large) SKT02
Skitchen Skillet Stockholm Skillet (Large) SKT02

The next non-stick pan product is Skitchen Stockholm Skillet (Large) SKT02. 
Safe to use at high temperatures, this one of the best local non-stick pans is made of cast iron material. So for those of you who like to cook steak or other hot plate menus, you are highly recommended to use this skillet.

10. Royal Wok Enamel Wok Maspion

Best Non-stick Frying Pan Maspion Royal Wok Enamel Frying Pan
Maspion Wok Royal Wok Enamel Wok

Lastly is the non-stick pan from Maspion Enamel Royal Wok Wok. 
Having a wok type shape, this is a wok that has quite a lot of load. This best non-stick pan is perfect for cooking family portions, be it fried, stir-fried or gravy foods. In addition, this pan is also resistant to 250 degrees so it can cook in a fairly short time.


So, those are the 10 lists of the best non-stick frying pan product recommendations and their reviews. How? Do you already have the best non-stick pans in your kitchen? If not, now is the time for you to have it right now. The trick is to order at your favorite store. Don’t be too late.

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